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In Ryushusupercat's fanon, The Elemental Gods are the ten deities who correspond to the most major elements in the universe; Fire, Ice, Water, Electricity, Wind, Earth, Light, Darkness, Poison and Nature.


The Gods and Goddesses are normally peaceful creatures. Unfortunately, their provoked anger is deadly. However, they have been known to grant their powers to those who are worthy in their eyes.

Friends and Foes







Many, many eons before the planet Mobius was even formed, The Elemental Gods were created by Ka, the Great Wheel of Being, to serve as avatars and balance-keepers for the ten Elemental Realms. Their job was to make sure that no realm gained power over the others. When the earliest life began to flourish on Mobius, they each served as a conduit for their specific Element, and together they brought all ten of the Elements into the planet.

The Elemental Orbs

Not long later, ten Orbs were created by their hands, filled with their respective pure energy, and scattered throughout the lands, hidden in the deepest reaches of the planet, nestled among their own, natural Element, and there they stayed, for hundreds of thousands of years.

As Mobians evolved and developed the earliest societies and cultures, the Orbs were said to come to the aid of great heroes. Knowledge of them is dotted throughout many history books, but up until now, they were considered to merely be myth, fabled objects that were the subject of many fairy tales.

The Elemental Wars


  • Fiamme - The Goddess of Blazing Fire, she is served by the Fire Clan. Her super form is Inferno Fiamme.

  • Kyanos - The God of Freezing Ice, he is served by the Ice Clan. His super form is Subzero Kyanos.

  • Neso - The Goddess of Flowing Water, she is served by the Water Clan. Her super form is Tsunami Neso.

  • Haeos - The God of Electricity, he is served by the Electric Clan. His super form is Stormfront Haeos.

  • Khazri - The Goddess of Raging Wind, she is served by the Wind Clan. Her super form is Tempest Khazri.

  • Temblor - The God of Earth, he is served by the Earth Clan. His super form is Fissure Temblor.

  • Celeritas - The Goddess of Pure Light, she is served by the Light Clan. Her super form is Shining Celeritas.

  • Voidstar - The God of Universal Darkness, he is served by the Dark Clan. His super form is Cimmerian Voidstar.

  • Mokuhana - The Goddess of Nature, she is served by the Nature Clan. Her super form is Florid Mokuhana.

  • Dantamu - The God of Blistering Poison, he is served by the Poison Clan. His super form is Miasmatic Dantamu.


Elemental Orbs

Each of the Elemental Gods has their own orb.

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