Space is one of the ten Attributes, the various facets and representations of reality. The other nine are:

Of the Attributes, Space represents freedom and hope. It's opposite is Time.


Unlike the other Attributes, Space does not particularly focus on direct or indirect offense: quite the opposite, Space is an Attribute focused on mobility and deflection. The most often-used form of evasion and mobility is for Space users to open rifts in space to remove themselves from one plane of space, then move through a separate plane and re-enter the proper plane. Using this Attribute a certain way and entering certain planes can have a variety of effects, from being done in the matter of an instant to making the user seem like they have taken on a spectral form. The Space Attribute can be used for other means of transportation as well by opening a portal through space that connects two different locations. The Space Attribute also has a wide variety of defensive capabilities as well, for more than just evasion and transportation. One capability is to open a portal- not for transportation but for deflection. The attack would then be sent through the portal and exit from another at a different location (often aimed at the attacker). The second most used defensive matter is to create a spatial-displacement sphere around the user that protects them from attacks and surrounding hazards.

While focusing on transportation and deflection, the Space Attribute is capable of using a limited variety of supplemental and offensive techniques. One such technique is a variant of the spatial displacement shield, which instead traps the opponent and displaces them from space. In offense, Space techniques focuses on ripping, tearing, and disrupting space, striking the opponent with the resulting energy. This can range from blasting open a hole in space for a blast of energy, or slashing through space to strike with a powerful spacial shockwave. While lacking a variety of offensive techniques, the Space Attribute's greatest aspect is that unlike the Elements and even some Attributes, the environment has no effect on Space techniques.

Despite its capabilities, Space has certain drawbacks. The first and biggest weakness to Space is that its main means of deflection and attacking- using rifts and portals in space- is a two-way street, meaning that opponents can use them to strike the user as well. Space techniques also require a constant use of energy to maintain such reality-warping techniques, making long-term use very difficult for all but the best of Users. Finally, certain techniques are capable of striking a Space user even if they're transporting, or using a spatial displacement field. Techniques with a sheer amount of strength and/or piercing ability, dimension/space/reality-affecting techniques, and Chaos techniques are all capable of breaking through Space defensive techniques.



Space is the Attribute that represents the aspects of exploration, freedom, and hope. Space is the Attribute that symbolizes the endless expanse of the universe available to forever explore and learn from, and the freedom to travel to new and grand locations. However, this Attribute not only represents exploration and freedom, but yet another aspect that comes from both: hope. It represents the hope that one gets from having the ability to explore and the freedom to do so. Of all the Attributes, Space is the most free and expansive among them.

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