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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to Aqua Combat
Aqua Fan to Blessed Rocks Zone
Blight The Porcupine to Centroidal
Centurion-type Interceptor to Cole The Fox
Cole the Echidna to Deadline the Lizard
Deadly Chance to Duke Kenneth
Duke of Soleanna to Equilibrium Season 1 Episode 5: Un-Bearable!
Equilibrium Season 1 Episode 7: For Freedom Or Corruption? to G.U.N
G.U.N. to Heidi the Hedgehog
Heison the Vengeful to James Kaida
James Maddox to Kingdom of Mobius
Kingdom of Sol to Lichifia the Gymnure
Lie Detectors Episode 1 to Majini the Otter
Majivu the Deer to Metal The Wolf
Metal Turbo the hedgehog to Mystic the Cat
Mystic the Rabbit to Oerbas
Ogorki the Hedgehog to Rainbow The Hedgehog
Rainbow the Rabbit to Rockyria
Rocstie to Saturday the Wolf
Saturn the Hedgehog to Shine Jewelz Coastal
Shine the Bat to Sonic's Army
Sonic's Cave Story to Sonic Fanon Happy Hour
Sonic Fanon Heroes to Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Story:Into The Sea Part 8
Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Story:Into The Sea Part 9 to Sonic the Hedgehog: Return of Shadow
Sonic the Hedgehog: Return to Mobius to Spring Launch Kick
Spring Yard Zone to Tai
Tai the Demon to The Chaos Stone
The Chaos Twins-Demon Twins Conflict to The Shadow's Mark
The Shadow Army to Trolls
Tron The Hedgehog to Wade The Wallaby
Waking Doom to ♦JOKER♦

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