The Chaos Invasion

The Chaos Invasion is a Sonic fanfiction.


As the Sonic Heroes find themselves under siege from a unknown alien army, a startling discovery is made about the vilains of the world. This discovery leads to the introduction of this evil alliance. Not even the awakening of certain hidden abilities among the Sonic Heroes can prevent the end of life as they know it. This time there gonna need help from an entire new genration heroes. But even with all these heroes, will the world still be saved found out now in The Chaos Invasion. Note: takes place after the events of the games Sonic X, Sonic Riders, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Rush, and thus may include spoilers from said games. Inspired by the Chaos War.

The Chaos Invasion Part 1
The Sonic Heroes are doing intensive training to become stronger but what's this? Sonic Heroes old rivals have joined together to finally take down these great heroes! Will these heroes training would have been enough to save them from the wrath of this new organisation of legendary monstrous villains or has the Sonic Heroes finally met their match!?
New Allies
Newcomer Heroes have come to help the remaining of the Sonic Heroes rescue their fallen allies but will it be enough to stop these monstrous fiends or will even these brave heroes end up being defeated by the power of this new organisation of villains
The battle to save the victims from the captors begins! Will theybeat the new organisation of villains or fall like their already captured allies! Only Time will tell as the battle to decide the fate of the Sonic Heroes begins!


Sonic Heroes

  • Julie-Su
  • Knuckles the echidna
  • Sonic the the hedgehog
  • Sally Acorn
  • Shadow the hedgehog
  • Shade the echidna
  • Bunnie D'Coolette
  • Amy Rose
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Big the Cat
  • Antoine D'Coolette
  • Omega
  • Silver the hedgehog
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Lara-Su
  • Ray the Squirrel


  • Scourge the hedgehog
  • Lien-Da
  • G-Emerl
  • Metal Sonic
  • Mammoth Mogul
  • Tails Doll
  • Emperor Metallix
  • Black Narcissus
  • Black Doom
  • Charyb
  • Mephiles
  • Void
  • Iron King
  • Iron Queen
  • Metallix Prime


​5/09/22 - 05:37

The Story begins with some of the Sonic Heroes out training in Tails's Simulation Room.

​In the Simulation Room

Sonic attempts Spin Dashes into Omega which he blocks and then counters with barrage of missiles but Sonic skillfully uses his speed to dodge the missiles until Big grabs Sonic with his fishing rod, leaving him open to Omega's laser attack which knocks down Sonic.

Shade and Shadow are locked in a standoff, Shadow throws Chaos Spears at Shade who barely dodges them then Shade throws a grenade at shadow which is blasted away by his forcefield who then launches a furry of punches into Shade knocking her into a mountain.

Meanwhile Bunnie catches Tails off guard as she blasts a laser into his back knocking Tails back into the ground.

Suddenly the alarm goes off as a group of intruders enter the simulation room as everyone breaks off their fights to stare at these intruders but after a few minutes the intruders start to attack the Sonic Heroes as Scourge lauches into Sally knocking her down then pummels her until she loses consciousness then Cream and Amy try to attack Mogul but he binds them in a chaos net.

Tails tries to help them but is caught off guard by g-emerl who knocks him down with a kick to the head then tries to kill him with lauching a laser from his chest at him from above but tails rolls out of the way just in time

Shade throws a grenade at Phi which he knocks back at her knocking her off balence then lauches a laser at her which knocks her out

Things start to look bleak for an exhausted Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Omega as they're cornered by DYNAMICs then Metal Sonic Drops down in front of them and electroctutes them into unconsciousness

Big and Antoine are being cornered by an Brainwashed Bunnie, Julie-Su and Lara-Su but the duo still look they have a fighting chance till Metallix Prime launches himself into them knocking them out.

Shadow and Blaze seeing their fallen comrades go into their super form and tries to use chaos control all the heroes out of their to escape but to no avail as they feel a sharp pain in the back and powered down as they fell down to the ground, as they soon begin losing consciousness they see an albino echidna laughing at them as the last words they hear is "come now you didn't think it what be that easy did you".

New Allies

3 Hours Later.....

5/09/11 - 8:37

In the Meeting Room

The rest of the heroes are pondering their teamates whereabouts

Meanwhile some of the other Sonic Heroes are currently investigating the sudden disappearance of their friends when a group of mysterious people appear in front of them.

?????: We know where your friends are, you just have to trust us

Sonic Heroes: Okay but first tell us who u are

So the mysterious group revealed themselves, the first one was a red hedgehog with red eyes and blue and white sneakers who called himself Flare , the light- blue hedgehog next to him had blue eyes and blue and white sneakers who caled himself Volt, the third was plumber with a red cap and shirt with a blue vest and brown shoes, his brother who wore a green cap and shirt with a blue vest and brown shoes who revealed themselves to be the mario brothers and their friend Sora who had spiky brown hair and blue eyes wore a red jacket and shorts, white shirt and yellow shoes and Dante who had white hair and black eyes, wore a red jacket and red trousers with black shoes and the last who had spiky black hair and orange/red/blue/golden clothes who was revealed to be Goku.

Sora: We are all from different dimensions who ended up in your dimension after being sucked up by a group of mysterious black hole's

Goku: We found some guys take your friends to their base on the way here

Silver: Why are you here

Sora: We are looking for allies to help us to defeat whoever is behind all this

Silver: Well lets go now



1 hour 28 mins later....

5/09/22 - 10:06

In a Hidden Base

The Heroes find themselves in pods in front of an albino echidna who is observing them closely and analysing them for data.

​In the Laboratory

??????: This power will put you under my control, take away your free will


Blaze: We're here

Silver: What have they done to our friends

?????: they are now under our control

?????: Now prepare to die

Metal Sonic launched forward and scratched Volt, who punched him back into the wall while Blaze was busy defending against an onslaught by Tails Doll and G-emerl, Flare was pinned to wall by Chaos Needles from Mogul

Meanwhile Emerl was busy avoiding sonic and shadow's constant spin dash's at him but used chaos blast to knock them both out but was then brainwashed by a mysterious sound.

Ray proved no match for Lien-Da who was pummeling him and was losing consciousness by the second until Lien-Da delivered the final blow and knocked him out.

Sora's and Goku's attacks were having no effect on Emperor Metalix whereas his attacks pummeled Sora and Goku until they powered down and fell to the ground similarily the mario bros were beaten down and defeated by Mecha.

Dante soon found himself outnumbered by the DYNAMIC's and was about to power up when Black Narcissus incapacitated him.

Volt threw a barrage of chaos bolts at the DYNAMICs whick effectively destroyed them then threw an energy blast at Black Doom knocking him down then dodged antoine's constant attack's before teleporting behind him and knocking him into the ceiling but before he could knock out antoine he was knocked down by Phi's Laser then knocked out by Mephiles and Void's attack.

Meanwhile an exhausted Chaos and Tikal are fighting the Iron King and Queen and their attack's are having no effect on the Iron Duo who finding themselves bored with their seemingly weaker opponents who were finding themselves eventually cornered as their allies went down one by one and their amount of support decreasing by the second as Chaos and Tikal eventually collapse from their exhaustion.