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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to Aqua Purge
Aqua Ring to Blinding Light
Blinding Spear to Cerdas the Fox
Cereal Brand to College Life
Collette Cat to Death Egg-Mondo
Death Egg Mark III Zone to Dusk Evol
Dusk Shitori to Ereshkigal the Nightmare
Eri the Bat to Gabriel the hedgehog
Gabriella the Cat to Hell's Hounds/Vassago the Hare
Hell's Hounds/Xaphan the Weasel to Jaxis
Jaxon the Jackal to Kitana the Hedgehog
Kitsachi Village to Light (Element)
Light Cannon to Mammoth Martyr
Mammoth Mettle to Mia the hedgehog
Miasma (Technique (LtH900) to Nadia the Hedgehog
Nadia the Seedrian to Opal the Cat
Open Conflict: Darkstorm vs. Wraith to Randy The Lion
Randy the Lion to Roleplay (Free Join) Sonic and the Ultimate Showdown
Roleplay Event: Bullygeddon to School-Anime Role Play: Emerald Rvenue Academy
School Yard Gang to Shot the Echidna - Crystal Dreams
Shousenka the Echidna to Sonic-Eggman Conflict
Sonic-Mephiles Friendship to Sonic Hearts: Dissidia
Sonic Hereos 2: Enter the Negative Zone to Sonic X-treme (TV show)
Sonic X:Regenerated to Sonic the Hedgehog (Edd Shwartz's Continuity)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Emerald Stories Universe) to Static the Cat
Static the Hedgehog (Elementian) to Talosium
Taltara to The Deepest Fear Act 1
The Deepest Fear Act 2 to The Unknown Hedgehog
The Unmaker to Tyler Lynch
Tyler the Dragonboy to White Phoenix
Whitelight Grimoire to ♦JOKER♦

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