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The Dark Star Army is the name Claw's Army after Dragoonworks, yet they are still the same as the once Dragoonworks Army, Destroyers of Planets.



                                |----- Advance Raptoroids-

Clawbots-------------                                            |      

                                                                             -----Dragoon Squad Magicia/Raptrin-----|      

Raptoroids-----------                                            |

                                |-----Advance Raptoroids-




                                |-----Advance Raptoroids-

Clawbots--------------                                           |

                                                                              ------Dragoon Squad Deltor/Rawnuk------|------ Epeé ------ Claw, the Lord of Dragons

Raptoroids-------------                                         |

                                |-----Advance Raptoroids-




                                |-----Advance Raptoroids-

Clawbots-----------------                                       |                                                

                                                                              ------Dragoon Squad Bashro/Rasmex------|

Raptoroids---------------                                       |

                               |-----Advance Raptoroids-



Vehicles and Ships

Land Vehicles

Smallest Vehicles to Largest

Bikes - HoverVehicles, the fastest of all land vehicles, they also have a Blaster on the bottom that can spin 360

Gunner Bikes - the same as Bikes, but they hold two people, the second person can shoot with a 180 blaster turrent

Treaders -a tank like vehicle with one leg, each leg is like one wheel of Treads. they are perfect for all-terain.

Double Treaders - a tank like vehicle, the same as Treaders, but have a second leg for more firepower

Triple Treaders - a tank like vehicle, the same as Double Treaders, but with three legs, even larger weapons are equiped to this

Grenade Hoppers - four wheel vehicles, they shoot Grenades, but can jump the highest, they can perform a turbo once every 10 seconds

Drillers - large vehicles, they have a giant drill at the front, they hover instead of using treads

Dune Drillers - the same as Drillers, but the drills are Inverted

Comparts - the same as Dune Drillers

Black Reptile - a Draxun designed for land travel, they Hover above the groun, they are the largest land Vehicle of the D.S. Army  

Water Vehicles

Smallest Vehicles to Largest

Sea Hunter - a basic one-man vessel, it is equiped with advanced weaponry


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