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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to Aqua's Destiny
Aqua Acorn to Blaze the trail through Green Hill Zone
Blazeam to Cenizas the Hedgelynx
Center of the World and our Hearts (Free RP) to Cold Knell
Cold the Hedgehog to Deadline-Lockdown Friendship
Deadline the Lizard to Droget the Frog
Drowan the Echidna to EoP Christmas Special 2 Part 4b
EoP Christmas Special 3 Part 1 to Furosto
Furtunile the Skunk to Heartless Frost
Hearts the Cheetah (2009-2010) to Jade Rose
Jade the Doberman to Kingdom Kon
Kingdom Wind RE: Lock Of Rings to Lexie Rubidoux
Leyariaja the Creator to Magnetic Blast
Magnetic Lines to Metal Raven
Metal Shadow to My Life As A Teenage Robot
My Sweet Heart (Renée's Theme) to Nyel
Nykus the Serval to Ragnerok the powerful's forms
Rahab to Roc the Falcon
Rock to Sara-su the Echidna
Sara the Cat to Sharps the Hitman
Sharpshoot Clan to Soma the Hedgehog
Somnus Onebros to Sonic DA Xmas part 25
Sonic DA Xmas part 3 to Sonic Tales Z: Episode 1- The Return of Mephiles Chapter 14
Sonic Tales Z: Episode 1- The Return of Mephiles Chapter 15 to Sonic heroes 3D
Sonic heroes 4 to Speed the Hedgehog (NightHedgehog14's version)
Speeder The Hedgehog to Sweet Scent the Stunky
Sweet Temptation to The Birth of Maria the Hedgehog: Part 4
The Birth of Maria the Hedgehog: Part 5 to The Other Roboticized Masters
The Overground to Total Fanon Island
Total Fanon World Tour to Vision of Demise
Visoravan the Hedgecat to Zero The Porcupine
Zero the Liger to ♦JOKER♦

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