The Order of the Phoenix is a group of super powered Mobian Terrorists. Their goal is to conquor the world.


(*= Yet to be introduced)

Jonji the Bat Leader

The Comedian

Spyke the Bat

Thompson the Mole*

Magnus the Eagle

Bullseye the Porcupine

Ares the Echidna

Reaper the Weasel*

Spectre the Cat*

Sparx the Hawk*

Dust the Echidna*

Morphus the Wolf*

Detonator the Weasel

Doppelganger the Chameleon

Ragdoll the Fox


The original founders were Jonji, the Comedian, and Thompson. Jonji had met with The Comedian and Thompson. He told them that his goal is world domination, and proposed a plan to carry out his goal. The Comedian would provide funding for their operations. Dr. Thompson (who was a crippled yellow cat at the time they had met) would carry out experimental procedures, in hopes of growing genetic, super powered Mobians. However, they needed the aid of already existing Super Powered Mobians. So, Jonji began to travel the world in serach of said super-powered Mobians.

(more info coming soon)

Theme Song

Hidan's Theme from Naruto Shippuden


Techno Remix of Akatsuki Theme. [This may change. I haven't decided on this version or the original.]



  • The Order of the Phoenix is heavily based off of Naruto's Akatsuki organization, which in my opinion, is one of the greatest organizations of villains in fiction.
  • Saying this, it has nothing to do with the Harry Potter book/film and the name is coincidental.

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