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Fiona breaks Tails's heart.

TailiOna 1 is the romantic pairing between Miles "Tails" Prower and Fiona Fox.

Fiona toys with Tails' feeling until Sally punched her.

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During one of his solo adventures, Tails came across the Auto Automaton of Fiona Fox. Unaware of this however, Tails fell madly in love with Auto-Fiona, though he soon discovered that it was a robot created by Dr. Robotnik and it accidentally rusted while trying to drown Tails so it was paralyzed.

When the real Fiona joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Tails became emotionally troubled, since he still has feelings for the Fiona robot he had met. This problem came to a head when Tails saw Fiona and Sonic apparently embracing, leaving Tails feeling betrayed and even more confused. Fiona tried to explain to Tails that the robot he had fallen in love with had been based on her when she was much younger. Although she did like Tails as a friend, she was fifteen whereas he was only eleven, and she did not share his romantic attachment.

Tails' resulting anger was later revealed to be unfounded, as Fiona had never cared for Sonic either. Her feelings were for Scourge the Hedgehog, whom she apparently established a relationship with during his impersonation of Sonic. Upon learning the truth of his identity, she tried to find the same feelings for the real Sonic, but the differences between the two were too great and Fiona remained in love with Scourge. For his part, Scourge was attracted to Fiona because unlike the women he had formed relationships with in his own dimension, who were villainous from the start, she chose to follow the path of a criminal despite being inherently good. As a further blow to Tails, Fiona Fox insulted him openly and slapped him across the face upon her departure.

Once Sonic and Tails were subdued, she told them they had something to "discuss"- namely an alliance that would meet with her own ends. However, she didn't get a chance to until she ordered her muscle to stop fighting the Freedom Fighters after Sally Acorn and Monkey Khan showed up. After a brief engagement—in which Fiona and Sally clashed heatedly—To ensure Tails would join, she started playing on the young fox's emotions, during which she was punched in the stomach by an enraged Sally after toying with Tails—they reached an agreement, and she revealed her plan.


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  • I don't know where to go here.This seemed interesting at first until Fiona decided to be a B**** to Tails~Cyclonestar


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  • See, I don't hate it. And I won't. But the thing is- she broke his heart. She's with Scourge. And Tails is just too young for a vixen like her. I know I said with Rouge if Tails was older, but that still wouldn't make up for what Fiona did.

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