Suolavan is the romantic relationship between Suolo the Hedgidna and Visoravan the Hedgecat.


Under construction



  • (Ryu-Oh LOL what if Toxic or Chet tried to hit on Visoravan?)
  • (I can see one very angry assassin coming after them, and I doubt they could do much about it. - Flash)
  • (Ryu-LOL yeah :V)

Suolavan Children


Chet: Whoa, she actually had a kid?! You can hardly tell; her body looks so damn good!

Toxic: And how! She's amazingly gorgeous! I would totally tap that!

Chet: Maybe even a double-tap, if you know what I mean, Toxic~

Toxic: Oh, I really hear that, Chet, and...wha..?

[a figure seems to step from the wall behind him, his mottled camouflage cloak still rippling slightly as he moved, making him harder to see]

Chet: Huh? What is it?

[the figure gestures at the ground at Toxic's feet, and it began to split as he pushed back the cowl of his cloak to reveal Suolo's face, his features dark but emotionless.]

Chet: ?! [looks down at the ground below Toxic] HOLY-

Toxic: AW CRAP! I'm outta here! [Toxic tries to form a wave of water, but falls into the rapidly expanding Fissure and gets stuck] Ah, nuts.

Chet: O_O"

Suolo: You're next, but first... [Suolo gestures at the Fissure, prompting it to close suddenly and sharply]

Chet: !!!

Suolo: No mercy. You plan to hurt my wife, you die for it. Go ahead, run. Assassins never attack a foe once they've been revealed unless attacked. But remember, I am coming for you, hawk. [Suolo spits on the ground that crushed Toxic]

Chet: [Runs away like a little wimp]

[Suolo grins at the challenge. Closing his eyes, he throws a rapid series of small rocks after Chet, aiming at his back]

Chet: [Cries out in pain as the rocks slam into his back; pitches forward onto his face] Ugh!!

Suolo: However, I am not willing to let you take a shot at my wife, or in the distant future, our daughter. This is your end. [Suolo taps the sole of his right foot on the ground, and another Fissure forms underneath Chet] Goodbye.

Chet: [Falls into the Fissure] AAAAAAAHHH!!

Suolo: And now, women are safe, for the time being. [Suolo gestures at the fissure, letting it close]

[Chet is crushed inside of the fissure.]

(Ryu-Hey, have you seen this yet?)
(Yeah, saw it late last night, before sending the mod to a minecraft player who didn't have it, just didn't comment then - Flash)
(Ryu-You mean the Elemental Creepers Mod?)
(Yeah, Flab already has it, but a mutual friend of mine and his didn't. - Flash)
(Ryu- Ah. They've got tameable Creepers on it now. They're dangerous still, though; while their explosions don't hurt them or you, they still destroy blocks and nearby friendly mobs.)
(Yeah... - Flash)
(Ryu-The mod creator is planning on improving them, however, making them behave similar to the wolves (can make them follow or stay) as well as stopping their explosions from destroying blocks.)

Suolo: That's that. Now, home. [Suolo suddenly sinks into the ground, seemingly without disturbing the dirt]

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