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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to Arinku the Doberman
Aristomache the Linsang to Blitz the Wolf/Sonic Boom
Blitz the Wolf/Tropes to Chalice Whitelight
Champ the Chao to Commander Darth
Commander James W. Krackens to Deathskew
Debauchage to E-1,006 Omega
E-1,986 Timeweaver to Eruption
Escape!!!/Castle Hustle/Rainbow Curve to Gabriel the Hedgehog
Gabriel the hedgehog to Hell's Hounds/Gamygin the Echidna
Hell's Hounds/Kimaris the Hedgehog to James Odessa
James The Celloid to Kinomi Fox
Kinos to Liger Zero
Liger Zero/Fire Phoenix to Maploak
Maragi the Wolf to Miles "Tails" Prower (Emerald Hill)
Miles "Tails" Prower (GK) to Necromentia, Empress of Nightmares
Necross the Demonic to Peachy the Princess Peach Fangirl
Peakewawe to Reactive Factory
Reagan the Lynx to Ruins of Sephazer
Ruko the Hyena to Seiya
Selania the HedgeWitch to Skyler the Rabbit (Spiderboy2012)
Skyler the Tenrec to Sonic Adventure 3 (Master ventus)/Sonic's Story
Sonic Adventure 3 (Master ventus)/Swamp Forrest to Sonic Party 2
Sonic Pets to Sonic and The Quantum Solace
Sonic and Zeus' Scroll to Sora "Mark" Kurai
Sora "Ryan" Kurai to Super Happy Ball Time/Jet Ready GO/ Aftermath I
Super Hyper Dudes to Tharros the Griffin
The "Fallout" of Family to The MobianXenomorph Hybrids
The Mobian Herald to Tornado The Swallow
Torque the Walrus to Vishal the Red Panda
Visil to Zapor the Hedgehog
Zapperin to ♦JOKER♦

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