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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to April The Hedgehog
April the Hedgehog to Blaze the Cat (Sonic Blades version)
Blaze the Cat 2 to Celestial 13
Celestials(Race) to Coconuts(hyena117's version)
Cocytus to David the Caolf
David the Crocodile to Dream Shahooter
Dreamland Bay to Entropy (Attribute)
Entropy Emeralds to Fulguro the Porcupine
Funky The Echidna to Hathor/Attacks
Haunted Ridge to Jabrony the Hedgehog
Jacawitz to Kimiko the Pandiger
Kimiko the White Wolf to Leong-Le the Panda
Leopardo "Duzzel" the Vampire to Macro the Giant Hedgehog
Macy the Vigoroth to MetAmy
Meta-Fox to Munchin the (Idiot) hero
Mundus (Continent) to Nova: The New Begining
Nova & The Shadowy Wind to Racket Origins
Racket the Raccoon(2012 Video Game) to Road runner Unleashed
Road runner the hedgehog to Sandberry
Sandblinder Family to Shady the Hedgehog
Shadyra to Solar the Hedgehog (HoT)
Solar the Mouse to Sonic Chronicles 2: The Travel Tales
Sonic Chronicles 2 by Cguy8 to Sonic Smash Bros.
Sonic Smash Bros Brawl to Sonic and the Reaper/Chapter 6: Arrival of a Sol
Sonic and the Reaper/Chapter 7: A Trio of Quarrels to Sparks TB Eagle
Sparky The Hedgehog to Surge the Hedgehog (StHLC)
Surge the Hedgehog (XxZekeKnightxX) to The Air Raiders
The Amazing Adventures of Edgar Eagle to The New Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog
The New Hero to Tornada, the Goddess of Air
Tornado to Violenza: Genesis
Violet-G.U.N Conflict to Zappy the Evil Hedgehog
Zappy the Hedgehog to ♦JOKER♦

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