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Tendril and Quake were walking in the forest, searching for a group of Earth Beasts that had escaped onto Mobius. In these woods, the two ran into Panthera the Leopard, Tendril's girlfriend, and Felidae the Lioness, Panthera's best friend. Quake and Felidae quickly became friends, and it wasn't difficult for Tendril and Panthera to realize the two liked each other.


Deep in an unknown forest, a large pack of strange creatures lied in wait, each one an oversized mix of spider and scorpion, with tan scales, darker brown stripes, and glowing orange eyes. The largest of the pack, most likely the leader, suddenly lifted its head and snarled. Though they couldn't speak, the others understood the meaning behind his snarl: "I smell two creatures nearby, both female and both inhabitants of this world." He began to walk off in one direction, careful to avoid stepping on leaves and branches, while the others followed closely behind.

Felidae:It's been awhile since we talked like this.

Panthera:When did we last talk,alone like this?

Felidae:I think when Melanistic still partied.

The sound of a branch snapping was heard, not a thin branch sitting on the ground, but a much thicker one that was still attached to a tree.


The memebers of the pack charge out of the forest from all directions, some half as tall as the trees, with the leader the same height as the tallest tree. The group all lash out at the girls with scorpion-like tails and snake-like fangs.

Felidae:*Attempts to attack one*

Felidae's attack bounces off of the scales on the creature's neck. It pulls back and emits a sound half way between hiss and roar. The others understand its meaning and pull away from their attacks on Panthera, just in time, too, as several of them were just about to make contact with her. The group all strike at Felidae, far too many and too large for her to handle on her own. But before they can hit her, a voice calls out from the trees nearby. "Weapon Style: Demon Wing!" the voice called. Before anyone could react, a ball of black and purple flames, darkfire, crashed down through the trees and slammed into several of the creatures, knocking them into their comrades and toppling them all like dominoes.


Felidae:What the?

Floating among the trees not far away was Tendril, sporting large wings resembling the blades of an axe and a long, spiked tail. Smoke still drifted from his mouth where he had fired the ball of darkfire. He flew down and landed beside the girls. "Hey, Panthera. It's nice to see you," he said with a smile.

Panthera:*blushes*Hi Tendril,It's nice to see you,too.

With another hiss/roar, the huge creatures stood back up and were about to continue their attack, when they froze in place. They seemed to recognize Tendril, and quite obviously held some mix of fear and hatred for him. Tendril met their gaze confidently, taking a defensive step in front of Panthera and Felidae.

Felidae:*Whispers to Panthera*Who's Tendril?

Panthera:*Whispers back*Tendril,he's my boyfriend.

Tendril stood his ground as the creatures regained their composure and began advancing on him. Before they got too close, the ground began to shake violently. Tendril took each of the girls by the wrist to steady them, as another figure burst from the ground, slamming the leader of the pack with a huge warhammer. The force of the blow knocked it to the side and slammed it into a tree. "There you are, Quake," Tendril said, "I was wondering when you'd show up."

Felidae:*Whispers to Panthera*Who's Quake?

Panthera:*Whispers Back*I don't know.

The figure with the warhammer slammed his hammer into the ground, causing another quake that shook the creatures off their feet. The beasts, recognizing this figure too, knew they were in trouble and began scuttling off in the opposite direction. The figure turned to face the girls and Tendril, smiling and resting the hammer on his shoulder. "Name's Terron," he says, "My friends call me Quake."

Felidae: Hi Quake.

Tendril released the girls' arms, since there was no reason to hold on to them now. "This is my girlfriend, Panthera," he tells Quake, "And this is.....Actually, I've never met this one. What's your name?" he asks Felidae.

Felidae:My name is Felidae.

"It's nice to meet you, Panthera," Quake says, shaking the leopard's hand, "And you, Felidae."

Felidae:*Blushes* It's nice to meet you,too.

Quake turned in the direction the creatures ran off to. "Those beasts," he began, "They aren't Mobian creatures. They're from my realm."

Felidae:Your Realm?

"Yeah," he replied, "The Earth Realm. We call those beasts Striders. Those ones somehow escaped from my realm and are now running around in this one."

Felidae:How many Realms are there?

"I'm not sure of the exact number," Tendril said, "But there are ten Elemental Realms, mine and Quake's included."

Felidae:And are you the rulers of the Realms?

"Yes we are," Tendril replied, "I rule the Shadow Realm, and Quake is king of the Earth Realm. Anyway, Quake enlisted my help my help to get these creatures under control, because Shadow Beings like myself have experience in dealing with Striders. Mostly because the ones in the Shadow Realm are three times as large and dangerous as the ones we're chasing."

Felidae:Well,It was nice meeting you two.

"Same to you," Quake replied, "Hey, did you two want to come along?"


Felidae:Sure!We'd love to!

"Don't be worried, Panthera," Tendril said, putting an arm around her, "If any of the Striders come after you, I'll protect you."

Panthera:*Kisses Tendril*

Tendril kissed back. "Let's get going, then," he said, "We've got Striders to take care of."

Felidae:Can I take care of them,too?

"Of course," Quake replied, leading the group in the direction the Striders went, "When we catch up to them, I'll show you where to aim when attacking with claws."

Felidae:*Smiles and blushes harder*

Seeing her blushing at him, Quake smiled back.

Felidae:Should we get going now?

"Oh, right," Quake replied, turning to face the road ahead, partly to hide the fact that he was blushing slightly too. He lead the girls and Tendril in the direction the Striders had run off to.

Panthera:It seems like you like Quake,Felidae.

Felidae:As a friend.

Tendril walked up to Quake and gave him a friendly nudge. Quake looked away slightly in an attempt to keep his face hidden. "Oooh I think you like her," Tendril said with a smile. "Wh-what are you talking about?" Quake replied nervously.

Panthera: I think you like him more than a Friend.

Felidae: No.

Panthera: Denial is the first sign of love.

Tendril stepped back and turned to Panthera. "They definately like each other," he told her.

Panthera:I know.

Soon, the trees started becoming less plentiful, until finally the forest had become a rocky path with a cliff on one side.

Felidae:Where are we?

"I'm not exactly sure," Quake replied, "But all this rock will make it much easier for me to track the Striders. We're definately going the right way."

Felidae:This trip is getting kind of boring and tiring.

"Yup," Quake nodded in agreement, "Luckily they didn't get far. We're almost there."


Soon, Quake stopped the group behind a stone outcropping. "Alright, they're right over there behind these rocks," he said, "Everyone ready?"

Felidae and Panthera:Yes.

Twin blades of shadows appears on Tendril's arms. "I'm ready," he agrees. A large warhammer appears in Quake's hands. "Then let's go get them!" With that, he lept out from behind the outcropping and charged at the creatures. Tendril followed close behind.

Felidae:*Pounces on the Striders*

Panthera:*Does the same*

The Striders screeched in surprise and attempted to stab the girls with their tails, but Tendril appeared just in time and sliced off the tails, then continued attacking the other Striders. Quake also helped by slamming the Striders against the rocks with his warhammer.

Felidae:May be we shouldn't fight.

"That might be a good idea," Tendril replied, turning to the girls. But with his back turned, he didn't see the Strider stinger coming his way. It stuck into his back and he fell to the ground, no longer able to move.

Panthera:*Bulids Rage and Attacks Strider*

The Strider lifted on leg and slammed it into Panthera as she got close, knocking her to the ground. It walked over to her and stood above her, holding its tail high and ready to strike. Quake didn't notice what was going on until it was too late, and the Strider's stinger was already embedded in Panthera's arm.

Felidae:*Attacks the Strider*

The Strider was knocked off balance by Felidae's attack. More Striders began to close in on her, but were held off by Quake, though he couldn't hold them off forever on his own. The Striders suddenly stopped moving as waves of a strange energy began washing over them. The energy was coming from Tendril who was still on the ground, now with his eyes closed tight. Quake's eyes widened after a moment. "No..." he muttered, "It can't be.... I thought that was supposed to be impossible...."


Quake glanced over at Felidae, then back to Tendril. He quickly grabs her by the arm, runs foreward and grabs Panthera, then runs away from Tendril, carrying the two behind the rocks they had hidden behind earlier. "We should be safe here....I think," Quake told the girls, "Listen, this power he's's not his own."

Panthera:Then,Whose is it?

"Tendril has a spirit named Nightfall sharing his body," Quake explained, "Nightfall has a special Corrupt Form which he can access through intense rage. But since Tendril has never accessed it, we've always assumed that it was impossible. But it seems he just wasn't angry enough until now." Tendril was still laying on the ground, his eyes closed tightly and teeth bared. Looking closely, one might notice that his teeth are slowly growing longer and sharper. By this time, the venom paralyzing Panthera should start to wear off, and she should be able to move again soon.

Felidae:He's sharing a body with a spirit?

"Yeah," he replied, "As long as Nightfall's inside Tendril, he has access to Nightfall's powers."

Panthera:Is Nightfall's Powers evil or good?

"He used to be evil, but he's good now. Usually." While the girls and Quake were busy talking, Tendril's eyes suddenly flew open, glowing bright red. His teeth immediately grew to the point of being too large for his mouth to handle, resulting in his jaws suddenly jutting out of the flesh of his mouth and long, bony spikes grow out of the spines on the back of his head.

Panthera:*Is frightened and Cluthes to Quake*

"You might not want to watch this, Panthera," Quake warned, "The transformation to Corrupt Form can be pretty gruesome." As he said this, a tear appeared in Tendril's neck. The tear opened wider until it had completely severed the flesh of his neck, allowing the bones in his neck to grow longer and bigger around. More similar transformations occured until, finally Tendril had become a giant skeletal dragon. He slammed his arms/front legs on the ground in front of him, causing a small shockwave that knocked back the Striders. He then threw his head back and roared.

Felidae:*Clutches to Quake also*

Quake put his arm around Felidae. Tendril lowered his head, glaring at the Striders for a moment before opening his mouth and breathing a jet of darkfire at the pack, wiping out most of them at once.

Panthera:*Lets go of Quake*

Quake glanced over at her. "Panthera?" he asked with a hint of worry.


"Everything alright?"


Quake was about to respond, but was cut off by the sudden sound of ground cracking nearby. He looked over and saw Corrupt Tendril slamming his fists into the remaining Striders. He roared loudly, breathing another jet of darkfire high into the air.

Panthera:*Clutches to Quake again*

With all of the Striders dead, one would think that Tendril would change back to normal, but one would be wrong. Instead, he slammed his fist into the mountain, creating a huge crater.

Panthera:*Lets go of Quake,runs over to Tendril and tries to calm him down*

"Panthera, no!" Quake called out, "Felidae, help me pull her back!" He ran over and grabbed on of Panthera's arms.

Felidae:*Grabs her other arm*

Panthera:I must help Tendril!

Tendril roared in response and swung his tail at the three. Quake and Felidae managed to pull Panthera out of range. Instead, the tip of the blade on his tail slashed Felidae's cheek, knocking her into Quake, who caught her. "Felidae! Are you alright?"

Felidae:I'm fine.

"Good," he replied in relief, then turned his attention to Tendril. He stood up and faced Tendril, saying, "Alright, that's enough! I'm not letting you get away with hurting Felidae like that!" He then ran at Tendril and leaped straight up, boosted higher by a pillar of stone that suddenly came up from the ground.

Tendril slashed at Quake, but the latter rolled to the side in mid-air. The thin stone bands around his wrists and ankles began to glow faintly as he used them to keep himself in the air. He propelled himself forward, dodging Tendrils slashes, and summoned a large warhammer, which he slammed into the side of Tendril's head. The force of the blow sent him spiralling to the ground, where he crashed. Having taken two powerful blows to the head, even this skeletal form could not stay awake, and he collapsed to the ground, no longer conscious.

Quake lowerd himself to the ground nearby and watched as Tendril changed back to his normal form. However, despite being back to normal, the tears in Tendril's flesh did not close. Instead, they seemed to be slowly getting longer and opening wider. "Oh no," Quake muttered in horror. He opened up a rift leading to the Earth Realm and poked his head in. After a moment, he pulled back out and closed the rift, then ran over and knelt beside Tendril.


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