The Galaxy Emeralds

These are the Galaxy Emerals in the bright light center of the Universe

The Galaxy Emeralds are emeralds found in the middle of the Universe


A long time ago the galaxy emeralds were found in the middle of each planets core and were found by the legends of Dragodon (coming soon) and were passed down to family member but 7/8 families were killed by explosions and now all are watched over Nitro the Hedgehog (NOT NITRO THE HEDGEHOG (SONICBASKETBALLSTAR) on Dragodon Island that were transported from Pluto to the middle where a galaxy known as Hedabon. with these planets:

1 Falo

2 Banyi

3 Dicron

4 Fagon

5 Merca

6 Laldove

7 Masmega

8 Ajon

  • There use to be planet 9 that blew up into gas and rocky that shows a meteor shower that goes to Mercury then hits the sun sending blazing stars into the sky.*

The Galaxy Emeralds will turn one into Galaxy *put name here* where they are the Ultra Lifeform which surpasses all others to the strongest of their abilities

Users of the Galaxy Emeralds

Add character here









Nitro (sonivbasketballstar)

Fire (sonicbasketballstar)

Alpha (sonicbasketballstar)

Crystal (sonicbasketballstar)

Turbo (sonicbasketballstar)

Scourge (sonicbasketballstar)

Burn (sonicbasketballstar)

Omega (sonicbasketballstar)

Diamand (sonicbasketballstar)

Fun Facts

The Earth Emerald is now know as the Mobius Emerald

Nitro the Hedgehog (sonicbasketballstar) was the first one to use the Galaxy Transformation

The first ever non-sonic & non-sega character to use them is Mario when Nitro and Fire took the Emeralds to the Mushroom Kingdom on their trip to help kill Super Eggman

If the Emeralds are destroyed and the Universal Emerald (big Hyper transformation looking emerald) is not in it's place the worlds will be destroyed by an explosion.

The Galaxy Transformation makes the user powerful with red fur and hair that sticks up in a sharp formation with the tips white and bending, eyes that are purple, gloves change to green, and shoes with lashes that are white with blue shoes.

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