The Eight Phases of the Cursed Wave are a group of demons who want to spread destruction in their wake. They destroy planets just for fun. Their last planet they destroyed was a tropical planet with lush forests and sentient beings but that didn't stop them from destroying it. Their next target: Earth/Mobius.

Skeith the Terror of Death

Skeith likes to kill sentient things. He is the second strongest of the eight phases. He uses any kind of method to kill any sentient being. He only listens to one person from the Cursed Wave and thats Corbenik the Rebirth.

Innis the Mirage of Deceit

Innis is the sixth strongest of the 8 phases.

Magus the Propagation

Magus is the fourth strongest of the 8 phases. He was origanally destroyer of all plants, but now he is starting to have doubts about destroying planets. These doubts started when he and Skeith were in a fight about which planets they should destroy. The fight ended in Skeith's favor. Now Magus wants to save planets but he doesn't want to fight his siblings.

Fidchell the Prophet

Fidchell is the seventh strongest of the 8 phases.

Gorre the Machinator

Gorre is the weakest of the 8 phases.

Macha the Temptress

Macha is the fifth strongest of the 8 phases. She likes to seduce males, that even means her brothers. She is currently in search of her true love. When she thinks she finds him and it turns out he is not her true love, she will kill him and his family.

Tarvos the Avenger

Tarvos is the third strongest of the 8 phases.

Corbenik the Rebirth

Corbenik is the strongest of the 8 phases and leader of them. His plans are unknown except for the fact that he wants to destroy planets along with his siblings. He is a mystery even to his siblings.


  • The eight phases are based off of Dot Hack.

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