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Sucellos, the Glacial Treant (pronounced "SOO-seh-loss") is a primordial Nature god and a deity of the Nature Clan of Mokuhana.

Physical Description

Sucellos appears as a massive treant, standing around thirty feet tall. Spikes of ice mingle with the dense foliage covering most of his body. He is bipedal, with thick forelimbs and digitigrade legs with thick and sturdy calves.

The foliage growing out of his body forms a thick mane coming from the back of his head and extending mostly around his neck, as well as running down his back a ways. Horns of wood extend from his head and shoulders, and he has a short snout with a pronounced lower jaw, that also has ridges jutting from it. His eyes are gold in color, with black scleras.



Base Stats
Spcl. AtkSuperior
Spcl. DefAverage
Other Stats

Besides advanced Floromancy and Cryomancy, Sucellos also has great physical strength (but not as strong as the likes of Agni or Obaluaye), and can make thorny vines appear out of his foliage to attack the enemy. Since he commands the Elements of both Nature and Ice, he can use the Advanced element of Tundra, which is a Nature/Ice combo. He seems to primarily excel in the realm of ranged attacks, but is more than capable of attacking up close with his claws if need be.


Sucellos is resistant to the Elements of Nature and Water. He has respectable physical strength and surprising durability as well, making him a good melee combatant. He also has a number of powerful, energy-based attacks at his command, allowing him to comfortably attack either up close or from afar.


Sucellos is weak to the Elements of Fire and Wind, and given his sub-alignment of Ice, he is also weak to the Element of Earth. His subpar speed and reflexes allow much faster opponents to evade his melee-range attacks with ease, as they are slow; even his ranged, energy-based attacks aren't all that fast-moving. He also has rather poor resilience, meaning that opposing energy-based attacks can hurt him a lot.

Forms and Fusions

Friends and Foes






Unsurprisingly, and given the fact that he is a Nature Deity, Sucellos is very caring about the environment, and is seen as a protector of nature. If you respect nature, he will respect you. But if you dare to try and harm it, expect him to pay you a visit...



Biggest Fears



  • It is said that the giant redwood tree known as Curatrix was grown by Sucellos, and is his "first spawn".
  • Sucellos sounds exactly like Maokai from the MOBA known as League of Legends, except Sucellos lacks the creaking wood sound effect in his voice.

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