An island located in Mobius' equivalent of the Pacific Ocean, the Tranquil Ocean.


HtH Issue 1: Hyper the Hedgehog

Dr. Cyborgski arrives on the island, hoping to take over the island, turn it's inhabitants into cyborgs and then use them to take over the rest of the world. Hyper the Hedgehog, currently residing on the island, finds his family being turned into cyborgs and leaps into action, freeing the cyborgs and to stop the mad scientist, who is also after the island's Chaos Emeralds. After reaching Cyborgski's base on the island's summit and collecting the eight emeralds, Hyper transformed into Super Hyper and destroyed the base, leaving Cyborgski to flee the island with Hyper's parents in tow.

HtH Issue 3: Mobian-Napped

Hyper the Hedgehog returns home to South Island after a short errand and is shocked after finding the island completely deserted. On the floor is a note written by Honey the Cat, explaining that she and the other Mobians of the island have been kidnapped by Dr. Cyborgski, and that her own safe return will be exchanged for the eight Chaos Emeralds, to be given to eight cyborgs. Hyper immediately sets out to save South Island's inhabitants and use the Emeralds to hinder, not help, the mad scientist. After defeating Cyborgski yet again, Hyper and Honey follow him off the island to Never Lake.

HtH Issue 5: Hyper Fighters

Prickles the Porcupine, one of the wielders of the eight Chaos Emeralds and a resident of South Island, plans to defeat Cyborgski in order to recover the Ruling Emerald, which he is honour bound to protect. However, he must first steal the other seven emeralds from the other wielders ( Lacey, Growl, Kane, Honey, Fang, Needle, and Hyper) and meets up with Hyper at the island, before fighting him and narrowly losing.

HtH Issue 11: Hyper Battles

South Island is the main location in issue eleven. Hyper the Hedgehog is on vacation there and is staying at Honey's workshop in Emerald Town,Lacey May has moved to the Town aswell and is training Lana O'Hare in combat, Nails the Swallow is running Club Nails there where she is staying with Darkspine and Dr. Cyborgski has set up his base on the outskirts of Central City.

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