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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to Arctic Javelin
Arctic Spindash to Blazing Will
Blessed Rocks Zone to Centroidal
Centurion-type Interceptor to Cody the godzilla's past:The mecha king ghidorah saga
Coffin to David The Echidna
David the Caolf to Duan The Hedgehog
Duan the Hedgehog to Equilibrium Season Episode 1: Siberia 1990
Equilibrium Season Episode 2: Demonic Tiger to Funky Town Series
Funky Town Story-Time Theater to Harvey the Hedgehog
Hathor to Ivy Solani
Iyo to Khuma the Wolf
Kia the Protean to Lenna
Lenna (Neo Mobius) to Maeshar
Magda Mink to Mia the hedgehog
Miasma (Technique (LtH900) to Mystic the Cat
Mystic the Rabbit to Oluja the Deer
OmegaCorp Mercenary Organization to Ramonna the Hedgehog
Ramonna the Hedgehog/Cosmic Radar to Roleplay (FreeJoin) Nightwing's return
Roleplay (Free Join): Enchanted Vacation to Scorch the Hellhound
Scorch the Pyrohog to Silaze
Silche to Sonic: War of Shadows (fan game)
Sonic: lost within (roleplay) to Sonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Dimension Story
Sonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Ice Story to Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 69-The Planet of Misfortune: Crystall...
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 7-Party Hardly: Crystallised to Sonic the Hedgehog House of Iblis: Hieroglyphs
Sonic the Hedgehog House of Iblis: Lies to Stomp
Stone Edge to Team Oak
Team Physics to The Fire Emeralds
The Fire Under the Stars to Theia the Lion
Theory of Chaos to Vakaia
Valadora the Vampire to Woodra, the Goddess of Flora
World Character Wresling to ♦JOKER♦

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