Speed Reflex is a highly advances technique used by and exclusive to Sonic the Hedgehog.


While using this technique, Sonic hones and focuses his five senses. When using this, everything is moving in slow motion from Sonic's perspective. This allows Sonic to react to his surroundings much more effectively, dodging high-speed attacks and rapidly moving obstacles with ease (i.e. a fast-moving projectile can be dodged mid-air or used as a platform; a spinning blade can be avoided without missing a step). This technique is useful even at the high speeds Sonic runs at, but ineffective while using Speed Burst. However, this technique can usually only be used when moving at high-speeds; using it while stationary reduces its effectiveness.



  • None


  • When questioned about this technique's origin, Sonic himself had no idea when or how he got it. The only thing he knows is that "after running so fast for so long, I started noticing the stuff around me more easily. Soon I made a game out of how fast I could go while still keeping track of my surroundings, and eventually it ended up like this."
  • This technique is similar to and inspired by the Time Break ability in Sonic & The Secret Rings, which Kagimizu considered one of the few good things about the game.

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