Starikalo (Star-e-call-o) is a Planet that appears in The Claw Saga (Invasions IV-V), it is part of the Universia Star System.

Background Info

Starikalo has four continents. Dragomia is the largest of the Continents, it is home of the Kingdom of the Dragon, who worship The Ancient Dragons, the Five strongest knighs are named after the five warriors: Pyronex, Aquina, Iroko, Holik, and Drax. Wildaca is the third largest of the Continents, it is a giant desert home to different Tribes, as well as Species. Plais is the smallest continent, it is home of most resources on the planet. Volcanus is the second largest of all the Continents, orignally an undersea volcano, the Lord of Dragons caused a major eruption to occur, creating a large continent, of Rock and Lava, it is here that the Dark Star Army is based. Outside the atmosphere of the planet, are thousands of Dark Star Draxun's (V Invasion only), it is where the final battle, and the end of the story occurs.


the Planet is divided into four Kingdoms: Dragon, Gargoyle, Phoenix, and Dark Dragon.

Dragon Kingdom

Gargoyle Kingdom

Phoenix Kingdom

Dark Dragon Kingdom

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