The Mobius Complex, commonly abbreviated to TMC, is an upcoming animation series by BloodSonic1. The series has so far had possibly the most amount of planning put into it than any other series previously planned by me, and is the first one with this level of planning that has no trailer, due to the belief that if I do make a trailer, I'll end up not making the series.


Blood calls together the Edit-X, comprised of Will, Flab and Blood himself, to discuss the quiet behaviour of the Trolls in recent times. Coming to no viable conclusions, the team decide to head to a nearby Troll base to find out what has been happening. At the base, the Trolls, with the help of a hedgehog named Atomic, have been designing and building the Temporal-Reality Alterring Portal Device, or TRAPD for short. Upon completion of the device, several fan characters have stormed the base, causing the device to be triggered, transferring everybody in the base to an alternate reality where fancharacters and trolls previously did not exist.

To come

The series has yet to have any episodes out, and as such, some of the story is conceptual only.

So far, the first season (arc) has been planned, with the second still being planned, and the final two are only conceptual

First Arc: Regroup

The first arc shows the 8 groups of characters upon their arrival in the alternate reality, battling their troll enemies, encountering Sonic canon characters, and regrouping to plan their next move. It is planned to end with a decisive victory over the Trolls.

Second Arc: Insanity

The second arc shows the existance of non-canon characters in the alternate reality, and more fancharacters from the original timeline finding a way over.

Third Arc: Prime

This arc is currently unplanned, and as such, any events are unconfirmed.

This arc shows several, more powerful and smarter trolls enterring the the alternate timeline.

Fourth Arc: Utter Chaos

This arc is currently unplanned, and as such, any events are unconfirmed.

In the final part of the series, the group of villains fragments, and cause Chaos energy to spread over the planet and cause mutations in most of the planet's population. This arc has some resemblance to the backstory of the BlazBlue games and history, but it is coincidental.

Character list

So far, a total of 66 characters have been confirmed, with 4 being unconfirmed. Others will be added later, as the story is fleshed out and properly planned.

Heroes (27)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Silver the Hedgehog

Espio the Chameleon


Will the Echidna

Flab the Demonhog

Zaya the Hedgehog


Justibal the Hedgehog

Speed the Pyrohog


Ven the Thunderhog


Phantom the Vamphog

Ferzin the Hedgehog

Kevin the Saiyanhog

Aaron the Hedgehog

Blaze the Pyro

Flame the Wolf



Joey the Hedgehog

Villains (29)

Nazo the Hedgehog

Mephiles the Dark

Metal Sonic






Nightshade the Fox

Punchout the Echidna

Stinkwad the Hedgehog

Tantrum the Fox

Bollocks the Arsewitch

Matthew the Power Hedgehog

Penny the Pyrohog

Scorch the Pyrohog

Pheer the Demonhog

Omni the Hedgehog

Joker the Hedgehog

Mary-Sue the Hedgehog

Puppetrina the Hedgehog

Phoeno the Hedgehog

Blood the Hedgehog

Gyro the Fox

Sylest the Hedgehog

Cloud the Hedgehog

Macabre the Hedgehog

Bruise the Hedgehog

Maple the Hedgehog

Characters for future Arcs (10)

Kage the Hedgehog







Jason the Sharkhog

David the Hedgehog

Mac the Hedgehog


Knight The Hedgehog


Tytrun the Zedgezog