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Biographical Information
Age 15
Relatives Candy the Cat (mother)
Dew the Cat (father)
Alias Sugar
Romantic Interests N/A
Birthplace Mobius
DOB 222, 3224
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Cat
Gender Female (♀)
Blood Type AB+
Height 3'4"
Weight 99 lbs.
Description Fur: Purple
Eyes: Pink
Skin: White
2 tails
Hair color: Hot Pink
Attire Black shirt
Black shorts
Black gloves
Black shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Team Catz
Weaponry Knife
Abilities Spin Jump
Super speed
Super Forms Super Sugar
Other Information
English V.A. Grey DeLisle
Japanese V.A. Saki Fujita
Creator Ami670
Theme Song(s) Girls by Marina and the Diamonds

Sugar Bubblegum Candy (シュガーバブルガムキャンディ), aka Sugar the Cat (シュガーキャット), is a anthropomorphic 15 year old cat. She was adopted by Jake and is her 2nd main female character. She has purple fur, pink eyes, and 2 tails, which are merged together.

Personal information

  • Name: Sugar
  • Species: Mobian/Cat
  • Age: 15
  • Birthdate: 222, 3222
  • Residence: Mobius
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Alive
  • Height: 3'4"
  • Weight: 99 lbs.
  • Birthplace: Mobius
  • Parents: Candy the Cat (mother), Dew the Cat (father)
  • Voice type: ???
  • Alignment: Hero
  • Love interest:


Sugar is a female cat. Her fur is purple, her muzzle is white, her stomach is white, and her inner ear color is peach. Sugar's eyes are light pink. Her shoes are black. She has 2 eyelashes on each eye. She wears a black shirt, black shorts, black gloves, and black shoes. She has hot pink hair.


Sugar the Cat was born on 222, 3222. Sugar always wanted to fight, taking interest in Martial Arts. But her parents always said no, as they expected her to do things based off her gender. But, Sugar didn't listen and often snuck off during the night to practice.

Sugar kept doing this for a while, until she was 13 and knew how to kick some butt. When her parents found out, they were mostly disappointed. But Sugar didn't really care and then left to start her own adventures.


Sugar is very determent to do anything. She is very sweet and very kind as taught by her parents. Sugar tends to be a good person and may risk her life to save anyone from danger. She is also tomboyish, but she also shows qualities of feminity so she is both tomboyish and feminine.


Sugar can do the basics (such as spin jump, etc.) She possesses super speed and can run pretty fast but not fast enough. She can glide through the air. Her weaponry is a knife. She is an excellent swimmer and is able to swim pretty fast. Her punches can break a building, a brick building that is. And with her 2 tails, she can fly.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 6
Attack 9
Spcl. Atk 10
Defense 7
Spcl. Def 6
Speed 6
Reflexes 10
Magic 0
Psyche 9
Intellect 8
Total 71/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Average
Hearing Average
Olfactory Normal


Super Sugar

By using all seven Chaos Emeralds, Sugar can initiate a super transformation called Super Sugar. This is by far Sugar's most frequently used transformation. In this state she can fly more faster, stronger and nearly invincible. She does, however, need rings to maintain this transformation or else she will revert to normal.


"You can do this!"

"Pleased to meet ya."






  • Her fancy dress is based off Ice Queen's dress from Adventure Time.

Theme Song

Girls by Marina and the Diamonds

◊ Marina and the Diamonds - Girls (Lyrics) ◊

◊ Marina and the Diamonds - Girls (Lyrics) ◊