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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to Arkham the Spiteful
Arkindai to Blue Spring
Blue Typhoon to Chaos Emerald
Chaos Emerald Z to Corsin the Bear
Corvus the Cat to Depth Burst
Deraj Ivan Bradanska (Personal Biography) to Eamon the Vulture
Earth (Element) to Everchange City
Evergreen the Echidna to Geo The Hedgehog
Geo the hedgehog to Hikem and Maruph
Hikemph to Jordan the Mousecat
Jordis the Pogona to Kor
Korhado the Mole to Link Empire
Linkin the Hedgehog to Marucho the Foxster
Marvelle the Water Serval to Miphops the Rat
Mira the Cat to Nero The Wolf
Nero the Hedgehog to Pravus Jacob Steel
PreChange Mirror to Retatsu the Hawk
Rethink the Hedgehog to SONIC STORIES: The Big Game
SPOF Academy to Shadova
Shadow to Sniptic
Snively to Sonic Brawlers
Sonic Bunny Blast to Sonic Shockwave Riders/Team Heroes Story
Sonic Shockwave Riders/Team Metal Story to Sonic and the Twilight Ghost (game idea)
Sonic and the War of the Titans to Speed Reflex
Speed the Hedgehog (NightHedgehog14's version) to Sylest the Hedgehog
Sylvia Prower to The Chaos Chronicles/ Chapter Seven
The Chaos Chronicles/ Chapter Seventeen to The Return: Prologue
The Return Of Godzilla to Tropical Jungle
Tropical vacation/Part1 to Warriors of the Chaos Mirrors
Warzone to ♦JOKER♦

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