The Fridgid Saga is a storyline created by Puppy1 centering around a few unlikely characters.



Xai is the main character. He is a dog that tends to get into trouble, do to his looks and abilities. He is fifteen. He wears a black T-shirt with a gray skull on the front. He wears black fingerless gloves, ripped dark blue jeans, and a black banddanna with a red skull on it. He also wears a sundial watch with roman numerals and spikes on it. He utilizes Draskira (An ability allowing you to melt into shadows).


Nylar is a main characters. She is a fifteen year old dog. She has been kicked out of every school she's attended. She wears a dark purple shirt and a pair of jeans. She also wears a green bracelet that expands into a Grareare (A rotating shield of spikes and a shurikan coming out of the fist area). She can use Tirair (An ability allowing you to turn your hand to nearly anything of choosing, as long as it is equal, lower, or %5 higher than her power level).


Flaor is another main character. He is fifteen and a cat. He has been been stalked nearly every month of his life. He wears a green shirt and a pair of jeans. He uses the ability of Neair (An ability that allows you to change your body to a steel of any heat.).


Frishaer is a main character. She is a fourteen year old hippocampi. She has lost her family because of Nearliary. She wears a skirt that changes colors and a shirt that is green and purple. She uses Rainzi (An ability that allows you to turn into a rainbow and utilize it).


Nearliary is the main villain. Not much is known except he is about twenty. He is in a dark cloak and has red and green eyes. He has a Grareare and Flestala (A hooked sword with six shurikans). He also uses Draskira and Rainzi.


Axcarya is an unknown character. He sends cryptic messages to the main characters either hinting at how to defeat the enemy, or their own demise. Nothing is known about him.


Each of the main characters meet up in an alley with Nearliary. He tells them they are part of a future that could destroy each of them. He then attacks them and flees. They then go after him. A message then comes on Flaors cell phone, it reads: "Look to the corner, up a bit norther, to far to the west, you know the rest". They follow the directions and find another message. They follow it and it leads them on a quest to find Nearliary.


Xia: *sigh* why do I always get into trouble? *walks into the police station*

Officer 1: We understand you were at a crime scene. why?

Xia: I dunno. I just thought....I could help.

Officer 1: *raises eyebrow* why would you help a criminal?

Xia: no. Not the criminal.

Officer 2: We don't even know how you got there. You just appeared at the crime scene. We know you have some relation to Bob Crilly. You have to.

Xia: I don't. I have absolutly no relation to Bob Crilly or anyone like that. I was trying to see if I could find anything that could help.

[Officer 1 & 2 walk to another room where they discuss something. Xia could here this: Officer 1: he's a punk......I've seen his........... Officer 2: I know.......not telling.......we'll have to take him......... Officer 1: he's....kid........]

Xia: always happens. *melts into the shadows, walks out the door* finally, freedom.

  • his pocket vibrates* oh, I got a call *slides open his phone* hello?

???: *in a muffled, deep, raspy voice* Xia.

Xia: what? who is this? how do you know my name?

???: thats better left unknown. whatever you do: never trust Nearliary.

Xia: who? *the phone is dead, he puts the phone into his pocket* well....that was weird.

Nylar: *falls into the snow, then gets up* Yeah, well I don't care if I have to come back!

Teacher-type-guy: Good. cuz your not coming back. *slams the door*

Nylar: *sigh* Guess thats number thirteen. *notices a package, walks over to it* huh.

Package Card: TO: NYLAR FROM: BETTER LEFT UNKNOWN: You intrest me. Remember though, your demise awaits Nearliary.

Nylar: weird.


  • Xai is slightly based off of myself and a, uhm, "other character" i've made in another fanon.

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