The Great Sea is a region of Mobius mainly made of small Islands, it is surrounded by what appears to be an endless Sea. it is the location of the Chrono Saga.


Dema Island

The Island where El Gardune is, the the largest town in the Great Sea, It was often needed to travel back to El Gardune during the Saga.

Frez Island

A Large Island made out of Ice, it was where the Crystalized Star laid dormant before it flew to Fel Island.

Dor Island

An Island that housed Fort Arynn. It was destroyed when the Arynia Fortress took flight.

Nov Island

An Island filled with Aquatic Ruins, here the Celestic Orb remained.

Terra Island

An Island in the shape of a straight line, the Island was destroyed when Terra Tower rose from the sea.

Bashk Island

A Desert Island filled with ancient Temples, the Temple of the Great Sea connected Bashk Island to Fel Island.

Seh Island

A strange Island said to be located within a different Dimension, as there is a waterfall into an abyss that surrounds the Island.

Mal Island

A Large Volcanic island, the Volcano seemed connected to the Crystakized Star, as when the Star flew to Fel island, the Volcano started to rumble. When the Lava Orb is removed later on, the Volcano then erupts.

Crey Island

A jungle like Island with huge mountains. Great winds pass though this Island.

Fel Island

Fel Island (often called "Final Island") is where the Crystalized Star flies to after being awoken, it has a large Relic in the center of the continent, amongst the relic is a staircase, upon reaching the top, there, the Crystalized Star waits, however Lynx has also made it already and has retrieved the Star. He then transforms into Dark Lynx and the Final Battle Commences.

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