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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to Amy Rose (Pianoverse)
Amy Rose (Sega-Nimes Universe) to Balance (Element)
Baljos the Jerboa to Breaker Earthsoul the Hedgehog
Breaker the hedgehog the game to Chaos Lock
Chaos Machines to Comet the Cat(Star&Luna)
Comet the Cat (Stardust's Brother) to Dark the Cat
Dark the Hedgehog to Down Draw
Downtown Teenage Adventures to Elemental Chaos Part 3
Elemental Chaos Part 4 to Fanon of Hurricane
Fanon smash bros. to Furtur the Elk
Fury Attack to Gyro the Gearhog
Gyro the Mechanical Ram to Hydro Reflect
Hydro Shape to Janibeck (Crack Pairing)
Janice the Fox to Katsuro the Kamaitachi
Katy the Cat to Lace
Lace The Hedgehog to Lockdown the Hyena
Lodisema the Coati to Marine the Captain/Chapter 2
Marine the Captain/Chapter 3 to Miasma Claw
Miasma Spindash to Mystic Beings
Mystic Combat to Nykus the Serval
Nylirehc Notelgae to Planet Q
Planet Rockumlus to Rainbow the Rabbit
Rainy Fleet to Rock the House
Rocket Launcher to Sanguine
SanguisVox to Shadow the Wolf's Night Out
Shadow the Wolf and Evo's Starbucks Adventure to Sogeta the Hedgehog
Sokoto the Hare to Sonic Battle Teckaichi
Sonic Battle Universe Beta to Sonic Riders: Matrix Unleashed/Item Boxes
Sonic Riders: Matrix Unleashed/List of Extreme Gear to Sonic and SEGA Superstars Racing: Speed Showdown
Sonic and SEGA ultra all stars racing to Sonigals adventure
Sonigals heroes to Striker the King Cobra
Striker the hedgehog to Tao the Wolf
Targemaid the Dragon to The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog (Series)/Items
The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog (Series)/List of Voice Actors to The Shining Family
The Shoukan Tribe to Triple Threat Open Conflict: Josh (E-Josh) vs. Sky (F.O.S.) vs. Ete...
Triple Threat Open Conflict: Team Dark Doom VS. Team Hatswell VS Te... to Virus 207
Virus the Hedgehog to Yuji the Hedgehog
Yuka Royama to ♦JOKER♦

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