The Reality is said to be an centuries old artifact that if it's name tell allows anybody who possesses it to control time, space and reality itself


the Reality over the thousands of years of it's existence varies in different shapes and sizes from every different civilization who has every come in contact or witnessed it's spectacular powers. Many have said that it is a staff, others a sacred jewel but the most common is an orb that looks as thought it is made of pure glass


The Reality is both a tool and a weapon of unimaginable power with the ability to level mountains, create a sea in the middle of a barren dessert, control the weather as well as the ability to change space, transcend time and have control over reality itself. But all these powers their is always a drawback, the Reality could only be used by those who are pure of heart (both pure Good and Evil) and cannot change event's that have already happened, but one can use the Reality to travel back in time as an echo (a ghost) were they can see what really happened in an event lost in history.

Known users

  • The Creator - the unknown being who used The Reality to forged the chaos emeralds and the master emerald
  • Feist the Panda - the creators apprentice, who helped the Creator to form all the Zones but when accidentally tampering with The Reality accidentally banished himself to the zone of silence (the special zone) were he now resides today
  • Nox Aeterna- the first Mobian to successfully use the Reality, a master wizard Nox used the Reality to turn a part of the baron dessert in which he lived in into a oasis, but after Nox was sealed by an ancient order of wizards for trying to plunge the world into darkness, the order then deemed the Reality too hazardous for a mortal to posses
  • Proditor - a trusted friend of Nox who took the Reality after Nox was sealed, Proditor used the Reality and forged a temple out of the sands of Nox's dessert with the orbs powers, were he stored the object, sealed the temple made a map inscribed on a tablet to the temple then after seting foot out of the dessert used his magic to bury the temple in a sandstorm. Proditor then hid the tablet away somewhere in a cave that would only open if you solved the caves riddle which read as "The debt that all must pay" only then if a person who wanted to find the Reality must solve the riddle and fallow the map to where the temple lies


  • The Reality is probably based on the Reality Gauntlet from Danny Phantom only it is a crystal sphere instead of a armored gauntlet
  • Their is no way to change the past with the Reality because if the Reality could reverse time and change the events that have all ready happened a Domino/Paradox effects might take place because when something is altered in the past it effects the future and the present itself
  • the Reality is indestructible so it can only be hidden

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