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Streak the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
RelativesYugi the Hedgehog, Hanna Hedgehog
AliasAVGN (By Nails the Echidna)
Romantic InterestsNone, is single
Physical Description
DescriptionGreen eyes, Shaggy white hair w/ green markings, white fur w/ green markings, brown fluffy chest
AttireRound glasses, black gloves, black and white shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
AlignmentAnti hero
AbilitiesControl of Water, Spin Dash, Light Dash
Super FormsSuper Streak
Other Information
American V.A.James Rofle
Japanese V.A.???
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorScroundernuts

Streak the Hedgehog is a troll and is a Shadow recolor. He is owned by Scroundernuts.


Streak was born a troll by Yugi the Hedgehog and Hanna Hedgehog. When he was young, he was always picked by bullies for being a nerd. On his 9th birthday, his parents got him an SNES with Super Mario World, which he played all the time. He then got a CD-i, but he hated that and even threw it out the window. Then he got a box full of comics like Superman. As he grew, he got more games and comics, and read and played every single one he got. When he went to High School, he was then again bulied for being such a nerd. Due to this, he was angered and even got a chance to punch a bully, but got kicked out of school. His parents were very angry with him, so he ran off, never to be seen by his parents again. He forced himself to eat garbage and rotten banana peels, but sometimes people would share their food with him and even give him money so he could use it to buy some food. Weeks later, he was kiddnapped by a troll and was made a prisoner, sharing a cell with Nails the Echidna, a Knukcles recolor.


Streak is an angry nerd. He loves comics and video games of all kinds, even some people hate. He is somewhat nice to people who are nice to him, and even will reward them with a gift if he really likes them, and if it's a girl, he'll give them a gift and ask them out. Dispite being a troll himself, he hates most trolls, trying to kill one of them. He's a Star Trek and Star Wars geek, having all the movies of both series. He also likes Avatar - The Last Airbender.


Streak is a great gamer, so good that a rookie gamer wouldn't stand a chance aganist him. Streak is a water user, but he needs to absorb water to make his attacks work, if water is not used, then the attack would be nothing but air.






"F**ck you!!"

"I'll rip your F**cking head off, Sc**mbag!"

"Kicka**!" -When getting an S Rank.

"Aw yeah, baby!" -When getting an A Rank.

"..Okay." -When getting a B Rank.

"...Meh.." -When getting a C Rank.

"Damn.." -When getting a D Rank.

"S***t.." -When getting an E Rank.

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