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"Angry" Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117) to AoM Iris the Echidna Issue 1
Aoi Eclipse to Black Skunk
Black the Hedgehog to Carmen the Dog
Carmen the Fox to Cinnabar Forest
Cinnamon the Rat to Dark Energy
Dark Fusillade to Dr. Finitevus
Dr. Hedgebot to Emma Morrigan
Emma the Crocodile to Flower The Fox
Flowers to Grey the Wolf
Grey the wolf to Ice-based Summons
IceFire (Element) to Kameka Saitoh
Kamihime to Kyrania
Kyros the Hedgehog to Lotus the Android
Lotus the Squirpine to Maya
Maya Semele Burden to Mobius shattering earthquake, escape from Labyrinth Zone
Mobodoon to Nieve the Grison
Nigel Giroud to Power Struggle
Powercore Gems to Renée and Co: Funny Moments
Renée the Cosmic Caolf to S-3 Road Rocket
S-4 Rampage to Seseliai the Beaver
Seth Gaiablaze the Drakohog to Smash The Echidna
Smash The Echidna/Attacks and Skills to Sonic Alliance (Series)
Sonic Allstar: Dimensional Shift (Game) to Sonic Phantom Universe Issue 1
Sonic Phantom Universe Issue 3 to Sonic and Shadow
Sonic and Silver: Time Paradox to Sophie's Missions
Sophie Sorisa to Sunny Dayz
Sunny the Hedgehog to Tenebre the Ermine
Tennah to The H Bridgade
The H Bridgade/Season 1, Episode 1: Building the Bridgade to Tifkal
Tigeress the leopard to Vecnilla
Vector to Wrecnkie
Wrenouge to ♦JOKER♦

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