Sunday Drawing

Drawing of Sunday

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Sunday is a rabbit from the future. She is the daughter of Tails and Cream.


Name: Sunday Prower The Rabbit

Species: Rabbit

Height: 3ft

Eyes: Blue

Age: 10

Birthplace: Unknown

Likes: Ice cream, Chao, friends

Dislikes: people being sad, people ignoring her

Ability Type: Fly

Attire:Whte gloves with dark cuffs,Sky blue dress with a white ribbon and hem on the bottom,

Shoes like her Mom's but with color like her Dad's shoes.


Sunday is best friends with Nicos the hedgehog and Platnium the cat. She is the youngest in the group so they try to keep in eye on her so she dosent get hurt. Sunday likes eating ice cream and hangs out at the Ice cream place with her mom or with Platnium and Nicos. She is learning how to fix robots and how to build stuff too. She also has a chao named Brownie.


Platnium The Cat (Best Friend)

Nicos The Hedgehog (Best Friend)

Al The Hedgehog

Slide The Hedgehog

Bella The Bat




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