Speed Burst is a powerful speed technique used by and exclusive to Sonic the Hedgehog, fitting with his title "the fastest thing alive".


Focusing energy into his body, Sonic releases his "true speed". At first, Sonic vanishes in a spherical burst of wind. However, a few seconds later, an incredibly powerful blast erupts, breaking through the sound barrier and tears through the landscape in Sonic's wake. This allows Sonic to reach speeds inconcievable to any mortal eye or even the most cutting edge visual processors. The speed and gathered energy used by Sonic creates a kinetic field around Sonic, allowing Sonic to break through most obstructions and survive most impacts. However, this technique does have a few downsides. For one, Sonic is moving so fast that even he can't see where he's going clearly, making evasion and sharp turns difficult. Second, pushing his body to its full power leaves Sonic fatigued and drained after a few minutes.

Sonic can also use a lesser version of this move, where he moves at much higher speeds than normal without causing damage to his surroundings, but being invisible to the normal eye. On the contrary, Sonic is virtually silent when using this technique.



  • None


  • This technique was inspired by the Speed Break power in Sonic & the Secret Rings, which Kagimizu considered one of the only good aspects of the game.

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