Tailarby is the romantic relationship between Miles "Tails" Prower and Barby Koala.

Barby giving Tails a goodbye kiss


There is evidence of Tailarby in the Archie comics.

Barby appeared to have a crush on the young Miles "Tails" Prower, kissing him goodbye once when he left with Sonic. It is unknown if Tails reciprocated these feelings, though when Sonic mentioned to Tails his belief that Barby was attracted to him, he said he "hoped so" and wanted to see her again. (StH#61)

With regards to the possibility of Barby and Tails being in a relationship, writer Ian Flynn stated: "There is no Barby/Tails. Barby's affections were entirely one-sided, not to mention extremely creepy. I'll find a way to write that one into the ground to bury and kill it later, but for now, there is no Barby/Tails. And there won't be so long as I'm on the book." (1)

Barby may have feelings for Bill, as she felt he owed her in particular an explanation for his joining the Eggman Empire. Whether or not she holds him in a romantic light or simply regards him as a sibling is unknown. Barby is also the object of Walt Wallabee's affections, though she hasn't been shown to return his feelings. 

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This couple is just creepy on barbys side. shes what 18 to an 12 year-old. That's not right!The following statement is true, The previous statement is falseDelta 19:36, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

He's not even twelve,he's 8~Cyclonestar

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