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Temporonic is the former romantic relationship between Temporal the Fox and Tectonic the Thylacine.


Temporal and Tec met over the internet. They were friends at first, but then after a while, they began to develope feelings for eachother. After some time, they arranged to meet in real life, which turned out as planned.

Soon after that, they began dating :3

But quite a while after that, they agreed that they should just be friends. And currently, they are no longer a couple. But still, they are very good friends!

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Justin: *on the ground laughing* I told you it would happen Tec! I told you!! *continues laughing*

Tec: *backhands Justin across the face* know what? it doesnt bother me anymore!

Justin: *rubbing cheek* Why? Because I was right? Or because you found somebody to love? *chuckles*

Tec: *angry growl*

Justin: What? I'm not teasing you two about being a couple. In fact, I'm happy for you two! I'm teasing you about the fact that I said you might fall for someone, you said it wouldn't happen, and yet here you are. That justifies teasing.

Tec: okay, okay! you said it would happen and it did!

Justin: Yup. And I'm not gonna let you forget it for a long time! *laughs*

Tec: aiaiai...

Justin: I wonder what the others'll have to say about this. *continues laughing*

Tec: they wont laugh. believe me ¬¬ *thinking* [hopefully]

Justin: Yeah? Well that isn't gonna stop me!

Tec: stop you from what? laughing, or telling everyone?

Justin: ......*smiles wide* Neither! *gets up and starts running off*

Tec: ._. .....NO! where're you going?! *runs after him*

Justin: *still running* To tell everybody that *uses Hyper Voice* TECTONIC AND ZACK ARE NOW A COUPLE!!!!

Tec: *stops running* .....*suddenly grabs ears* OWOWOWOWOW!

Phoenix: *Crashes through a wall of a nearby building* Are you serious?! :D

J: [wakes up all of a sudden (he was asleep at his backyard)] Geez. Well, somebody interrupted my beauty nap... [wakes up sleepy and walks torwards the source of the voice]

Tec: *looks around nervously, then flies up into a tree*

Phoenix: *Looks around and sniffs the air, trying to catch Tec's scent*

J: [meets up with Phoenix and Justin] What happened here...

Phoenix: Justin says that Tec and Zack are now a couple, and now I'm looking for Tec so I can beat her up in celebration and brag about how she and Zack became a pair.

(Sunny-i smell like pears, because i always put this pear-scented lotion on :3)

Tec: *ears droop* i'm gonna get caught. erm...*jumps from tree to tree, trying to not make a sound*

Phoenix: *At J* Thankfully I have a good nose. She won't be able to hide from us once I catch her scent.

Kairu: (appears from nowhere) I'm not missing a chance to embarrass one of my best friends. (pulls out a video camera)

J: [facepalms] Hoo boy...

(Flare staggers around, as though he was just woken up. Will was against a wall, holding his head in pain)

Flare: Sheesh! Did you REALLY have to be so loud, Justin? That was louder than the feedback of my mic last night!

Kairu: I'll track them both down easily... with my spectrakinesis...


Flare: Will is sensitive to high-pitched noises. They normally turn him into a quivering mass. I, on the other hand, just hate loud noises.

Pintor: and the point of this Wild Animal Hunt is?

(Sunny-i is back from Karate practice :D)

Tec: *still jumping from tree to tree, and she decides to look back* heh, i guess i lost'em

Zack: Hey Tec ♥

Tec: oh, hi Zack!

Zack:Who ya running from?

Kairu: (rises out of Tec's shadow) Me. Say cheese!

Tec: *just as she is about to speak, she hears what Kairu says* NOOOOO!!!


Tec: *covers eyes because of the flash* the flash! AHHHH! *falls into a ditch*

Zack: *See's Tec fall of the Tree* TEC * Jump After Tec

Tec: *hits the ground* ouch...*starts laughing* well, at least it wasnt cement *gets up and brushes the dirt off her shirt*

Kairu: Beautifully touching... And cut. Now, to broadcast it to the world!!

Pintor: (jumps on Kairu and starts beating him to a pulp) no one messes with my "Sister" and my "Brother", NOBODY!

(Flare's shadow is seen watching over them. He smiles.)

Flare: Justin's going to owe me for this, but thank you Pintor. I was going to Dragon Throw him myself... (Flare turns and runs down the branch, leaping from the tree and forming a pair of wings instantaneously

Zack: *Slides Down the Ditch and Grabs the Wall* Want Some Help *Puts his Hands out to Tec*

Pintor: (to Nero) Brother, I suggest you take Sis someplace that only the two of you know, I'll take care of Kairu

Zack: (To Chem) Thanks we'll do that *Turns to Tec* Lets Go *Smiles*

Pintor: (please note that I do consider everyone here a brother or sister of mine - Chembur)

Tec: *smiles back* ok

(Sunny-everyone in the world is related somehow XD it all goes back to Adam and Eve)

Kairu: You do realise this is a clone, right? (the camera disappears

Pintor: yes, but I can erase you from History, for good!

Zack: Grab my Back Tec

(Flare's winged shadow fell across the lovebirds as he flew overhead)

Kairu: Attention, Zack and Tec. Unless my demands are met, I shall unpause this video, and the world will see it. My demands? You two become my servants for three weeks.

Pintor: (erases Kairu) I'll fix him later

Tec: *sees a glance of the shadow* (to Zack) wait....what was that?

Zack: I Don't Know

(Flare lands nearby and gives Zach a thumbs-up)

Flare: Good on ya, man! You two look great together. I'll keep Kairu away for ya.

Pintor: I kinda erased him, for now

Zack: Thanks Guys *Turns to Tec* Ready

Flare: Thanks, Pintor. Now, let's leave these lovebirds alone for a bit...heh.

Kairu: *appears out of Pintor's shadow* You erased my clone, actually. And I didn't really film anything. I'm just messing with you.

(Alyssa pokes her head in to see what's going on, then vanishes)

(Flare grabs Kairu's arm and starts dragging him off)

Flare: Kairu, that's stupid. And to think I was going to give you a Hammerforge Det-Core capable of blowing a hole in just about anything, and it's in the shape of a cake. Oh well...

Kairu: Say what?

Alyssa: (comes out of nowhere) Are you crazy?! You were going to give him something like that?!

Flare: It's near Kyle's Lab...go find it! (through telepathy to Alyssa) No, Ronan disarmed it first. He'd have to rearm it by wiring it up...properly.

Alyssa: (nods) Ah.

Justin: *runs up* What'd I miss?

Alyssa: Oh, hey, Justin. (shrugs) I don't know. I just got here.

Justin: Oh. Well long story short; Zack and ROSE are now a couple.

Flare: Kairu was trying to blackmail them as his slaves...or was joking. I don't know which one.

Pintor: (whacks Justin on the head with his staff) do you have to make fun of my Brother and Sister?

Alyssa: (to Justin) Really? Aww! (to Flare) Oi...

Flare: What did I do, huh? (Flare grimaces) I'm probably the only one here that nobody's fallen head over heels for, and I'm fine with that.

Pintor: same here, however I DESPISE that Emotion


Flare: My thoughts exactly. I have REALLY bad luck with women, but I don't hate love.

Alyssa: Maybe your luck will change. (shrugs) Who knows?

Justin: Yeah, well love can still be a bit of a pain. I myself am in my own love triangle.

Pintor: That Emotion is a curse to me, I do not feel it, yet others do, they try to kill me from that Emotion! Alyssa: (to Justin) I know what you mean..(pulls out two pictures, then savagely tears them apart) (crazy laugh)

Flare: has...for the worst (Flare flies off, dropping a few tears. Will arrives)

Will: Nice going, Alyssa. Open up an old scar, why don't you?

Alyssa: (ears droop) Sorry.... :( I didn't mean to.....

Pintor: Now if you excuse me, I've got Enemies to Kill, Slowly and Painfully (flies off) Muahahahaha!

Will: Don't worry, Alyssa. I thought he was over it. I guess he did too. I should go calm him, but he needs to be alone for now.

Justin: They're right. On the other hand, love can be a good thing.

Will: Flare's love was good, and he knows it. He just wasn't ready for the pain side of it then, and it still hurts him.

Alyssa: (to Will) I feel bad for him... (to Justin)True...(looks at second picture, then keeps tearing it up angrily)

(Rackalaser shows up) Rackalaser: Unless your Pintor, who is almost killed from others who feel that emotion towards him

Will: Believe me, don't. He doesn't want pity, or people to be sorry for him: he only wants three things. One is to heal from the damage, another is to find a new love, the third is to see her again.

(This story thing is true. I once was lucky, but I now have bad luck in areas of girls and such. I will tell what happened...if I must. - FF)

(Shima: You don't have to, Flash. Not if it hurts..)
(No, no, I mean, yes, it hurts, but I've told many people the two stories that cause the pain, and it's going. Slowly, but it's still going. - FF)

(Shima: Okay...)

Justin: I mean, it does help you figure out when you've met someone special...

Alyssa: (blushes) Y-Yeah...

Justin: *blushes*

Rackalaser: and that also means the person who will try to "flirt" with Pintor, such as Choking him to where he's almost suffocated

Alyssa: ..That's a way of flirting?

Rackalaser: that, and being tortured such as having his limbs pulled apart, by the girls who like Pintor (true story)

Alyssa: Yikes...

Nero: Hey Guys whats up?

Will: Oh, nothing, just a discussion of love... (He looks over his shoulder and sees the silhouette of a wolf with dragon's wings crying)...and loss.

Rackalaser: oh wait I forgot, when he became known as Drax, he vowed he'd destroy every being who has ever felt that emotion

Alyssa: (to Will) Wish there was something we can do for him...

Will: There is...I think. Just give him space, for now at least. I know what happened, but better to let him tell you. Look, here he comes. (Flare glides over, although the tears and sadness in his eyes hadn't cleared)

Alyssa: Hey, Flare.

Flare: H-hey. I'm sorry. Didn't mean to break down like that, but I couldn't help it. I guess I'm not as over her as I thought.

Alyssa: (pats Flare's back again) It's okay..I kind of know how you feel..(thinks of the two pictures, then grits teeth)

Flare: Maybe. She was the girl who literally saved me from me. She saved me from my darkness...then she moved. Didn't tell me she was moving, she just did. Haven't seen her in about five years, but it still hurts. A lot.

Alyssa: (gasps) That's..That's awful!

Pintor: (appears from the ground) I suffered the same thing, see Dragoonworks is run by five people the Origins, I left the others as well years ago, I haven't seen them since, however, It didn't hurt me as bad &nbsp

(Shima: This is making me remember...NO! NOT AGAIN!)

(Flash, look on the bright side, your not alone, since the move I made, I haven't made a friend except on this Wikia - Chembur)

(Well, thanks guys. Just let me post the full story. - FF)

Flare: We were best friends. She knew I had a crush on her, and I know she had one on me. We hung out at recess and lunch. There was an older guy who disliked her, her brother's friend. He claimed she was his girlfriend, but I knew that was fake. One lunch...he..he hit her. She was sitting in a tree. He punched her out of the tree. I snapped, hit him a couple of times, even though I was half his size. Then he hit me to the ground and said something, and I lost it. I don't remember what happened, but I remember seeing him on the ground bleeding, so I turned and ran away, sat by myself and cried. Suddenly, I felt an arm around me, a feather-soft kiss on my cheek, and heard her whisper in my ear until I calmed down. That was a few months before she moved. Her dad was in the navy, getting moved to a base three hours away. It tore me to shreds, and I doubt that I'll be over it until I get a new girlfriend, or at least someone else who understands me.

Alyssa: (speechless) Flare....

(Shima: (speechless))

Flare: As I said, she saved me from myself.

(I g2g, so, cya guys. Sorry I upset you. - FF)
(Shima: See ya, Flash)

Justin: I know that feeling...

(Kagi: I really do. When I started Middle School, I never saw any of my friends ever again...)
(Shima: Same here....)
(Chembur: same here, but for me, it was Elementary School, since then, my only true friends are from this Wikia)

Alyssa: (tears in her eyes) Me, too..

(Sunny-i felt that way with my first best friend. she moved out of the country...)
(Shima most of my friends moved away...or died...But then I moved away in 8th grade)

Tec:*hiding from behind a tree* oh....

Zack: Come on we have to go some place were no one can find us

Tec: well, Kairu is gone....and everyone looks sorta sad...why dont we stay and cheer them up?

Zack: Ok lets go

Pintor: Hey wait a minute!, I don't show Emotion!, I've been tricked!

Flare: That's nice, Pintor. Still, no point being all sad, we're here to congratulate Tec and Zach, not get upset.

Alyssa: Right! We need to be happy!

Pintor: wrong Wolf, all of you are to be happy, I'vee got annoying Semi-Fangirls to Kill (pulls out a Chainsaw)

J: [spots a chainsaw] WTF!!!

Flare: And I have a girl to apologise to....if she's even still talking to me. Different story...

(Zack and Tec Walk Up)

Zack: Hey Guys

Flare: Hey Zack, Tec, you know Valentines Day's about a week away? I hate Valentines...

Zack: I Don't Mind Valentines

Tec: a week away? really? dang! it would be better if it didnt exist in the first place...

Zack: Ah speaking of valentines Tec do you want to go out say tomorrow?

Tec: thank you. i dont celebrate Valentines day.

Zack:Hey Tec can you Belive that Speedy got Married -_-'

Tec: they what...? thats...disturbing o_e 'speccially cuz Speedy is twelve and Lara is 21...

Zack:What I can't believe is that Sero has a girlfriend and Christie has a boyfriend

Tec: who?

(Out of nowhere, a brown fox pops out of the hole, as he struggles to free himself)

Johnny: Aw man... [struggles himself to break free]

Zack:For Christie there is Sol and for Sero there is Kyndlai also they had Kid's