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This page is for Tails Doll from any person's continuity!
Tails Doll is a robotic puppet version of Tails created by Dr. Eggman for sinister purposes.


Sonicbasketballstar's Universe

Tails Doll was made by Doctor Eggman from the DNA from Tails Metal Sonic collected he then looks innocent for a long time then (nearly) kills Cream, Cheese, and Tails. Nitro and Sonic try to take the doll but it leaves before they have the chance. (This is a sign that Tails Doll will most likely show up again in the future). ((pardon his lack of good spelling/grammar))

Tails Doll Stories

Tails doll official fanfiction page is the tails doll stories page.

Ultimate Series

Tails doll just mainly roams around looking for someone to fight. Tails is often heared whining when they go by the tree Tails Doll lives in,But only Tails can see him,and gets told to shut up,pleasing Tails Doll. He also tends to pick on people when he is disturbed. Its also said that TD isn't the only clone of the sonic characters.

The Tails Doll Christmas

It's a short story about Temporal Acorn getting the Tails Doll for Christmas

Cleo and TD

A small story about Cleo the Dog and How much she hates TD.

Eyes of Sunshine

Explains the past of Zee the Fox and Matthew the Kitsune, two children of TD

Sonic R: The Return

In this game Dr.Eggman decides to rebiuld the Tails Doll to make him more dangerous and collect people's souls. Though the reason for this is unknown. He later escapes the Egg Carrier with Eggman Robo, Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles.

And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All

In this fanfiction by BearfootTruck, Sonic has been haunted by a never-ending sequence of nightmares featuring an evil clone of himself. Then, after Sonic jumps off a bridge in one of his nightmares, the Tails Doll makes a surprise appearance. It is heavily implied that the Tails Doll was really the one that was haunting Sonic throughout all his nightmares. When Sonic sees the doll, he gets mad and starts punching it in the head. However, he gets a real shock when the doll's head turns into that of the real Tails. Nevertheless, Ol' Blue continues punching the doll while its head keeps changing forms. Eventually, he wakes up and evades the Tails Doll.

Fan-Made StH

Tails Doll appears as a secondary antagonist in the fan-made StH. He appears as a member of Team Metal and apparently meets his doom by being ripped apart by a wolf Marsha summoned, which also swallowed his gem.

Hellfire: an Rp by robloxox

Tails Doll plays a major role in the early stages of the Fanfic


Nitro Unleashed

Tails Doll appears as boss 2 in Nitro Unleashed where he has a bloody, scary appearance, he raises dead species (and a couple of villians from the past) from their graves and you must defeat all of the dead corspes you bash into the Tails Doll ripping it apart every time until finally deafeat them 5 times were you use Nitro's claws to rip stuffing from his chest and tearing him apart.He alone makes the game rating T.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

Tails Doll appears in the game as the 10th unlockable playable character in the game. He is the only playable character who does not appear in the Story of the game. However, when the player first plays Adventure Mode after Tails Doll is unlocked, before selecting the level in the main map, there is a small scene in which Sonic and his friends are having a conversation. Tails Doll appears and interupts them. They have a conversation with him and then the scene ends.

Sonic Advance X

Tails Doll appears as a boss in the stage Surreal Circus.

Sonic Afterlife

Tails Doll makes an appearance in Sonic Afterlife as the second boss ghost. At the end of Factory Freakout, Sonic and Nazo find the Tails Doll lying motionless. The Doll creeps Sonic out and makes Nazo wonder what it is. Suddenly, the Tails Doll rears to life and attacks. Tails Doll flies above the arena and fires lightning from its antenna while trying to disrupt you with its haunting laughter. When you win, the Tails Doll lands like a lump onto the ground, de-activated for good. Nazo remarks that the Tails Doll must've been one of Eggman's dead ideas, which makes Sonic laugh before they press on.

Tails Nightmare

In Tails Nightmare, Tails encounters Tails Doll, lying still. Tails Doll comes to life and attacks Tails. When Tails defeats it, Tails becomes motionless. Once Tails continues, only to have Tails Doll attack Tails from behind before Tails wakes up from his nightmare.

Tails Nightmare 2

He reappears as the boss of Tails Nightmare 2. He first attacks Tails as
Final Fight

Tails Doll in the final boss fight.

his small self (in the begining and close to the end) but the final battle begins when Tails is standing on a peice of ground. Tails Doll is more huger and Tails must hit his jem a few times before being defeated before Tails awakens.

Sonic Adventure 3: GX

The Tails Doll makes a cameo appearance in the E.G.G. Metropolis Adventure Field. It is seen lying over a pile of junk, abandoned and assumed defunct. There is also a mission related to Tails Doll in Mission Mode, upon clearing Story Mode.

Voice Acting

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes ~ Wilbur Vincent & Michele Mariana edited by a computer program.


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