The Hammer Sisters

All Three were created by NinjaZane

This small group of girls are The Hammer Sisters - Haru, Terra, and Amai; they all carry around Hammers (like that's not a given). They are Huge Fans of Amy Rose and will do anything to meet her. Now they my look cute but you really shouldn't mess with them, if you do anything wrong they will hit you upside the head faster than you can recall what you just said that made them angry. They are also the first humans to step foot in Haven.

thumb|300px|left|Hammer Sister's Theme SongTheme Song: Triple BAKA from Vocaloid



Haru - Leader of The Hammer Sisters

Haru the the Leader of The Hammer Sisters (Amy Roses #1 Fan), and she wields the Hammer of the Werewolf. Some say that Haru is a vampire due to her pale looks, silver eyes, and fang (yes just one); She doesn't disagree with that, but nor does she agree. Haru has a slight temper when it comes to fashion; say anything about the way she dresses and she will make you pay, she will hit you with the moon side of her hammer and turn you into a werewolf, and you can only get out of it if she hits you with the sun side of the hammer, and to get her to do that you have to beg to her, and give her a cupcake, only then will she consider turning you back into your normal self.

Other than that, Haru can be very nice, and also very lazy. She loves to sleep, so if you disturb her while she is sleeping, prepare to be bitten on your head, for she will be like a bear who was woken up by some stupid hunter in the middle of winter.

Small Fun Facts About Haru

Age: 6

Fave Food: Cupcakes

Fave Show: America's Next Top Model

Fave Movie: John Tucker Must Die

Fave Book: Twilight

Fave Video Game: Sonic Heroes

Fave Color: Red

Fear: Losing her fave hair band

Terra - Srongest of the Hammer Sisters


Terra is the strongest of The Hammer Sisters (Amy Roses #2 Fan), and she wields the Drill Hammer, a hammer that has drills on each end that start spinning as soon as it hits a solid object. Terra is very hyper and will run around for days if you let her. She also loves to dance. Haru said that she danced for two days non stop. Haru also said Terra pulled an entire blue berry bush out of the ground and shook all the berries free. Terra loves the beach if she gets the chance to she will visit the beach everyday, the beach is where she found her necklace. Terra remembers walking along the beach and the necklace washing up on shore by her feet, and then she could hear whales singing. She will never forget that day, and every year on that day she returns to that very same beach to se if she can hear the whales again.

Terra can find anything amusing; she tells every one she had A.D.D. and most agree with her. Terra seems to love squirrels and will try to hug almost every squirrel she sees. She owns about seven stuffed squirrels, three of witch are named Amy Rose.

Small Fun Facts About Terra

Age: 6

Fave Food: Pineapple

Fave Show: Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Fave Movie: Finding Nemo

Fave Book: N/A

Fave Video Game: Kingdom Hearts

Fave Color: Yellow

Fear: Losing her Necklace



Amai - Kindest of The Hammer Sisters

Amai is the Kindest of the Hammer Sisters (Amy Rose Fan #3), and she carries the Light hammer; a huge hammer that is as light as a new born kitten, it  is light weight for one very good reason, it has a sharp ruby at the end of it and that ruby is very fragile, and if the hammer was too heavy then upon impact of what ever she tries to attack the ruby would break, the hammer part itself can bring lots of pain, but the ruby is her main way of dealing damage, it has also been in her family for generations, so it is very important to her. Amai's ancestors used to be a family of thieves. So Amai is now making up for the past mistakes her family made. she wounder if she can ever fix them.

Amai is very quiet, she will help other with out question and finds it hard to say no. She loves to talk to flowers and really hates to see them get smashed. She will never eat meat or cheese. She really, really, hates to talk about her family, if you ever ask her she will go silent.

Small Fun Facts About Amai

Age: 7

Fave Food: Salad

Fave Show: Bleach

Fave Movie: N/A

Fave Book: Any Harry Potter

Fave Video Game: NintenDogs

Fave Color: Orange

Fear: Her Ruby breaking

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