The Dragon Knights are the Soul protectors of the Life Flame inside Wyvern City. They are wide spread across the world of Mobius. There are also many different types of Dragons and riders around mobius.


Endac Dragonbane was the founder of this group, he and his 2 friends, Felix the Echidna, and Krados Trandigo the Drowhog, were the first 3 Dragon Knights. Endac Established Wyvern City over the Life Flame to hide it from the surface. He also Established a Dragon Encampment at the top of the mountain nearby Wyvern City. This encampment was the village for Sky Dragons (or better known as the Western Dragons most people think of (search wikipedia or something or Western Dragons)); this village is where the High Elder Dragons Take Council with the Human Councilers every 4 months. Endac then extended the Dragon Knights by adding in more people such as his Son, Raelon Forjin Dragonbane the Hedgehog and his Girlfriend Ishizu, Ian Fy Pyroclasm, and Sabin the Hedgehog.

Clan Info

Sky Clan

  • Leader: Endac Korinth Dragonbane (Species: Human)
  • Members: Raelon, Ishizu, Sabin, Ian, Felix, Krados
  • Dragons: Western Style Dragons, mainly Fire breathers in different colors

Sea Clan

  • Leader: Diadondra Lakenvo (Species: Mermaid)
  • Members: None Known Yet
  • Dragons: Serpent like Dragons who swim under the sea, main power is the ability to control water

Earth Clan

  • Leader: Korrin EarthQuaker (Species: Mobian: Armidillo)
  • Members: None Known Yet
  • Dragons: Also Serpent Dragons but these dragons live under the ground with their riders, Main power is ability to control earth

Shadow Clan

  • Leader: Steven Karinda (Species: Werewolf)
  • Members: None Known Yet
  • Dragons: WereDragons who can become humans. Main power is Shadow Breath

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