Sound is one of the ten Attributes, the various facets and representations of reality. The other nine are:

Of the Attributes, Sound represents voice and independence. Its opposite is Aura.


What Sound lacks in outright power it makes up for in speed and versatility, and does so several times over. The most striking aspect of Sound is the sheer speed at which it moves; of all Attributes it is by far the fastest. The speed at which Sound moves equates to an equally powerful impact force, able to push back opponents and crash through materials such as wood and rock, and even dent metal. What makes Sound all the more powerful is its incredible range and versatility in direction, from being concentrated in a long-range cone of shrieking soundwaves to creating a powerful close-range explosive boom. This gives Sound impressive versatility in range combined with its speed.

In addition to its speed and range, Sound carries many indirect uses as well. As one of the five senses, Sound can affect enemies in many ways outside of simple attack. Releasing certain frequencies can cause a variety of effects: numbing, pain, unconsciousness, dizziness, and so on. Echolocation, sound mimicry, and even the muting of sounds are all accessible to Sound users as well, allowing said user to confuse, mislead, and deceive their opponent(s). Such deceit allows Sound users to make up for their lack of power with surprise attacks and ambush tactics.

Despite its variety and speed, Sound carries crippling weaknesses. First and foremost, its raw power is sub-par; while able to break through most natural barriers, refined steel and other man-made objects can't be broken, and barriers created from various elements and attributes can easily block Sound attacks, particularly Wind, Earth, and Fire. Wind disrupts and moves the air molecules that Sound travels through, Earth is solid and harder to vibrate, while Fire burns up oxygen and counters energy with energy. Such easy blockage forced indirect combat on most Sound users. The most noticeable weakness however, is Sounds reliance on just that: sound. If a user is unable to generate soundwaves of any kind, their powers are all but useless.



Sound is the Attribute representation of voice, thought, and independence. It is the representation of being able to speak ones mind and have individual opinions. It represents the ability to speak outward and towards one another for better or worse, in truth or lie. Sound also represents independence and individuality, speaking for oneself and voicing ones own thoughts as a singular person. Sound represents the ability to speak and share with one another; it is this aspect that, while weaker in combat, ironically makes Sound among the strongest of the Attributes in representation.

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