45 mins later....

15/09/22 - 13:00

???: Alright Remember why we're here

???: Split up and find them

A few moments later....

Shadow and Shade were travelling down a couple of corridors together

Shadow: Alright, what's this place

Shade: I got a bad feeling about this

Aeon: Hey what are you doing here! State your names!

???: The name's Shadow the Hedgehog and my associate is called Shade

Aeon fired a Chaos Beam at Shadow but he jumped above it and threw Chaos Spears which exploded against a pillar of green energy which had risen up around him

Aeon: This is called Chaos SparkField, It's a pillar of energy that arise from any surface and implode on itself at any time! Now Die!

Shade: SHADOW!

Aeon: Your next!


Bunnie was lanching energy blasts at Vortex but he kept using portals to send them around her, Bunnie felt herself getting tired, Cream attempted to throw Chao at him from behind but to no avail as Vortex just used the mirrored the attack with an artificial Chao. Antoine and Ricco held their swords against each other, then Ricco tried to shoot him with his gun but was stopped by Big's fishing rod and thrown into the wall.

Super Sonic, Super Silver, Burning Blaze, Hyper Luigi and Hyper Mario found themselves being decimated by with Ragdoll's Ancient Beasts as Burning Blaze threw a Chaos Flare at the Frost Giant but it had no affect so he just picked her up and flashfroze her in ice, Super Silver who was in similar situation tried using his psychic powers against the Golem but he was just exhausting himself because whether he cut him to pieces with his psychic knifes or completely crushed him using meteor smash he just put himself back together even if he just took him apart using his psychic powers similary Super Sonic and Pheonix hovered into each other in a battle at lightspeed while Hyper Luigi's thunder attacks just went though the Spectre Hydra while Hyper Luigi dodged his streams of fire and Hyper Mario's strength and speed were nothing compered to the Chimera's as he contiously slashed at him again and again so he too found himself losing consciousness while Knuckles traded blows with Ragdoll, Knuckles then dodged his threads.

As for Monkey Khan was who was getting exhausted from being busy deflecting projectiles being thrown at him from Bullseye then Tails tries to get the jump on him from behind but he jumped above him then threw a rock at the back of his head knocking him out, Bullseye attempts to attack Sally but she counters his attack with a roundhouse, Boost was getting tired from trying to land a hit on Zant and Keish but everytime he goes to hit one of them, they teleport out of the way while the other strikes at a blind spot on him and this coutinued until his pain finally kicks and was about to be killed while he was down until Ashura intervened and knocked them back, nearby a KO'ed Rouge, Omega was firing all his weapons at Spawn but to no effect as he just walked through them until he fired an energy blast back at him knocking him down.

Goku was in standoff with Scaryb as traded energy blasts,

Blade was constantly exchanging hits with Zolo as they teleported all over the place and was doing quite well in his battle until Zolo stopped holding back and starting firing sword beams at him from his sword as for Blue found himself dodgeing constant water attack from Percy so the two heroes soon found themselves being cornered by their much more powerful and experienced swordsmen opponents.

Somewhere else ... Vector rolled up and spin dashed at Wendu but he was deflected into the wall by her forcefield, Dulcy tried to blow a jet of flame at her but she put up another forcefield to deflect it back at her, Rob O' Hedge tried firing his arrows at her but she just teleported behind him and knocked him out from behind. Thrash found himself caught in deadlock with Charyb in a battle between water and flames, Ash was caught in a battle of Flames and Ice with Jewel, Amon was constanly exchanging hits with Chem, Flare's attacks were just being absorbed and thrown back at him by Primal, Volt fought with Spiral and Pac was at the mercy of Blizzard's snowstorm being constantly slashed at by an Crystal Sword every minute, Neox dodged Spider's webs, Rex and Strike was fighting with Tracker, Twilight was trading blows with Magma, Mace fought with Spectre and Will while Rocket fought head to head with Linkin who were being evenly matched, meanwhile Blast found himself being mercilessly tortured in a illusion by Nightmare.

Elsewhere .... Zack was dodging rains of thunder from Sparks, Ace was being outmatched by Elemental meanwhile Wechnia was caught in Chaos Net while Velocity and Amber were trapped in a Chaos Orb while Omega Android was fighting with Dawn, Artica Ares and Sparx

In a hidden room... Raphael and Hammer found themselves trapped in an room with Omega Xero

Power of the Ascension Forms

30 mins later ....

15/09/22 - 13:30

Hammer tried to knock down Omega Xero but he blocked his fists with his arm then encased him in ice while Raphael watched in shock then Omega Xero fired a huge beam at Raphael leaving a huge lot of smoke as the explosion finished then walked away thinking he was dead then walked away but to his surprise Chaos Raphael and Mega Hammer teleported in front of him blocking his path.

Dulcy tried to slam into Wendu from one side, Vector from the other so Wendu teleported out of the way and let them slam into each other.

Zack was severly injured and about to be killed by Sparks' energy beam until he powered up into Sparling Zack then put up a forcefield to deflect the beam into an area of the ceiling above him so that it crumbled on him but just as it seemed he won, he heard him shout OVERDRIVE and turned around to see him power up into a Light Blue Form as he got ready for round 2

Ace seemed to be fighting a losing battle as well until he powered up into his Obvilion Form then slamed Elemental into an nearby wall leaving a huge trail of destruction in his wake.

Scorch Ash was pushing back Jewel, Kenjutsu Blade was outmanuevering Percy while Thunder Blue was dodging Zolo's Sword Beams. Shade was constantly slashing at Aeon with her leech blades until Aeon put up a forcefield to counter one of her strikes to put her off balence but to her surprise she powered up into Cosmic Shade.

Meanwhile Tails regained consciousness to see a familiar face.

????: Wake up Tails

????:It's me

Tails: Bunnie

????: No silly, me Barby Koala

Tails: Barby I've missed u

Barby: I've missed u too

They stared at each other for a while, remembering all the good times each other then leaned towards each other and kissed.

Storm found himself in a battle of wills with his summoned dark side, Dark Storm while Zono watches

Cross fought with a figure with claws, Charmy and Saffron dodged contanst streams of fire while Cross was now finding his defences breaking against the constant jets of ice blown against it while Neon watched

Espio was throwing several shurikens at Dragmire but to no effect, Solar Max locked in an intense battle with Magnus, Static in his OVERDRIVE mode fighting Aldez in battle of Power, Razor Spike dodgeing constant dark beams from Mercury.

A bruised and badly injured Zen were trying to stand their ground against Scorpion but to no avail as he seemed to just be toying with himm the entire time until he transformed into Ultra Zen.

Bunnie went into OVERDRIVE mode and stood her ground against Vortex

Neox, Strike, Mace, Twilight, Dash, Mina, Honey, Marine, Rouge, Amy, Julie-Su, Mighty, Lara-Su went to fight head to head with Chaos Ultra and Alpha

AN Ultimatum Battle

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