Unlike the Princesses of Heart whose hearts are devoid of darkness, the Soul Princes are seven boys whose souls are of light only and are the main protagonists of the Soul Kingdom series. Seven out of ten Universes/"Kingdoms" has a Soul Prince with his own unique personalities and shared abilities. Darkness however still dwells within their hearts. Each Soul Prince has his own special title.

List of the Soul Princes and Titles

  • Mario "The Guardian of Souls": protector of the Mushroom Kingdom
  • Crash Bandicoot "The Mutant of Souls": mutant rebel in the Kingdom of Mutants
  • Red "The Trainer of Souls": Pokemon Trainer of the Pokemon Kingdom
  • Link "The Knight of Souls": knight from the Kingdom of the Triforce
  • Sora "Tha Mage of Souls": Keyblade Master of Kingdom Hearts
  • Sonic the Hedgehog "The Rescuer of Souls": hero of the Chaos Kingdom
  • Spyro "The Dragon of Souls": ultimate dragon of the Dragon Kingdom

Powers and Abilities


The Soul Princes mostly use light in their combat techniques. Their Keyblades are forged from the light within their hearts and their sense of freedom and light in their souls. Each Soul Prince has his own special attacks that uses light, including the three abilities they all share: "Light Burst", "White Cosmic Flare", and "Clear Sparkle".


When a Soul Prince's negative emotions reach a high point or at will, the darkness within their hearts activate. This form is called the Nega-Mode. A Soul Prince's arms and feet are engulfed in dark flames when in Nega-Mode. Their Keyblades becomes a darker version of their Keyblades of light. The three abilities that are the same for all of them are altered in this form into "Dark Burst", "Black Cosmic Flare", and "Blurry Haze".


Soul Princes cannot be turned into Heartless unless through turned into one on purpose. They can also resist mind control abilities and can't be destroyed by darkness. No bad affects happen when they use darkness, either.

Other Facts

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