Crystal Warriors

Crystal Warriors are lost souls who have found Crystals and formed body's out of the Crystals.They fly inside of the body's and control each part of the body.This has happened over many years and all of the Crystal Warriors hated all of Mobius and formed an army.Some Crystal Warriors do not want Mobian body's and form different things with them like tanks,cars,humans,and different shapes.The Crystal Warriors invaded G.U.N. once and took all the weapons like these,Machine Guns,Pistols,Ak-47's,Bazooka's,Rocket Launchers,Katanas,Daggers,Poison Darts,Bombs,Flamethrower,and any type of gun.There are different forms of Crystal Warriors like Gunner,Swordsman,Bomber,Fighter,Tinys(little versions of Crystal Warriors),Skaters,Bikers,Commanders,Leaders,Driver,Tanker,Storer,Big Gunner(for bigger guns.),Spearman,and Flamers.They can get killed if shot in one place on their body where the body holds together but soon they form back in a crystal body.These Warriors are led by a Commander that stood up to everyone and took charge of everything named Rageston.He wears king like clothes and sits in a throne made out of crystal.There are five who guard him.Each of one of these elements Flame=Kurogasta Water=Shuuha Metal=Kinzoku Earth=Yusabura Wind=Uindo.
Five Elements

Their marks of elements

Crystal Gunner

A Gunner is a blue Mobian or human body.They each have a Machine Gun and a Pistol they also pick one Ak-47.They also have a bullet strap around there body.Some have ripped up pants and shirts.Most of the time their body is like a whole bunch of rugged crystal the only things that move are the pupils and all the parts that we move other than their lips and face.there muzzle is blue too because the body is made of crystal.Gunners use these Techniques.Rage Bullet,Crystal Bullet,Rapid Fire, and when the work together they have a few tactics.Defense,they form a line in front of what they are defending and use Rapid Fire.Attack,they form a straight line that faces the enemy that way if one person gets killed the others shoot.Middle Line,They do both Defense and Attack.

Crystal Swordsman

Crystal Swordsman are basically Gunners without the bullet strap and weapons.Instead a Swordsman uses well a sword.Swordsman use these techniques.Slash of Crystal,Rage Slash,Burning Slash,Dull Hit,and Slashing Combo.They also tactics like the Gunner.Sneak,One jumps on top of a building and creep behind the attacker that one jumps down and hits the ground real hard causing and earthquake making the enemy lose balance then that is when the use this tactic.Attack they form a big circle and charge and use normal attacks to defeat them.Defence,they aren't used for defence.

Crystal Bomber

A Crystal Bomber is a Crystal Warrior who flies high and drops bombs they have Mobian or Human body's and dress like pilots they are pretty much like gunners too except they don't have all the weapons they only have two Machine Gun's on the plane wings and one pistol parted on their belt.These are some bombs they use.Poison Bomb,Exploding Bomb,Mind Controlling Bomb,Nuclear Bomb,Gas Bomb,Gasoline Bomb, and Water Bomb(for fires).These are there Tactics.Command all the planes form one giant plane and one is in front the one in the front is a Commander Bomber.They normally just barrage the enemy with gunfire.Attack they form a giant circle and shoot at the enemy.Defense they form a circle around the defending thing and shoot at the enemy.

Crystal Fighters

Fighters are normal Mobian or Human Fighters.They dress like a ninja though.These are the types of fighting they know.Tai Kwon Doe,Karate, and Martial Arts.These are their tactics.Defense,they form around what they are defending and battle.Attack they form a raid of people and just ruthlessly attack the enemy.Middle line Attack and Defense all together and also theres more raids around their defending thing.

Crystal Tinys

The tinys are miniature Gunners with only a pistol.They call these ones pathetic.I even call these guys pathetic at times.They completely suck they have no tactics.All they do is attack when there told and get wiped out.In defense your gonna get raided no matter what you do.An middle line OMG YOU ARE DEAD!

Crystal Skaters

There are just old mobian or human like skaters that have a pocket dagger.Plus they pickpocket a lot.They look like Gunners but have nothing to do with them.No tactics.

Crystal Bikers

Theres not much to say they are basically Skaters on a bike.No Tactics

Crystal Commanders

Crystal Commanders are all the types that lead the rest.They wear G.U.N. clothing and have a giant slash down their chest as a mark.These guys lead Tactics and tell when to use them. They use each weapon and know all the styles of fighting.Commanders are the Strongest Crystal Warrior you can use.

Crystal Leaders

Are basically Commanders except do not use all the weapons.

Crystal Drivers

Crystal Drivers are Gunners that drive those G.U.N. Machines from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Crystal Tankers

Are Crystal Drivers except drive Tanks and shoot out of them.

Crystal Storers

The Crystal Storer is basically a servant that stores and brings food from storage.They wear G.U.N. clothes because of how they are servants and that was their way of repaying them.

Big Gunners

Are Gunners except use the bigger Guns,Bazooka and Rocket Launcher.


Spearman is basically a Swords man with a spear instead of a sword.They have the same Tactics.


Are Gunners except only use a Flame thrower these guys are crazy they were the lead recruit on the second attack against G.U.N.Because they burned everything down.


Roleplay:Crystal Madness


Over at Death Rock Zone (Going to be Created soon)

Over at Moon Ridge Zone (Going to be Created soon)

Over at the Crystal Forest Zone (Going to be Created soon)

Main Base Crystal Plains Zone (Going to be Created soon)and many more.


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