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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to April the Hedgehog
April the Monkey to Blaze the Cat 2
Blaze the Hedgehog to Celia the Bat
Celia the Cat to Cody the Chinchilla
Cody the godzilla's past:The mecha king ghidorah saga to Dawn Laima Morris
Dawn Liama Morris to Drewfus the Ingogian Dogfox
Driftsnow Mountains to EoP Christmas Special 2 Part 1
EoP Christmas Special 2 Part 2 to Furameru The Hedgehog
Furious the Chihuahua to Hawkfire the Fox
Hazard the hedgehog to Jack the Fohuahua
Jack the Hedgehog to Kinamy
Kinesis Psychos to Lerich Snomis
Leroy the Husky to Maekyn
Maelana the Meerkat II to Metal Flash
Metal Galvin to Murky the Hedgehog
Murmur The Jackal to Nova the Wolf's Weapons
Nova the warrior of light to Raeverai and Raeserai
Raeverai and Raeserai (Crack Romance) to Robert the Warechidna
Robharlote to Sanguine
SanguisVox to Shanti the Celestial Spirit
Shaoqing Hui-ren to Solidarity
Solin the Twilight Spirit to Sonic Crashdown
Sonic Crisis to Sonic Super Action Speed
Sonic Super Riders to Sonic chronicles 1
Sonic chronicles 2 to Spectrum the Kitsune
Speed Adventures, Evo & Friends to Sweet Scent the Stunky
Sweet Temptation to The Black Bolts
The Black Rose Orphanage to The Panda Clan
The Phoenix Felix to Total Drama Sonic
Total Fanon Island to Vishal the Red Panda
Vision of Demise to Zero Hour, The Final Ragnarok
Zero The Hedgehog to ♦JOKER♦

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