When Sonic finds a mysterious green bear deep in Green Hill Forest, that bear will teach us all something and decide the fate of Mobius!

Act 1: Green Hill Discovery

5 Years have passed since the defeat of Ivo Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman. Peace is on the planet of Mobius.


Sonic is strolling along in the Green Hill Forest, when he makes a discovery.


SONIC: (Hey, that's a bear! He looks knocked out! I should check and see if he's okay.)

SONIC: Hey, um, Mr. Bear! Are you okay!?

???: ...

SONIC: Hey Mister! Wake up!!

???: ...

SONIC: (Oh, no! I better check if he's breathing.)

Sonic runs up to the bear and checks if he's breathing.

SONIC: OK, he's alive. I need to get help.

Sonic calls for medical help.

An ambulance is rushed to the scene.

The mysterious bear is rushed to Knothole General.

To be continued...

Act 2: State of Health

The mysterious bear is currently under very intense care. He is under the care of Doctor Miles 'Tails' Prower, who has both a Phd in Robotics and in medicine, even though he is only 17 years if age.

SONIC: Tails, will he be okay?

TAILS: He is currently in a coma. If you had noticed him a hour later, he would'nt had made it. But I think he should make it through easily.

SONIC: Wow. I'm glad I did find him when I did.

TAILS: I am too.

???: SONIC!!!!!!!


A figure enters the room. It's Amy.

SONIC: Oh, Amy! I was... um...

TAILS: He rescued this poor bear from certain death.

AMY: Oh, I guess that's a good enough excuse for MISSING OUR DATE THAT WE PLANNED 3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!

SONIC: (Please let me live. Please.)

AMY: So what's the bear's name?

SONIC: (Phew.) We don't know. He was unconscious when I found him.

AMY: Oh.

NURSE: Dr. Prower, the patient seems to be waking up.

TAILS: Alright, let me see...

To be continued...

Act 3: Melody of Life

Tails rushes into the hospital room.

TAILS: Is he stable?

NURSE: Yes, Doctor.

TAILS: Pulse?

NURSE: 120

TAILS: Alrighty, let's see...

The mysterious bear opens his eyes.

???: Huh? Where am I?

TAILS: You're in a hospital.

SONIC: I found you unconscious in a forest. What happened to you?

???: I remember nothing of my past. Just a few parts.

TAILS: Do you have a name?

???: Um... Meta. That's right. Meta Moss.

TAILS: Well, Meta, whatever happened doesn't matter now. What matters is that you're safe.

META: Sure.

TAILS: Well, my name is Dr. Miles Prower, but you can call me Tails.

SONIC: I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog.

AMY: I'm Amy Rose.

TAILS: You know, I think you should have a nickname.

META: Do tell.

TAILS: Well, most of us go by nicknames.

META: Even Sonic?

SONIC: My real name is Edward Maurice Hedgehog.

TAILS: So, how bout the name Teddy?

META: As in "Teddy Bear"?

TAILS: Well, that would be kinda normal, so I think it should be "Ted-E"

Tails writes the name on a white board.

META: Oh, like that.

TAILS: Yes. Now you need to get some rest.

To be continued...

Act 4: Sonic's Adventures, Part 1: The Rise of Ivo Robotnik 

SONIC: (Man, I haven't had anything really happen to me since we defeated Eggman...)

SONIC: (I still remember my first fight against Dr. Robotnik...)

Sonic remembers his adventures.

Sonic started out as a young hedgehog, but had a gift that gave him the ability to run at tremendous speeds. He was nicknamed 'Sonic' by his close childhood friends.

When he was around the age of 10, Sonic's home of Green Hill was under attack by the forces of the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He decided to use his skills to defeat the madman. He successfully did in two weeks.

A month later, Robotnik kidnapped a young Amy Rose and captured a Celestial Object called "Little Planet" which appears over Mobius during December. He fitted a base all over its surface, and Sonic went into the Planet to rescue Amy, traveling through time to do so. He fought against a Robotic doppelganger of himself, Metal Sonic. Robotnik was defeated once again.

Six Months Later, Sonic was hanging with a good friend of his, Miles 'Tails' Prower, who could fly by using his two tails like helicopter blades. Then Robotnik's forces attacked again. Sonic and Tails fought their way up to the Death Egg, Robotnik's newest war machine. Sonic, during his adventures to the Death Egg, learned that if he collected all seven of the Legendary Chaos Emeralds, he could attain a new form, Super Sonic. Sonic and Tails defeated Robotnik again, and the Death Egg came plummeting down to Earth.

The Death Egg landed on a floating island, known as Angel Island. It holds the Master Emerald, which controls the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Robotnik wanted to use it to repair the non-functioning Death Egg. He convinced the Guardian of the Death Egg, Knuckles the Echidna, that Sonic and Tails were after the Master Emerald. Despite this, Sonic and Tails find all the emeralds to defeat Dr. Robotnik once more.

After this defeat, the Death Egg crashed into Lava Reef Mountain. Robotnik decided to try to repair the Death Egg again with the Master Emerald. Knuckles realizes Robotnik tricked him and allies himself with Sonic. They fight their way to the Death Egg. It launches, and Sonic & Knuckles destroy the main engine. The Death Egg falls down to Earth once more. Sonic retrieves the Master Emerald, and escapes with Knuckles. The Death Egg explodes when coming on contact with Earth. Dr. Robotnik was never found...

To be Continued...

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