TantrumFlicting describes all of the various people that Tantrum the Fox torments. The most notable among them are Dismal the Hedgehog and Anguish the Cat.


Tantrum's thirst for outright sadism and cruelty causes him to target those weaker and more vulnerable than he is, although he's been known to go after pretty much anyone (with mixed results). He frequently takes his anger out on Dismal in a number of gruesome ways, most of which result in the gray hedgehog's death.



  • --SoykoNoeland I'm proud of it!!! 21:33, April 27, 2010 (UTC)(I actually feel REALLY bad for Dismal.....)
    • I do too, but i'm just really evil. >:3 --Ryu


Part 1

(In the Troll Moon Base, in Tantrum's room...)

Tantrum: Urf...I'm bored! Hmm...I know! (runs out of his room) Heeheehee!

(A few seconds later, Tantrum is dragging a bound and gagged Dismal into his room.)

Dismal: *muffled yelling*

Tantrum: Oh, shut up! (he throws Dismal onto a table that has the vise on it, then sticks one of Dismal's legs in the vise) Heeheehee! (cranks the vise enough to keep Dismal's leg firmly in place; he then removes the gag and ties Dismal onto the table)

Dismal: Tantrum, p-please!!

Tantrum: Sorry, but "please" doesn't cut it anymore! (begins tightening the vise)

Dismal: (Tries to pull his leg free but can't) N-No!!

(Eventually, the bone begins to crack.)



Tantrum: Maybe a little more...heeheehee!! (tightens the vise more)

(The bones in Dismal's leg crack and splinter some more, tearing the flesh. Dismal is screaming in agony as blood pours out of the vise.)



(The vise is open only a centimeter now.)

Dismal: (Screaming and sobbing) St-Stop it...p-p-please!!


(The vise is closed all the way, crushing Dismal's leg completely.)

Tantrum: Hmmm.......I should see if others want to help me torture Dismal...(runs over to his computer and types in the message, then sends it) we wait...


Bolt: [crashes through the door with his head] Awesome

Tantrum: Rage face DAMMIT, BOLT!! GTFO OF MY ROOM!!

Bolt: Derp? :B

(Tantrum punts Bolt out of his room.)

Bolt: WHEEEE!!!!!!

Tantrum: Now then...just one more thing to do.....(pulls out a chip injector)...inject this Anti-Chaos chip! (turns to Dismal) Don't worry, Dismal, this'll only hurt...a lot! (he injects the chip directly into Dismal's crotch)


Tantrum: Now you can't be cured with Chaos Heal!

(Meanwhile, on top of a cliff...)

Twister: *trying to aim a laser-sight sniper rifle to tantrum's head to headshot him* steady....steady.....

(Bolt lands on top of Twister)

Twister: 0_0' okay how'd you get here????

Bolt: [groans and looks at Twister's sniper rifle and takes it] Ohhh...!!! Purdy :B!

Twister: GIMME THAT! takes rifle back then punts him into troll league base* he'd be dead ASAP nbow where was I *checks scope to see tantrum is gone* wha where is he?

Bolt: [crashes back inside the Troll League Base; groans stupidly]

Tantrum: (Directly behind Twister) WTF ARE YOU DOING?!

Twister: *in his head* make a cover story *outloud* hunting for birds ^_^' *in his head* bravo *clap clap clap*

Tantrum:'re that fox who keeps trying to help Dismal out!!

Sunny:*bursts in randomly* WTF IS GOING ON HERE?!

Twister: I am not! *in his head* bravo again!

Tantrum: But still, you're a RECOLOR!!


J: [pops his head from the ground] Peek-a-boo! I see a Troll! [turns his head to Tantrum] CHAOS COTNROL! [freezes Tantrum for a short period of time]

Twister: thanks *takes him to a lava pit and throws him in it* BWAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!

Sunny: schweet! they're distracted! *walks over to Dismal* i'm going to get you out of here, okay?

J: Yeah! [Bolt is breathing onto his shoulders; sweat drops] -_-'....

Bolt: Hi, fwiend! [breathes onto J's shoudlers]

Twister: *back from the toss* don't forget to get the anti chaos chip out of his crotch....

Sunny: *releases Dismal* lets get out of here!

J: We gotta take him to Carson's, Sunny.

Dismal: (Crying in agony)

Twister: we can't chaos control, anti-chaos chip and all -_-...we'll take hydra *gets legendary ex gear hydra*

Sunny: uh...who is Carson?

J: He's a wonderful doctor. Anyway, since we can't Chaos Control out of here, let's go inside of Twister's cool plane!

Twister: nevermind we'll tke the plane. *runs off to the plane placing hydra in 3 pieces inside of his knapsack*

Sunny: m'kay

(The three goes inside of Twister's plane)

Twister: J can you be a navigator so I can get to Dr. Carsons? I never met him before?

J: Will do! [jumps and sits onto a navigator seat and looks inside through the telescope] Too awesome! [turns to Sunny] Hey, Sunny! Check this out ^_^!

Sunny: kay

(Sunny looks at the large telescope and she can see buildings from afar)

Malicious: *Appears out of a bubble of soundwaves* So it seems that your companion is injured.

J: [looks around] Uhhhh.... yes?

Sunny: *still looking in the telescope* yeah?

J: Now, Sunny. Do you see the words "Carson"?

Malicious: You don't seriously think that it's possible to restore his lost limb, do you? You'd have to be able to manipulate time and space to a certain level and specific area in order to do that, and doing so is no easdy matter, even for masters of space-time manipulation.

Twister:you mean chaos regeneration right?

Malicious: It doesn't matter what you call it, it is still the same concept, Your friend's best hope would be to just get some prosthetics.

J: [rubs the back of his head] Ehh....

Sunny: *to J* Yeah, I think I see it. *turns to Malicious* I dont think his limb was cut of...just cut badly.

Malicious: His leg was crushed completely. There are no unbroken bones left in them, just hundreds, if not thousands of shattered peices. His leg won't be able to function properly without all the bones in place.

J: Cool. [goes torwrads the map and pinpoints the location to Carson's Hospital (and it shows up the image Sunny saw earlier) before turning to Malicious]

Sunny: well...since time manipulation is pretty much impossible...*sadly looks at Dismal* i guess there isnt anything we can do...

J: So true, Sunny. Even with my Chaos Heal, that anti-Chaos chip prevents me from healing Dismal.

Malicious: Why don't you use your precious technology to create some prosthetics for him?

J: [looks around, confused] How? I'm not much of a medic, even if I can heal the injured.

Sunny: *to Malicious* hm...good idea. Maybe this Carson guy could give Dismal a prosthetic leg.

J: Yeah. I have pinpointed the location for Twister.

Twister: permission to land?

Malicious: Then your problem should be solved, as long as Dismal's friend decides not to pay him another visit. *Produces a chair and sits down*

Twister: me right?

Malicious: No, an angry Fox who likes to torture people.

Twister: I put him in a lava pit and he was burnt, will regenerate so we got time to hide dismal

Malicious: *Appears to ignore Twister, as though lost in thought*

Sunny: *to Malicious* okay?

Malicious: *To Sunny* I'm fine.

(The plane finally arrives at Dr. Carson's hospital.)

Twister: you guys take him in....I'm sorta busy

J: All right. Thanks, Twister. [carries Dismal onto his arms] Let's go, Sunny. We got a great friend that needs saving!

Dismal: Uuuugh......

Dr. Carson: [rushes over to Dismal] Oh my! What happened to him?!

J: Dismal got attacked by Tantrum, the "failed-to-get-some-anger-management-treatment" Troll.

(Dismal's ruined leg hangs uselessly from his body.)

Dr. Carson: Hmm..(inspects Dismal's leg, then leads them to a room, where Carson and his nurses start to heal Dismal)

J: Well, Sunny. All we can do now is hope that Dismal will be all right...

(It is doubtful that the leg can be saved...)

Nurse 1: Dr. Carson, his leg is battered like crazy!

Dr. Carson: Them I'm afraid we'll have to give him a prosthetic leg...

Dismal: H-Huh?!

(The nurses puts Dismal under morphine, so he cannot feel anything. Dr. Carson also places an oxygen mask on Dismal so he can breathe (but also lose consiousness and the nurses starts performing surgery). They will have to amputate the ruined limb...)

Nurses: [removes Dismal's severed leg while another prepares to close up the wound]

(Back with Tantrum and Bolt...)

Bolt: [constantly pokes Tantrum's head] :B

Tantrum: *low growling*

Bolt: [still poking Tantrum's head with his finger] I want eaty, Tantry :B!

(Bolt continues to poke onto Tantrum's head, unaware that he's only making Tantrum ANGREH!!)

Tantrum: Well, go find someone to MAKE you some food!

Bolt: [stops poking Tantrum] Okies :B! [hugs Tantrum] You're my best fwiend! [stops hugging Tantrum and runs off in a retarded way (and he also leaves off slobber on the back of Tantrum's head)]

(Tantrum wipes the slobber off of his head with a disgusted groan.)

Twister: *writes a note saying he's gonna kill tantrum again by tossing him in lava* well on to more lava tossing ^_^ *runs off to find tantrum and use chaos control*

(Then, Bolt appears and eats Twister's note, mistaking it for food!)

Bolt: Omnomnomnomnom.... :B

Twister: *punts him into Ronix's house* heheh poor idiot.


Twister: *now on the same cliff sniping* you know I wanted to snipe him, here's my chance *looks through scope* steady....steady *fires a shot but it breaks the window* darn it!

(Back in the hospital, the nurses finished sealing up Dismal's wound, and they had placed him in a bed to rest while they work on the prosthetic. He eventually wakes up.)

Dismal: Ugh.....(feels something is wrong) Huh..? I feel I'm missing something....(looks under the covers to find his ruined leg gone) WAAAAUUGH!! WH-WHERE'D MY LEG GO?!

(Only a bit of a stump is left. Dismal begins to panic and jumps out of bed, falling over immediately. Yelping, he half-crawls, half-scrambles for the door.)

Nurse: (comes in) Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?! (picks Dismal up and places him back on the bed)

Dismal: AAAGH!! Nononononononononono-

Nurse: (strokes Dismal's quills; soothing voice) It'll all be okay..

Dismal: *sobbing*

(Another nurse comes in)

Nurse 2: The prosthetic is finished.

Nurse 1: Oh, good! (turns to Dismal) You'll be all fixed up in no time! ^_^

Dismal: Wh-What's a prosthetic...? *sniffle*

Nurse 2: (smiles) You'll see!

(the nruses help Dismal into a wheelchair and wheel him to the room with the prosthetic.)

Nurse 1: (picks up the fake leg) This is a prosthetic.

Dismal:'s a leg?

Dr. Carson: Yep. It's going to replace the old leg you lost. It'll be like you never lost your leg.

Dismal: Uhh.....

(Dr. Carson and the nurses set to work on getting the leg onto Dismal. After a while, Dismal's new leg is attached.)

Dr. Carson: There we go!

Dismal: .............

Dr. Carson: Go on and try it out.

Dismal: Okay.....(carefully gets down from the wheelchair) Uh...(tries to walk forward but stumbles) AAAH!

Nurse 1: (catches him by the shoulders) It might take a while before you try get used to it.

Dismal: *whimper*

Nurse 1: Now, let's go see your friends. They're probably waiting for you! (takes Dismal by the hand and leads him out into the lobby)

Dismal: ! (wobbles along)

Nurse 1: (to everyone in the lobby) Here he is!

(Dismal is clinging to the nurse's hand for support. She kneels down and gently puts a hand on his back.)

Nurse 1: It's okay, Dismal...


Twister: steady...steady... *fires and hit's Tantrum's head* YES YEAH!!! *takes tantrum's corpse and tosses in lava again VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off to dr carson's to see dismal's prosthetic leg)

(I have to go now. You can control Anguish up till I get on at school in a while. See you then! P.S Anguish acts a lot like Dismal, but a bit more sad and emo, and just a little bit less timid.)

Twister: I'm back! and I shot tantrum with my sniper rifle for REAL this time...then I tossed him in a lava is dismal's leg okay?

Nurse 1: We had to replace it, and he's still getting used to it.

Dismal: (Still clinging to the nurse's hand)

Twister: should we get a cane? thats all I had an idea for, but hey I think dismal likes you a friend

Dismal: ?!

Nurse 1: I think he's just nervous. And he can't walk that well yet...

Twister: *remembers tantrum put the anti chaos chip in his crotch* 0_0' wait...did you happen to see a "anti-chaos chip" anywhere inside of him?

Nurse 1:

Twister: nevermind I saw something involving one being put inside his crotch but I'll take the hedgehog and get it out a safer way...

(Dismal lets out a wail and tries to run. He promptly trips.)

Twister: we're NOT gonna do surgery on your dang crotch *uts him in the plane and gets inside himself*

(Dismal cringes and whimpers on the ground.)

Twister: dismal, I got the chip out of you when he tossed you in the plane, the floor kills any chips that disable chaos powers, with a little scanner to virtually remove them, your fine ^_^

Dismal: (Sits up) I....I am....?

Twister: yeah ^_^ be lucky ronix won't find you...or Jeremy considering he's in downunda....

Dismal: O-Okay...

Twister: leys keep ourselves in flight so neither troll groups may find us....or tantrum who still wants to kill me thinking I'm a troll legue troll...

Twister: by the way, is there any other troll besides you and madeline who is abused by your fellow trolls?

Dismal: Uhhh.....there is this one black cat named Anguish.....

twister: *sets polane on auto pilot to his place* stay here, the auto pilot will lead ypu guys home, I got a troll to save *uses chaos control*

Part 2

(Meanwhile, back in the Troll Moon Base, Anguish the Cat is sitting in her dark room, listening to emo music and slitting her wrists. Suddenly, someone knocks on her door.)

Anguish: Go away!

(The door bangs open; it's Tantrum!)

Tantrum: Hey, Anguish!

Anguish: What do you want?! Can't you see I'm busy?!

Tantrum: Busy, eh? Cutting yourself again? How about I do it for you? >:D

Anguish: Just leave me alone!

Twister: step AWAY from the troll tantrum, she wants to be alone, and I will freeze you and toss you in the lava pit for no compliance! *gets his eggpawn laser*

Tantrum: Oh YEAH?!

Twister: CHAOS CONTROL! *tantrum is frozen in chaos control and is tossed into the vacuums of space to suffocate* well anguish your coming with me, non-complice equals further abuse from the trolls....

Anguish: Why do you people keep bothering me?!

Twister: it's a gag, now come with me if ya want to live!

Anguish; Leave me alone... (turns up her music)

Twister: well get abused for the rest of the day, I won't be saving you, I'm saving another troll at the moment.

Anguish: What? Why would YOU care about us trolls?

Twister: do NOT ask, I care about dismal, and I can care about you too....besides dismal told me about you....

Anguish: What? That sickly little guy? Who cares about him? Now go away. (boots Twister into next year)

(6K, I WANT Anguish to be tortured for a little while. Okay?)
(Twist-why didn;t ya say so man)
(I did. -_-")
(I meant earlier -_-')
(I DID. It got deleted.)
(Ryu-My bad...)
(Twist-sorry I wanted to be quick anywayz anyway lets say.....I got a troll of sorts your choice)

Twister: *running in corridors* that was harsh of an emotional troll


(Kodie gets thrown out a window by Larry)

Larry: And instead, a Troll killed you! Tantrum, you can continue your talk with Anguish now. Just don't hurt her too bad, or do anything Toxic WOULD do.

Twister: thanks Larry ^_^' but I tried and it failed terribally she told me to leave her alone...

Larry: Well, non-Troll, you aren't Tantrum. He has a way with emo people. Besides, if you don't leave, I'll boot you out of here.

Twister: that was what I'm trying to do, but then Kodie came and blocked my path, thats why I thank you *runs off past larry*

(Larry shakes his head, before leaning on the walls, appearing to sleep upright)

Twister: *now running through again* nice guy ^_^'

(Twist: what should happen to me if another troll finds me)

(A rushing and slightly angry Frost runs headfirst into Twister, tripping)

Frost: Who are you? (Frost starts to form ice within his hands)

Twister: I should ask you I know you?

Frost: The name's Frost. What's yours?

Twister: twister the fox, thak you very much, and if you think I'm an enemy recolor I am not a recolor, I'm the flesh-and-blood brother of the famou Miles I gotta get out before more trolls and.....your frost....of the throne of Thunda?????

Frost: Yes, that is I.

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