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TCO's true form

Background Info

The Corrupted One is the Phazon God. He has come to clense the world to Phazon but first he had to choose a host. His first target was Darkrai but he epiclly failed to possess him due to Darkrai being a god-like creature. He then choose Zel has his host for he was the closest to the same power as Darkrai. His first planet that he purged into Phazon was Darkon, the birthplace of Darkrai. He will purge Earth/Mobius in phazon as his next target. Mephiles the Dark helps The Corrupted One on his mission or something like that. The Corrupted One made a planet devoted to Phazon called Phaaze. The Corrupted one was finally defeat on Mobius/Earth by Memphis the Shining Demonhog at the cost of his life. The Corrupted One plans toexact vengance on the mobians who defeated him, but he can't come back without sacrifices. So right now he is bidding his time.

Possible Sacrifices

For The Corrupted One to come to Earth/Mobius he needs sacrifices. Phaaze Matthias is currently looking fo suitable sacrifices.


  • Chrono Corrupted-Already been sacrificed
  • Crono the Cat
  • A trigger Emerald
  • Lightning "Selenia" the Hedgehog-Already been sacrificed
  • Nera the Hedgehog-maybe
  • Annamaria-Already been sacrificed
  • Macabre-Already been sacrificed


  • Phazon Armor-incases user's body with phazon which is an inch thick and the most powerful attacks can't pierce it except a homing attack but the person who attacks the phazon is corrupted for a short time. Phazon move.
  • Phazon Burst-unleashes a burst of phazon from users skin. It is simeler to Chaos Blast. Phazon Move.
  • Phazon Destruction-Makes user explode and causes a huge area surrounding him/her destroyed( up to 3 miles), then user will reconstruct him/herself somewhere else. Phazon move.
  • Phazon Blades-creates blades made of phazon from user's skin, when the Phazon Blades cuts someone, even a scratch, it will slowly posion that person. Phazon move
  • Corrupted Phazon Barrage-Punches people at speeds of 500 MPH many times. Enhanced move of Matthias.
  • Corrupted Phazon Time-Stops time for 10 minutes. Enhanced move of Matthias
  • Corrupted Phazon Vortex-Spins really fast and forms a phazon vortex that sucks in any enemys and spits them out in the air. People inside are cut and are poison. Poison wears out in about 10 minutes. Enhanced Move of Matthias.
  • Phazon God Blast--Unleashes a huge beam of Phazon energy which nearly destroys the area it goes trough. User is invinciebly during the charge up.
  • Dark Pulse-Aura of Darkness spreads out and hurts anyone in an area of 20 feet. Zel's move.
  • Dark Death-A huge orb of of concentrated Dark energy is formed. Then is thrown at its target. Zel's move.
  • Dark Spear-Throws spears of Darkness at foes. Zel's move.
  • Atomic Blazer-Charges up energy in users hands(depends on the user)and fires it as a beam. Zel's signature move.
  • Black Gaia Eraser-Fires multiple balls of concentrated darkness energy at foe then fires two beams of dark energy and finally cause a huge explosion of dark energy. Dark move.
  • Phazon Spear-fires multiple spears of concentrated phazon at foe. Phazon move.
  • Can Absorb Phazon.


Mephiles the Dark

Phaaze Matthias

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Memphis the Shining Demonhog

Jort the Hedgehog & Blair the Witchcat

Phaaze the Hedgecat

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Theme song

Omega pirate theme

Omega pirate theme

The Corrupted One's theme song.