'The Dalek Invasion of Mobius' is an upcoming fan-fiction which will be turned into a comic created and written by The-Eggman-Empire on DeviantArt. It is a mixture of two universes: Doctor Who - a British sci-fi series by the BBC - and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. It will star a whole range of characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, but only few from the Doctor Who franchise, making this more of a Sonic-themed comic

It has been requested that a collaboration should be included with this, so if you have any fan characters you wish to be used in this, please contact the main writer, and ask if you would like to help write it.


The Daleks have set their eyestalks to the planet Mobius, and suddenly attack. Help is on the way though, as Sonic and the Freedom Fighters team up with a mysterious stranger in a 1950's blue police box known only as the Doctor. But what is strange is that lately, no one has heard from Julian Robotnik ever since the Daleks invaded...



  • Normal Dalek Drones
  • Assault Daleks
  • Saucer Command Daleks
  • Supreme Dalek
  • Davros (Creator of the Daleks)


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