The Queen's Royal Castle is the second stage in Team Metal's story in Sonic Shockwave Riders.


After spotting Fang in Classic Canyon, Metal Sonic and E-10000G team up with him to search the 6 Shockwave Keys.


The race takes place in a glamorous castle. The stage is noted for its wide pathways and few shortcuts. The race begins outside the castle. The player makes his way through the gate and into the castle. There is a ramp and the player enters a very long and wide path through fountains. Next, the player passes through the dungeons and then into the garden's labyrinth. Near the end of the race the player races vertically on the castle's tower and makes a big jump.


Mission Pass through 30 gate rings and finish in first or second place
Characters Metal Sonic or E-10000G or Fang

There are a total of 12 racers in the game: Metal Sonic, E-10000G, Fang, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X. The mission is to pass through 30 gate rings. and finish in first or second place.

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