Emerald Trophy Voted Best Conflict for Summer 2011!
Statyx-Trolls Conflict is the conflict between Statyx the Hedgehog and various members of The Trolls.


Statyx has encountered various members of the Trolls, and thus has conflicts with several of them.

  • Toxic the Hedgehog: Toxic's womanizing habits starkly contrast with Statyx's chivalrous nature. In addition, Toxic has not only come onto and/or attempted to seduce several of Statyx's female friends, but has also sexually assaulted his girlfriend Blaze. All of this results in Statyx having a great amount of rage and fury to deal Toxic.
  • Reaper: Reaper has targeted Statyx's friends and family, particularly Mel the Hedgehog. Due to this, Statyx has a very personal beef with Reaper, which the electrokinetic is all too eager to settle.
  • Rageik: Statyx, being one of the many people who gets in the way of the Trolls, has earned him Rageik's fury. However, Statyx is one of the few people to face Rageik face-to-face, 1-on-1. These fights have ended up coming to stalemates, due to the fact that while Statyx has superior control over Chaos Powers, along with electrokinesis, Rageik has far more experience and training in terms of combat.
  • Demental the Hedgehog: Statyx has a great dislike for Demental's influence over Dismal and the torture Demental puts Dismal through. Because of this, Statyx strongly encourages and assists Dismal in trying to strengthen himself emotionally and physically, while also fending off Demental's influence. Strangely enough, Demental is the only non-Troll in this conflict; he is, in fact, a malevolent split personality.
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  • Bee: Shut up! The trolls are awesome! Statyx is ugly and only has one infitieth of a brain cell!
  • Ryu: Are you a Troll, Bee?
  • Vee: No he just randomly sides with evil and likes to taunt and tease others just to make himself feel better.
  • Bee: And I thought brothers were suppose to support each other!
  • Vee: Well I would if you would stop trying to BLINKING KILL ME AND ALL MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ryu: I see...


Part 1

Ryu: Statyx!! I got lamp oil, rope, and bombs!! Let's torture some Trolls!!

Bee: Don't torture the Trolls!

Dalton: (snaps, and and anvil crushes Bee) Funny thing about that guy, he always seems to come back after you kill him...

Ryu: Staaaaaaaaaaatyx!!

Vee: I know ain't that weird?

Rainbow: So when can we go attack the Trolls?