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This article is about Hikari-san42's fanfiction The Genesis of a Generation.

The Genesis of a Generation is a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction which takes place during and after the events of Sonic Generations. It was released on September 6, 2011, following the success of a oneshot entitled "Generations" in Hikari's drabble collection entitled Don't Take Wooden Nickels, which was based on the same idea as the main premise of The Genesis of a Generation. It is currently still in progress.

Premise and Plot

The fanfiction was started on the what-if question "What if Classic Sonic and Tails get stuck in the future after the events of Sonic Generations?" At the time of its original posting, the video game was not released and information on its contents was scarce, leading the author of the fanfiction to make her own conclusions. Because of this, when the game was eventually released, there were discrepancies between the fanfiction and Sonic Generations. However, the fanfiction was kept as is and was not changed to reflect the game directly, inadvertently confusing those who have yet to play the video game. Despite this, the fanfiction is still popular, with over 200 reviews currently.

The story is written in a ficlet format, and each chapter is unconnected from the one before and after it unless otherwise stated. However, all of the chapters follow the same linear plot line, each one adding small bits and pieces to the plot holding the whole thing together. The chapters are not in any semblance of chronological order, instead falling randomly, but still posses coherent plot building tendencies. The differing locations of the chapters also holds no order, with one chapter happening during the events of Generations in Apotos and the next happening months later in the Mystic Ruins.

The Genesis of a Generation uses a system of plot tiers, a phrase coined by Hikari-san42 herself, to describe how the plot line holding the whole thing together works. Each segment of the plot builds on the next, with small building blocks being laid every chapter. These blocks are small and almost unnoticeable, but they are present even in the most unnecessary of chapters. There are multiple plot lines at work, but each shares a tier with the others, at different stages of their development. Currently, only one of the three-four tiers is complete. It was finished on December 31, 2011 with the posting of chapter 20.


The story follows the exploits of Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic along with Classic Tails and Modern Tails as they try to grow accustomed to living with a different version of themselves while also trying to get the Classics back to their own place in time before the time stream is completely rearranged. Other characters make appearances as they live their lives, including Shadow the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Amy Rose, the Chaotix, Mighty the Armadillo, and both Classic and Modern Knuckles the Echidna, among others. All of the characters in the story are official SEGA characters (sans three vague fancharacters in chapter 28, which serve no purpose to the plot at all).

  • Classic Sonic: Ten years old and still in his formative years, he is still unsure of where exactly he belongs in the world. Based on his silent self in the Genesis games, Classic Sonic is impatient, always tapping his foot and checking his watch-free wrist. He was marketed as the "'hog with 'tude" and as such is cocky and almost-rude. Yet, he has a strong sense of right and wrong - why else would he go up against an evil dictator single handedly? He can think quickly on his feet, but has pretty awful social skills, since all he does is run around a kill badniks. He isn't really concerned with that others think of him, but still likes to think of himself as a tough-guy, always standing up for the little man. Because Tails is one of his only friends (Knuckles is still considered a rival and Amy is a freak to him), he treasures every moment he has with him and is very over-protective. The fact that he is young and therefore not yell fully in touch with his emotions, makes him brash, quick to defend himself, and to pass down judgement on others without thinking about all sides of the issue. He is quick to turn down all offer of hospitality because he is paranoid, yet will not hesitate to open his home to those who need it. Water is a pathological fear and he won't even go near it unless he absolutely has to.
  • Modern Sonic: Dark blue, optimistic, and loving life, he is the epitome of Sonic the Hedgehog. Twenty years old, he is fully aware of his surroundings and what he has gotten himself into with Eggman. He is a mash of the modern games and the DreamCast games. He is a little more patient than his classic self, taking the time to stretch and look around before starting to tap his foot. He is snarky with a huge ego, but he can still be understanding and the 'shoulder-to-cry-on' type if need be. His emotions are hidden beneath a layer of sarcasm and jokes, yet he is one of the most emphatic people you will ever meet. His sense of right and wrong is still just as strong as it was in his Classic days, but now it is clouded with his own morals and allegiances, making him more subjective towards possible threats. He has more friends now, so his attention is divided between Knuckles on Angel Island, Shadow in Westopolis, and Tails in the Workshop. His sense of humor is more refined and precise, making his comments more pointed. He is a blather mouth, always talking and getting his opinion heard, yet his principles very much define what he does. He is easily distracted and he can't stand still for longer than a heartbeat. He is constantly fidgeting or speaking, filling the room with life and noise. He can thick twice as fast now and his social skills are more refined, but he still can talk himself into a corner at times. His self image is more important to him than what the general public thinks of him, but he is still a tad concerned if he's not being shown in a positive light. He is still wary of people he doesn't know, but he doesn't hesitate when they offer him food or water. However, now he won't offer to let anyone come into his home unless he knows them completely. He now can see in 360 degrees, and he analyzes every issue from all angles before making a decision. Water is still a phobia, but he is a little more comfortable around it now (though he still won't go into it).
  • Classic Tails: Four years old, he is very much a little kid. Naive and dense, Classic Tails questions everything around him. He has yet to realize that he is a genius, and thus does not have a very good self image. He has a troubled past filled with bombs and Battle Kukkus, and is therefore easily upset and fragile. Loud noises - like thunder - scare him. Despite this, he loves to follow Sonic around on his adventures. He loves to swim, but knows better than to invite Sonic to join him. Sonic is the sole authority in his life, and he wishes for the hedgehog's approval in everything he does. He has the ability to take apart anything mechanical and electronic, but lacks the attention span to put it back together again. Emotionally, he is a four year old, with the same reach and limits. Tact is something he has yet to learn, and so he blurts out everything he thinks of without filtering it. Inquisitive, he has a drive to learn and study everything, especially his supersonic best friend.
  • Modern Tails: Twelve-years-old, Modern Tails is more independent than his younger self, almost forced by Sonic to grow up. He now is aware that he is smarter than the average person, and knows how to think things through fully and without bias. He still has problems dealing with his past, but now can almost completely ignore it and focus on the future. Lightning and thunder are now his only phobias, so he can deal with explosions and missile strikes without flinching. He has become a sort of homebody, not really venturing far from his home in Mystic Ruins. Sonic has been having trouble getting him out of the house, but he is slowly instilling a social spirit into the fox. Despite this, Tails has more of a filter than the hedgehog, and thus has the gift of tact. He is a diplomat, able to delegate two feuding individuals (Sonic and Knuckles) and help them compromise. He still hopes for the hedgehog's support in everything he does, but he does not need it like he used to. His mechanical known-how and abilities have blossomed and he owns several patents on various plane designs and computer programming software. He still feels the need to learn about everything, and his emotions are fully developed and controlled.

Discrepancies and Differences from Game

Sonic Generations was released for sale on November 1, 2011, almost two months after The Genesis of a Generation was posted on Because of this, a majority of the information on how the game was set up was with held from the public, and the story was portrayed different from the actual canon of the game.

Time Traveling Mechanic

In Generations, the Zones that Modern and Classic Sonic run through are displaced from the time stream. They have been picked up, pulled out of time, and placed inside The White Space , where the Sonics have full access to them in their frozen state. They only travel through these specific moments.

In The Genesis of a Generation, however, Modern Sonic and Tails and Classic Sonic and Tails never see The White Space. Instead, the Time Holes created by the Time Eater pick all four of them up out of their respective timeline placements and throw them through all of Modern Sonic's past. They go through every adventure and every instance of Sonic's fight against Dr. Eggman, including those mentioned in Sonic Generations. Because of this, how exactly Dr. Eggman arrived back in the present time is still a mystery.

Classic Knuckles

Sonic Generations only features one version of Knuckles the Echidna, despite the fact that he was around in the Classic era with Sonic, Tails, and Dr. Eggman. But, in The Genesis of a Generation, Classic Knuckles is pulled into the time stream along with the Modern version of himself. This happened because the author assumed that there would be a Classic of Knuckles before the game came out. However, Classic Knuckles was already in the story and to remove him after that would change the whole thing.

Classic Sonic's Voice

Classic Sonic, in Generations, does not speak. He is supposed to be an exact replica of the SEGA Genesis games, including the dialogue-free game play. However, in The Genesis of a Generation, Classic Sonic speaks. In a video of commentary, Hikari-san42 states that "it is almost-impossible to write a mute character," attesting to why she chose to give Classic Sonic a voice.


Throughout the whole story, there are multiple references to other pieces of the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom or games in the series.

  • Multiple times throughout the story, nicknames are mentioned. Classic Tails is called "T2" which is a reference to the Archie Comics and is also a play on the fact that he is the younger of the foxes. Modern Tails is called "Mechanic," which acknowledges the fact that he is more mechanically inclined than his younger self. Sonic calls his younger self "Little Blue" which references the nursery rhyme "Little Boy Blue." This is mainly because Classic Sonic is unsure of if he really wants to be a hero full-time, and is therefore 'asleep,' like the child in the nursery rhyme. There is also a literal, obvious meaning to this nickname, simply because Classic Sonic is smaller than Modern Sonic, and both are blue.
  • In chapter 2, Modern Sonic remarks, "I need to stop landing on my head," and in chapter 14, he says "who's the idiot that threw me out of a spaceship this time?" These lines are both nods to the multiple times that Sonic the Hedgehog is thrown out of something and lands with his face buried in the ground.
  • In chapter 3, both of the Sonics sing Escape from the City, which is the song played in the City Escape level in Sonic Adventure 2 while making chili dogs.
  • Also in chapter 3, both Don Fachio and Wentos are mentioned as nods towards Sonic Unleashed .
  • Chapter 3 also has Classic Sonic drop the name "Rosy the Rascal" which is a direct reference to the Japanese Sonic CD manual, where Amy Rose was know as Rosy. He also mentions the name "Princess Sally" which is again referencing a Sonic CD manual, this time the American one. Amy was called Princess Sally in an attempt to tie into the cartoon (Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)) that came out at the same time as the game.
  • In Chapter 4, Modern Sonic calls Modern Tails "Pixel Brain" which is a reference to Sonic the Comic.
  • Chapter 4 also mentions a "Chirp" - a baby Flicky - from the 1984 SEGA arcade game called "Flicky".
  • Chapter 5 has a direct line from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (OVA) when Tails is flying the Tornado and Sonic nearly falls off. "We're hitting some rough winds here! I'm having some trouble keeping it steady! Hang on Sonic!"
  • Also in Chapter 5, the line "Oh, and you might want to upgrade your firewalls. 'Mustache' isn't exactly a great password." which Modern Tails says to Dr. Eggman, is an indirect reference to Sonic Colors.
  • Chapter 5 also has a reference to Sonic Unleashed, specifically the Tornado Defense levels, when Sonic has to use a pair of handlebars behind the cockpit of the Tornado to fire at oncoming enemies.
  • Chapter 6 has a major reference to Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. Sonic and Tails' vacation home on South Island in Green Hill Zone is an exact replica of their home in the movie and it is stated in the story that they lived there before moving to the Mystic Ruins.
  • Chapter 7 references very vaguely that Knuckles' favorite food is grapes, something that has not officially shown up in a game (though it was mentioned in the Sonic & Knuckles manual and in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing), but is referenced in Sonic Generations by the grapes growing at the entrance to Sky Sanctuary.
  • Also in Chapter 7, Classic Sonic remarks that "Tails did an awesome job. These fit perfectly!" in reference to his sneakers, to which Modern Tails replies "The polymer just needed a little stretching, no big deal." This is a nod toward the fact that Tails modifies Sonic's shoes, which was reinforced in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations when Tails' modification on Sonic's shoes makes them 30% lighter and enables him to stomp.
  • The deleted scene at the end of Chapter 7 pays direct homage to the Special Stages in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • Chapter 8 is a major reference to Tails Adventure in that Modern Sonic and Tails and Classic Sonic and Tails travel to Cocoa Island during Tails' war against the Battle Kukku Army.
  • Chapter 8 also has a reference to Sonic CD through the phrase "In hindsight, it was probably a Time Stone, picked up by Mini-Tails right before they were sucked back into the timelessness of the Holes. The unusual energy that flowed through the time warp mechanic must've been offset and confused as it sensed and brushed against the Time Stone, channeling it into the fox, instead of through the hedgehog(s)." The Time Stones are seven gems that can enable time travel and only appear in Sonic CD.
  • At the end of Chapter 8, the lyrics of the song Sonic and Tails appear.
  • Chapter 9 has one of the many examples of Sonic's aquaphobia.
  • Chapter 9 is also a homage to the beginning of Sonic 3 & Knuckles as it features Classic Knuckles punching Sonic in the face and ordering him to get off of Angel Island.
  • Chapter 10 has a reference to the Archie Comics in that "citizen number 5A11Y5QU18L, also known as Sally" is impaled by a pane of glass during a battle simulation.
  • Also in chapter 10 are short, italicized versions of Modern Sonic's memories on events that occurred in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Colors.
  • Chapter 11 is a major reference to Sonic Colors as it retells events that occurred in an in-game cutscene.
  • Also in Chapter 11 is a reference to Tails Adventure. Classic Tails produces a bomb from his glove.
  • Chapter 13 references the mural seen in Sonic 3 & Knuckles in the Hidden Palace Zone.
  • Chapter 14 is a direct reference to Sonic Unleashed, as Modern Sonic turns into the Werehog.
  • Chapter 14 also nods at Generations itself, in that Classic Sonic and Tails are trapped in Dr. Eggman's flying fortress in Spagonia. A flying fortress appears in the Classic level of Rooftop Run (which takes place in Spagonia) in Generations, and is a direct reference to Wing Fortress Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • In Chapter 15, there is a direct line from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, "We'll see ya later, Knuckles! Bye!" said by Classic Tails. In the movie, it was yelled by Tails right before he and Sonic headed off to Robotropolis.
  • Chapter 16 has an indirect reference to the Genesis games. "I don't like to talk much, in case you forgot. Remember how Mighty used to think I was a mute?" This was said by Classic Sonic.
  • Chapter 18 is a direct reference to Sonic Heroes in that Modern Sonic and Tails and Classic Sonic are traversing Frog Forest and Modern Tails says lines ripped straight from the game.
  • In Chapter 19, Knuckles' codename is "Radar." This is a nod toward the Adventure games, where Knuckles can seemingly detect shards of the Master Emerald. This is conveyed to the player through a loud beeping noise that sounds almost like a radar.
  • Chapter 19 also contains a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). When Modern Sonic asks Modern Knuckles "You took out the commanders?" and Knuckles answers "Yeah, once they were gone, the others just crumbled." it is lending to the very same thing that occurs in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.
  • Also in Chapter 19 is a direct reference to Sonic X, specifically the Dark Sonic transformation.
  • Chapter 21 possess direct references to Sonic X and Sonic Underground, but also has an indirect reference to the Archie comics. The line "Take a skip and a hop across about three dimensions – one of which was sideways and another that didn't contain any omnipotent hedgehogs at all" nods to the Perpendicular Dimension (home of Zonic).
  • Chapter 21 also hints at Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 when Eggman "stopped to watch the death of Sonic at the hands of Mephiles."
  • Chapter 25 references Sonic Unleashed in the statement "This had better be good." Mighty mumbled. "Because it has to beat the werewolf story you told us last time we were here."
  • Chapter 27 is one of the many instances when Tails' love of mint candy is mentioned.
  • Chapter 27 also has a reference to Sonic X. "The small fox nodded, grin splitting his face. "Just don't knock over the plant in the window. It's important to the bigger-me."" This line was meant to only be a reference, not an actual confirmation that Cosmo was the plant. It has already been established that Sonic X happens in an alternate reality.
  • Chapter 29 has a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog 2, in that it mentions Westside Island and the fact that Tails was bullied there before he met Sonic.
  • The name "Nicole" for the hurricane in chapter 29 is a nod to the Archie comics.
  • The story that Modern Tails tells Classic Tails in chapter 29 is a combined history from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and Sonic Adventure.
  • Chapter 31 contains Silver Sonic, a Sonic robot featured in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • The scene where Tails whips his Tails around and hits Silver Sonic, knocking him over, in chapter 31 is a reference to the Sonic Advance games where Tails uses his namesakes to defeat robots in the same manner.