The first episode of The Many Adventures of Lunas and Threetails. In this Threetails and Lunas meet for the first time.


Shadow The Hedgehog

Apallo The Hedgehog

Lunas the Hedgehog

Cressa the HedgeFox

Threetails the Fox

The Argument

Shadow: Get the F**K OUT!

Threetails: Fine i'll get out and one more thing(slaps him in the face) good bye!

Shadow: -slaps her hard-

Lunas: -punches him out-

Threetails: What the...

Lunas: -picks her up- COm on hurry -runs off-

Threetails: Where are we going?

Lunas: To my house. Im Moonchild94. Your Internet Lover!

Threetails: Really, how did you know where I was, have you been following me?

Lunas: We met on the love meet site rember...i were complaining about shadow

Threetails: Ah, yeah I remember now(pulls out lightning crystal), if I ever see Shadow again then he better watch out.

Lnas:Woah -edit the other rp too-

Threetails: What, what?

Lunas: Nice.....

Threetails:you know, your really nice(giggles and blushes).

Lunas: Thanks...

Threetails:So we nearly at your house.

Lunas: Yep

Threetails: That's good(lightning crystal starts glowing).

Lunas: So........on your profile it says that u hated shadow.

Threetails: Yes it does, why?

Lunas: -puls your profile up-

Threetails:(looks at her profile)yeah it does.

Lunas: -smacks her @$$-

Threetails: Hey what did I do?

Lunas: Your so sexy

Threetails: Really?

Lunas:-kissed her deeply-

Threetails:(kisses him)your so hot.

-one hour later-


Lunas: Hey Threetails

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