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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to Amy Rose (ChillyCookie5's Universe)
Amy Rose (Darkest Shadow's Universe) to Badai the Monarch Butterfly
Badmmie to Branston the Mole
Brave Bird to Chaos Inferno Strike
Chaos Kill to Colonel the Reploid
Colored Sonic to Dark Star
Dark Storm to Doomtress the Hedgehog
Doragon to Elemental Chaos Part 12
Elemental Chaos Part 13 to Fanfic: Sonic Colors Reach for the Stars
Fanfic: Tales from West Town to Funky Town Gang
Funky Town Series to Gwen's Kittens
Gwen Orrcut to Huski The Fox
Hyberson the Rat to Jamie the Dog
Jaminika Fox to Katelyn the Munchlax
Katherine "Katy" Feline to Kyrania
Kyros the Hedgehog to Little Planet
Little Planet (EvilVerse) to Marica the Banshee
Marie "M.L." the Otter to Metropia Avenue
Metropia Interstate to Myrskyjen the Hawk
Mysha ''Dawn'' The HedgeFox to Nuclear Force
Nudge the Lopunny to Piston the B. Metal 3
Pitchrys to Raiko "Sparky" Thunderbolt
Rail Cannon to Rock Band: Crush 40 Version
Rock Blast to Sandy the Hedgehog
Sanford Island to Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Chaos Power
Shadow the Hedgehog 2: The Forking Road to So Much More...
Soach the Chao to Sonic Battle: Round 2
Sonic Battle 2 to Sonic Riders: EX-AF-GP
Sonic Riders: Fanon Friends to Sonic and Lightning (game)
Sonic and Lightning Racers to Sonicbot
Sonicemma to Strife the Hedgehog
Strife the Savior to Tantrum Attack
Tantrum the Fox to The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future
The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future/List of Chara... to The Serial Killer.
The Seven Deadly Sins to Trigger Hawk
Trin the Cat to Vira the Cat
Viral the Hedgehog to You never know WHAT is gonna come through that door!
Your Rain to ♦JOKER♦

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