A legendary weapon and relic of the Demon-Celestial War, Spectre's Chainsaw was, as the name suggests, a chainsaw owned by Spectre, the sister to the 'true lord of Mobius', Rageik.

Spectre's Chainsaw

Production Information
MakerUnknown, active during the Demon-Celestial War.
Elemental AffinityPoison
Known Wielders
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A standard-sized chainsaw, with a neon-green Technomage polymer body and a hard, Col'nesian iron chain. These attributes are together, unsurprising. However, the weapon lasted in an operational condition for millenia, even without regular use.

Nicknamed the 'Bonecruncher', Spectre's Chainsaw became famous as the woman in question's signature weapon. As Spectre was, for a while, the Battlemaster in charge of the demon armies, the weapon is described as also being permanently 'tainted' with the blood of Celestials, Mobians and Demons alike. However, after Spectre's death at the hands of her brother Rageik's wife Phantom, the blade vanished. At the end of the War, with the sealing of both races, the chainsaw was rediscovered and added to the vaults of a family of Pyrohogs, the founders and future monarchs of the Pyranic Empire. As the empire was naturally strong with the element of Fire, the saw was forgotten in their treasure vaults. However, in order to reward a woman millenia down the line, the Crown Prince of the Empire, Draco Pyrinth, unearthed the chainsaw. As it happened, the woman, Tec the Squirrel, was also a chainsaw user, plus trained in poison, she was able to use Spectre's Chainsaw to a brilliant degree. However, as a Poison-aligned relic, it is sought-after by many Poison manipulators who desire the chainsaw's sheer destructive might.

Native Abilities

As with all chain-based weapons, Spectre's Chainsaw is naturally powerful against organic tissues of any sort, with an emphasis in question on plant matter. Indeed, a swipe from any chainsaw can penetrate a Wood-based defense in seconds, and is capable of mulching bone and flesh together in mangling physical injuries. Spectre invested quite a bit into the cutting edges and power of her chainsaw, hence the nickname of "The Bonecruncher".

However, Spectre also personally imbued the weapon with powerful poison magic, which the chain itself generates while spinning. Again, this adds to the lethality of the cuts it leaves, thanks to the poisons entering through the cut blood vessels. The final addition that Spectre made was the addition of a knowledge crystal, a little holographic guide that can teach an ability that Spectre created herself - Melt Touch, an acid so strong that it melts whatever it comes in contact with nearly instantly, secreted from the pores on command.

Known Wielders

  • Spectre - the original wielder, and arguably, the most effective. Spectre had the weapon made while just entering adolescence, and from there, she found a true love for it. After her father's death and her elder brother's exile, Spectre was named Battlemaster, and instantly, the chainsaw, which she had grown up with and imbued with her own power became one of the most feared weapons wielded by any on the Demon Councils. However, the first battle she didn't carry the chainsaw to, a duel between herself and her returned brother's wife, Phantom, was also her last battle, with Phantom managing to slay her husband's biggest rival for command. In her lifetime, Spectre managed to rack up an impressive amount of kills - the total exceed two thousand with the chainsaw alone, including traitorous Demons, Celestial soldiers and Mobians who dared stand up to her, both slaves and free people.
  • Tec the Squirrel - After the Day of Scorched Earth, the big assault on the Terran League by the Pyranic Empire, Tec was rewarded by the Royal Family of the Empire with the chainsaw. Despite her age, the saw quickly became her weapon of choice against enemies who boarded her massive siege weapon.

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