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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to Aqua Burst
Aqua Combat to Blazing Adventure 2
Blazing Heroes to Central City
Central High to Cold the Hedgehog/History
Cold the Hedgehog/Personality and Relationships to Deadly Darkness. A Non-Canon 'Dark deeds Universe' Roleplay.
Deadspawn the Hedgehog to Duan The Hedgehog
Duan the Hedgehog to EoP Christmas Special 3 Part 4b
EoP Christmas Special 3 Part 4c to Fury The Bobcat
Fusion to Heavire
Heavy & Bomb to Jake Prower
Jake the Echidna to Kino and Ohka
Kinomi Fox to Liane-Na
Lianne Hedgecat to Mahaila the Vampnix
Mahala-Fantasm Friendship to Metal Sonic (Speed Chronicles)
Metal Sonic 3.0 to Mysha The Hedgehog
Mysteries at the Mansion to Oblivion
Oblivion-Drathradien Conflict to Raiden The Wolverine
Raien Fuchras to Rocket the Chinchilla
Rocket the Hedgefoxidna to Sarah the Hedgehog (Thundertails14)
Sarahthecat to Sheila Cutter
Sheila Dingo to Sonamy
Sonar the Fox to Sonic Dimentional Cross
Sonic Dimentions ( A freejoin with Ideas for the new game): to Sonic Team Gaming Force Episode 2
Sonic Team Gaming Force Episode 3: Road Trippin to Sonic the Fighter
Sonic the Fighters 2 to Spike the Echidna
Spike the Fox to Sybil the FireFox
Sybil the Panther to The Chaos Chronicles
The Chaos Chronicles/ Chapter Eight to The Quantum Moebius Theory
The Queen's Royal Castle to Traeyl
Tranquil Adventure: An untold story to Volcanic Shelter
Volcano (song) to Ziggy the Butterfly/Personality
Zinc the Chameleon to ♦JOKER♦

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