Sparx the Hawk is a character owned by User: Twilightwizard0309.

Sparx the Hawk
Sparx the Hawk
Sparx the Hawk
16 years old
Lightblue Hawk
Green dragon shirt, sweat pants
Romantic Interest
Espio the Chameleon
Martial Artist, Controls electricity

Abilities and Powers

  • Sparx is a master of ninjutsu
  • Sparx can control electricity


The Babylon Rouges

Sparx was born into the thieving lifestyle of the Babylon Rouges. When he was eight years old, Sparx discovered his powers to control electricity when he was out on a job with his father. Sparx used them to kill the gaurds of the museum they were robbing and the two escaped. One year later, Sparx's father, himself, and Jet the Hawk, his brother, were employed by the Bride of Four Houses (aka the Iron Queen) to rob the Shinobi Clan. Sparx and his father were captured however. The Shinobi clan allowed Sparx's father to leave freely if he would hand over Sparx to him. Much to Jet's protests, Sparx's father traded Sparx to the Shinobi Clan. The betrayal crushed Sparx's spirit, and filled his soul with hate.

Life in the Shinobi Clan

The Shinobi Clan was greatly interested in Sparx's lighting powers. They trained Sparx to combine ninjutsu skills with his lighting powers to make him a formidibal opponent. It was here, Sparx met fellow Shinobi Ninja Dust the Echidna and Morphus the Wolf. The three became friends, and began to plot their future. They decided to leave the Shinobi Clan one day, and become bounty hunters.

The Fight with Espio

That all changed when Sparx and another top member of the Shinobi Clan, Espio the Chameleon, were selected to be the representative of the Shinobi Clan. Seeing this as a way to gain power in the Shinobi Clan, Sparx accepted. Dispite having electric powers and thus the advantage over his opponent, Sparx was defeated. Sparx ran away from the Shinobi Clan after his loss and vowed to return and kill Espio the Chameleon one day. Dust and Pain went with him.


Sparx is utter hatred. He will do whatever it takes to complete his goals. His goal is to kill Espio the Chameleon and his father for revenge. Sparx cooperates with his allies, Dust and Pain, well. They are really the only people that Sparx respects. Otherwise, he treats anyone else with hate and utter discontent.


  • Sparx's inspiration for his personality is based off of me. I created him one day, when I was depressed, thinking of all the crappy things that happened to me. His rivalry with Espio is based off of a rivalry with a kid I had in elementary school named James.
  • Lightning control is one of my favorite super powers, so naturally, I gave them to Sparx.

Theme Song


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