The Legends is a series of short fanfics that takes place Eight year in the future. Four of my characters (Cold, Sai, LT, and D which is me) take on hard challenges in their tribulation. This is my first fanfic on SFW(and not my last), so tell me what you think and which one is your favorite.


  • The Legend of Cold (The Journey)
  • The Legend of Sai (The Duel)
  • The Legend of Lt (The Aftermath)
  • The Legend of D (The Fate)

The Legend of Cold (The Journey)

Chapter 1: The Trip to Death

As I came to the beginning of my journey, I gazed upon a frozen mountain, larger than Mont. Mobius itself, I deep breathe, as my chest burns; I say to myself “I need to get up there to find what I need”. I began trying to walk in the deep snow, but I am soon overcome by loads off snow, I then pass out from the idea of giving up, even through I have just begun. A day has past since being cover under snow; I was pulled up by a monk with two yaks, the first one he is riding on and the second one is tied to the first one. “You saved my life.” I said very thankfully to the kindhearted Monk, “You are welcome young man; who are you?” he replied, I replied to him “I am Ice Cold the Hedgehog; I am a 23 year old son of Adam the Hedgehog”. The monk smiled at me and asks me “Why are you here?” I told him my story and why I half to get to the top of the mountain. He smile and told me to take one of his yak, ride it past Star River, let it go, and it will come back to me. I thank the monk for the yak. I rode the yak past to Star River and let it go, I soon continued to walk. As I stroll on to the mountain I was attack by large fury beasts, as they sprung out of the snow after me I quick jumped out the way. One of the beasts charged towards me, I quickly punch the beast back, as the second beast charges towards me as the first beast cowards away. The second beast pushes me off my feet on to my back, I kick the second beast off of me, and as I struggle to get up the second beast comes at me again. As the beast comes at me I quickly used my powers to freeze the second beast. Soon after the last beast came at me with full force, I quickly used the dragon fist to knock it out, I turned around and stared at the mountain, “As weak as I am now, I possibly can’t get up there, but I half to try before it is too late. “, as I say while gasping upon the mountain. As I face the mountain, I start to climb, while I was 100 feet off the ground, I scrape my fingers agents the coal black stone, thus shifting, that my back faces the mountain, “AHHHHHHH!” I yell, while turning back I gazed upon an avalanche. While I looked up I yelled “Darn ME AND MY MOUTH! ”, “AHHHHH!” as I said while I’m being swept away, rocks hit and brose me, I quickly grip the nearest ledge as fast as I could, the burning in my heart increases with every hour. I kept climbing. While climbing I spot a huge dragon that looked like it wanted to eat me, I climbed fast to reached the cave in the mountain, it quickly came at me, but I made it to the cave just in time. I jumped on the dragon’s back, rode it, and rammed it toward the mountain until he was out cold, then I quickly leaped from his back onto the mountain. No matter how bad I felt inside, I kept going. I soon reach the clouds where my journey has just begun, “Wow. ” I said to myself as I stare at the flat roof of cloud, I quickly head into the clouds or what people call “Blind Whispering Death.”. I could not see anything as I went into the clouds,”YAAAAAAAk! ’”I heard, “What the heck was that?“ I said, I shot a line up to speed up the climbing, as I’m being pull up, I’m hit by something, ” ’’’ YAAAAAAAAAAk! YAAk!! ’”, “What the heck is that”, I then use Chaos Sight, and then I said “One, two, no three, no five, of these flying monsters!” I said. Using Chaos Sight I could see the flying monsters, I put my feet on the mountain and jump back and swung forward and crushed the first flying monsters towards the mountain, while the first flying monster falls down off the mountain, I quickly used the Homing Chaos spears to take care of two other flying monsters, and the two went down. Two more flying monsters remain, I can’t see the last flying monsters, cause they must be using some sort of way to hide their body heat, the fourth flying monster wing cuts my cuts my check as I try to keep it together. I bring out my ice pick and said” They must be trying to cut my line.”. The fourth flying monster hit me hard towards the mountain; I then said” If I can’t see them I will hear them.”, I soon closed my eyes and listen, I used homing Chaos Blast to take out the fourth flying monster, and stab the last one with my ice pick. As I return to being pulled by the line, I then reach the hardest part of my journey. The mountain goes in a 89 degree angel, full of spikes, as I crawled, I tripped on a spike, and it goes through my right shoulder. I yelled at the top of my lungs in pain, I close and grind my teeth together and pull my shoulder out of the spike, “MOTHER.....Fahhk...” I yelled. I quickly got up and dash up the steep mountain. As I’m scratch, cut, and the burning in my heart increases with every minute I soon reach the end of the steep part of the mountain, weak, hurt, with my right arm hanging down. I lay my head upon the mountain and hit it with my fist, I turned my back towards the mountain and sat down, I pulled out a picture of my wife and kids out of my backpack, how I miss them, they can’t grow up without me, but I must make it. I start to climb with my left arm; as I climb, I gazed upon black snow falling, the heat in my chest grows to 80%, and I spit out blood, and take short gasps as I climb. Night grows near and I haven’t even got that far up, I reached another cave where I rested for the night. My dream take place two years before now, the dream was of me and my wife in are bed gripping each other, and talking about having a kid. We talk for nights, until we decided to have one, as we did so, as we both  she asked me about my first wife and my first son Beat (Last name will be released when his mother is free), I didn’t replied. My next dream was when I was fifteen, with the Ultimate Soul Caliber, I was fighting Smash, and how he kept lecturing me. I woke up and said to myself that I am the greatest hero that lived, that no one can beet me.

Chapter 2: Sorry

A Day has past, as I climb, I thought to myself “I came this far just to die?”, I grow weaker then I said ”What kills me makes me strong”, I kept on climbing know that no one can save me but myself; I take a deep breath, and cough out blood. I looked at the slowly falling black snow and remember all the people I have done wrong too, Flame he was my best friend and it treated him like dirt. Shadow the Wolf you were truly a great opponent. Nora you saw me good when other couldn’t. Splice you’re an orphan, I guess in one way we are alike, you stayed so positive, while I was a loser. Jack you were one of my greatest friends. Darkstorm you stuck by my side, when I hated you. Skate you are truly a good friend to rival. Mia I respect that we are friends; you kept D from kissing you, ha. Sai you’re a good rival, but a better friend and I know your families happy. Smash your lecture kept me thinking how everyone loves you and exalts me, your power is very respectable, and I always thought you were a show of, but I’m sorry and you would never forgive me. All the people I cursed, swear, and called you guys weak, I am truly sorry for all that I have done, you all have the right to condemn me to hell. I gazed up, looking at the black snow and chuckled softly, I said to myself “Hmph, I didn’t think I could make it anyway.”, as my eyes slowly close I take a deep breath and reach, my hand felt a flat ground, my eyes quickly open, and I quickly got up the edge. I spit out blood, and take short gasp as I climb. As I reach the top of the mountain, I look and see a white and blue echidna playing a flute and a hedgehog right beside her, “You are me from the past.” I smiled and said to the hedgehog, “. ”Yes I am, I look towards the blue and white echidna. Why have you taken me to the future?” said younger Cold. The blue and white echidna female said “To show you how father Bad Blood kills you”, ”What?” said younger Cold, “It is true, I’m slowly dying, Bad Blood lite a fire that can’t be put out, I didn’t change my ways now I won’t see my family. ” said future Cold. Younger Cold said ”Can you teach me that secret move Lunar (the blue and white echidna) said you would teach me? “Yes, follow ” said Future Cold. As I show my past self the power of inner peace, I to learned something. Lunar said “We must go Cold, have you learned”, “Yes I have” said past Cold, “Good luck. ” said future Cold. As they disappear I cry tears of joy and fall to my knees, I fell forward, and died with a smile on my face. Somewhere in the past Cold awakens from (this part is like Halo 3’s opening) a sleep, seeing war happening over his head. I stand up, sock to see a large energy ball headed towards me, I quickly used Chaos Block to protect me. I then picked up a ring, then smiled, and absorbed the ring. I ran as fast as I could, and then leapt of the edge of a cliff, to only be awaited by E-series and badniks. I smiled and took on the army, and then I end my heroic story with a sacrifice, thus being The Legend of Cold.

     THE END

The Legend Of Sai (The Duel)

My second fanfic, note this fanfic is something I thought of while watching Halo Legends and Priest, and it might sound like "The Duel" from Halo Legends’ and the movie Priest, but enjoy ;)

Chapter 1: Judgment

Two days after Colds death, a man named Sai sets out. I ride my motorcycle trough a dark deadly swamp thinking that I am not going to fall for the Prophets tricks they call religion, the Oracle are back, but they don’t want to believe it, I have a flashback of me training my trainee fight to be come warriors. My friend Donzo the Monkey tells me that the Prophets didn’t like what I said a the village meeting, I gazed toward Donzo and said ” Donzo they can’t get rid of the guy who trains their warriors”. My flashback ends as I’m ambushed by two Robot Priest Fighters on cycles, RPFS we call them, the first RPF brings out a sword, the second RPF pulls out a riffle and starts to shout at me, I quickly put my cycle on auto, I stand up on my motorcycle, and pulled out my blue sword. I deflected his bullets, the first RPF came at me, as I jumped to dodge the RPF cuts my leg, I quickly landed on his cycle, and then cut his head off, as his body blows up I jump towards my bike. The second RPF speeds up right beside me in attempts to shout me from the side, I quickly pulled out my DOOM shotgun, as I pulled out my shotgun I have a flash back of talking a walk down to the to the stream where I am stopped by a trainee who tells me to follow him, he leads me the church house of the Prophets, the Prophets said to me” Why is it that you disobey us? Are you so foolish, saying Malacide is a demon, the great Journey a waits us all.”, “THE JOURNEY IS A LIE!” I yelled. I looked around and Malacide is not here, yet he is always here. The Prophets soon told me to leave, but before I left they said ”Remember Sai, to go against the church, is to go against God”. I scoffed at his mournful comment and walk out, as I walked out I said” Lord for give me. ’’. I soon rushed home only to find in front off me my friend Donzo knocked out and my wife wound on the floor, I quick rushed her to the hospital. My flashback ends, I shot the RPF in the head, soon after, he went down. I jumped off my motorcycle and walk into the desert. As I walked in the desert I am ambushed again by sand bots. Sand bots are huge, fast moving robot with big drills that they can shoot at people. They came out of nowhere and attacked me with force. The sand bots launched their huge drills at me; I quickly dig in the sand, thus dogging the two drills, then the sand bots retracted their drills. The sand bots drilled in the sand looking for me under the sand, I jump out the sand knowing they were in the sand somewhere. I quickly look around for any sign of them; one sand bot quickly came out the ground, and attacked me. The sand bot quickly went back in the sand, frighten out my mind, and I jump in the air and started firing energy blast down into the sand. The sand bots blew up under the sand making sand go everywhere. I continued my fate and kept walk on.

Chapter 2: Trial

I walk through a graveyard of what The Order calls dead war heroes, me I call them dead fools that gave their lives to kill, just so their dead bodies can be turned in to robots. I’m going to kill all of them; one of the Prophets accuses Fal of heresy, cause I accused their beliefs of being foolish. Fal will not yield and the Prophet sends another Elite warrior (like me) named Malacide (Is a demon who hides his true form, he secretly works for the Oracle but the Order won’t listen to me when I try to talk to them) to put my wife in the hospital while my son is with his auntie in Green Grove in order to drag me to a trap, I’m not stupid, but I will go. As walk, I remember back when I was siting down at the table dozing off while my wife sits across the table in my flashback. A huge army of dead bodies with robot brains to control them head towards me. I slowly pulled out my Blue Sword and charged towards them with speed, rage, power, and revenge. I came at them slathering every thing that walks. I kick a robot in the face and took his blade. I duel weld both blades, taking heads, legs, bodies, and revenge. I leap on to a huge metal man, dogging his punches, jumping on to his arm, charging towards his head, and I thought how my wife is in the hospital. My rage took over my body, becoming Dark Sai, I yelled in anger, and then destroyed the robot. I was covered in dirt, but I kept waking with hatred in my heart. I gazed bravely up at an old tall dome castle. I go inside the castle, to only see Combat robots armed with rail guns. I jumped and hanged from the vines on the roof. I leaped on one of the robot and aimed his gun at the other one. They both blow up; I used my Dark powers to burst through the roof. Up there waiting for me was Malacide in his true form. I gazed him in his eyes, I new he wasn’t from the world, which was good, because demons don’t have souls, which means I can kill him without guilt. He gazes at me with his demonic eyes, we readied are swords, and powered up are bodies. We stroke each other, Malacide chuckled, but he realizes he has been killed, blood rush out of him, spraying everywhere, and he falls to the ground dead. Black blood rushes out of my wound, I worked through the pain, and picked up Malacide’s body. Hours later at the church, a guard tells the Prophets that I have arrived, they watched closely as I bring a body on my shoulder, I yelled at them “THIS IS MALACIDE, A DEMON!”. They were shocked to see a demon had been under their noses. I dropped the body and left. Hours later I fall down having my life flashes before my eyes, I drop down dead in the desert, with a smile on my face, I cry tears of joy, and then I end my heroic story with a sacrifice, thus being The Legend of Sai. THE END

The Legend of Lt (The Aftermath)

Chapter 1: By God

I start my story in Metropolis Zone, Seven days after Sai disappeared his village, people are being taking away to become a miner in Mystic Cave, it all stared in the High Order palace. The High Order was talking about trying to drill trough Mystic Cave to get to Hidden Palace (S2), so they created these machines that go by night, take people off the street, and ships them to Mystic Cave. Me I’m a detective, a private eye, a police officer, and the Name’s LT. It was a cruel midnight a man was walking drunk through the night, until he disappears, the next day I come to work hearing what happen. I said “Darla, some one went missing last night?”, “Yeah, where were you?” Darla replied, I said back to her “I was asleep, wait for you to come into my bed.”, she replied “You can dream Tosh.”. Willie soon walk in tell us where he was last seen. Darla and I went to the seen of the crime; the clues were a bottle, and a piece of tire. Darla said ”The bottle has prints on it. ”, I said ”The tire piece counts as a clue to”. Night draws near as time goes by, I said “By God, I will find out what happen. ”. At midnight somewhere else in the city a Salesman walks onto a penthouse balcony where a woman looks out over Metropolis Zone. He offers her a cigarette and says that she looks like someone who is tired of running and that he will save her. The two shares a kiss and he shoots her; she dies in his arms. He says he’ll never know what she was running from but that he’ll cash her check in the morning. A man departs from a hospital, talking on a cell phone with his wife. In the elevator he encounters The Salesman. Narrating the scene, he says that if you turn the right corner in Metropolis Zone, you can find anything. He offers him a cigarette, calling him by name, as he abruptly ends the call with her mother. A few minutes later Darla and I patrol the streets at night, we stop at an electronics store, the door seems to be open, we look in side, and to only see tire marks. “Tire tracks, yet not a single person in here. ” I said, Darla pointed at the backdoor, which was destroyed. I looked at the size and shape of the hole, it was huge, “A big metal man, broke the door and took the people inside. ”Darla said. Darla pulls out a cigarette, lights it, and starts to smoke. I look towards her and said ”How could smoke that cancer stick, I don’t smoke and I have more troubles than you and I don’t smoke. It’s just stupid, you need to stop. ” she replied to my comment “ Cold the Hedgehog, you aren’t afraid of death. ” . I smirked and continued looking for clues. Darla pulls out an IPhone 7, and said to me “The guy that disappeared, his name is Law the Lizard, he was a lawyer, always got drunk, and was arrested several times for drunk walking. ”, I replied “Hmph, you think a guy like that learned his lesson.” . A man came out of no where and stared to run; we saw him and ran after him, Darla grabbed him, I pulled out my gun and said “MZPD, you’re under arrest. ”, the man quickly said “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! ALL THE PEOPLE START GETTING TAKEN AWAY, TWO HUGE ROBOTS CAME AND, AHHH!”. We took the guy back to the station, put him in a little room, and asked him question for hours. He said he gave us all the info he knew, which wasn’t very helpful. Darla and I went to Mc Donald’s to get chicken sandwiches, as we drove, we saw a ware house down in a hole, where we saw a light. We quickly drove around the ware house, only to have a huge robot destroy are car. We got out the car just in time, “What the Heck is that!?” Darla yell, I said ”No time to talk, get in the warehouse!!”. The warehouse we went into was the place the robots were being built. Darla found a computer that tells us, “Check it out Tosh, the generator for these thing are at the docks. She also found out that the bigger robots(mark 2) don’t run on the generator. ” Darla said. Robots came at us fast, after Darla yelled that out. We fought till 12:30 AM, we knew that there were other warehouse out there. We barely made it out, scratched, cut, wounded, and bleeding. We climb out that hole, hours later we get a call from the chief, say there is a child killer out at the docks, the same place the robot generator is. We didn’t waste time.

Chapter 2:Kill!

Dark grew near, the place was soon going to be surrounded by swat, Darla and I quickly went in. On the docks of Metropolis Zone, We try to stop serial child-killer Roark Junior the Bird killing eleven-year-old Kate Beck. Junior is the son of Senator Roark the Bird, who has bribed the police to cover up his son's crimes. My partner, Darla tries to convince me to walk away. I just yell at her. LT and Darla heads into the warehouse where Junior is holding Kate, also the generator for the robots (nonreplicable), plants a bomb on the generator. Junior shoots LT in the shoulder, shoots Darla in the leg, and tries to escape. ”AHHH!!!” Darla yelled in pain, I got madder. I catch up and shoots off Junior's ear and hand, A mock 2 Robot soon picked Junior up and takes him to Mystic Cave. I ran away, The Sales Man appears, shoots me in the back; he has been paid off by Roark Sr. As the sirens approach, The Sales Man leave, Kate lies down in my lap, I tell her to be strong and get far away. I pass out as a mock 2 robot takes me away, Kate runs to Darla, who is shot in the leg, gets her up, lives another day, I got taken away with a smile on my face, I cry tears of joy, and then I end my heroic story with a sacrifice, thus being The Legend of LT.

     THE END

The Legend of D (The Fate)

Chapter 1:300 we stand

My story takes place on earth years before Cold, Sai, and LT disappears, in the year 2011, on Earth, in a floating island called Hero ft. Hero ft is a place mutant, spliced, or half machine can go to live free, it is also rule by my father, who has wrecked my life. He was a good father 30% of the time, but 80% of the time he wasn’t. In Hero ft, there are levels, halo, king, big, rich, high, mid class, other, low, lower, dead, forgotten, and dirt. He lives at the top (Halo), me and my friends; we live at for forgotten, in a warehouse. Mae, Nikki, Neil, my adopted kids, and me (Tailsman67). My little brother S(sonic1000), lives at mid class. My friends mean a lot to me, mostly Mae. I wouldn’t trade them. Kay, Cathra, and the rest say; how I could be the strongest person in the world if I am a goof off, or beet my father, well that is about to change next week. I walk down the streets of forgotten; I look around to only see a man robbing a young lady, everyone just kept walk, I quick rushed over, I punch the man, and he went down. I picked the man up, put him in a trashcan, and ask the lady is she alright. She said yes and walked away. That is what I do for a villain, before when I was a evil guy, everyone respected me, I just don’t care, all I know is that father is going down. My oldest son, who was 14 years old, told me that the guns are loaded, I looked at him, and said “No matter what I am still your father. ”. He smile and said ”Yeah Dad.”. I took Mae out to the black market; we picked up some guns and armor. I ask her if she felt alright about this war, She replied “I don’t like war, nor hurting people, but we half to do what we can. ”, she smiles and gives me the BFG, we paid for are stuff and went. As we walk down the cracked streets she mentioned are adopted 2 month year old baby, Hope, I told her that the baby is going in the safe zone, she told me will she have a daddy when she grows up, I said “I can’t tell the future. ”. At the warehouse Neil and Abby work on the force field, Abby said to me ”Daddy are you going to put on the force field and if you do won’t you half to be at the head of the army”. I replied ”Yes and yes.”, she hoped I wasn’t going to get killed, Rave(the human ultimate life form) my mid son said “Dad isn’t going to died, not like that, he is strong, and I know he will rule. ”. I smiled at him and laughed, and said ”Well I’m not sure if I will make it. ” . The next day I took a walk,looking at the hell I'm in"Damn.".

. . . More soon  


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