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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to Artemis' Armezhian Language
Artemis' Character Quickdex to Body Slam
Bohdana the Jackal to Chaos Lance
Chaos Laser to Crayon Canyon
Crazy Crater/Channel Heros to Devlin Maroco
Devresi the Bearcat to Eden
Eden the Phoenix to Fanon of Hurricane
Fantasm the Psychic to Ginji
Giorgio 'Rosso' Prower the Fox to Hotdog the Hedgehog
Hour Hero Part 2 to K-9 Patrol
K.A.N.I. the Nanite Rabbit to Kumiko
Kumori Keiteki Taiyou to Lopez the Cyborg-hog
Loran (and Lori) Truscani to Mazda the Hedgehog's Canon
Mazda the Lion to Momenta the Hedgehog
Momentopolis to Nitrox the Power Hedgehog
Nitrus Kaiser to RP: The Last Ultimate Lifeform
RP: The Möbius Hunger Games to Rob O'the Hedge
Rob the Lynx to Sapphire the Raven
SarNeo to Shinzo Mendoza
Shippings to Sonic-formers
Sonic.Exe to Sonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Babylon Story
Sonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Chaotix Story to Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 9-The Last Resort: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 9: The Last Resort: Crystallised to Sonic the Hedgehog X Phineas and Ferb Part 3: Clash of the Heroes P...
Sonic the Hedgehog X Phineas and Ferb Part 4: Clash of the Heroes P... to Stromkreis the Great Dane
Stryker to Temporal and Speedy:Inside the Game/Prologue:The Fight
Temporal the Fox to The Incubi
The Inferno Emeralds to Tombko
Tombstone the Hedgehog to Vincent the Cat
Vincent the Incubus to Zane the Hyena
Zange the Hedge to ♦JOKER♦

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