Skull Gem

The Gem

This Skull Gem Is The One Who First Made The Unknown Area. After He Was Done, He Disappered.Then Flare & The Robot Found It In The Dark Tunnels. Rush Did Research & They Found Out It Was Evil! He Has 7 Forms That He Can Turn Into With The Power Of The Chaos Emeralds.

Form 1

This Form Is His Basic Form. Just A Plain Red Skull With Dark Smoke Coming From The Back Of His Head. Weird.

Form 2

This Form Is His Spirit Form. He Has Hands And His Attacks Are More Powerful.
Skull Gem 2

2nd Form

That Is It.

Form 3

This Form Is His Demon Form. He Grew Horns, He Can Speak, & He Has A Body As A Ghost. Again, His Attacks Are Even More Powerful That Before.
Skull Gem 3

3nd Form


His Eye Color Means A Different Attack.

  • Blue: Water
  • Light Blue: Ice
  • Purple: Poison
  • Red: Fire
  • Yellow: Lighting
  • Green: Wind
  • Brown: Earth
  • White: Lazer

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