Skitari village

A Skitari Village

The Skitari are the Native people of Fresia who have lived on the jungle world for centuries and are regarded as legendary warriors. They Inhabit roughly half of Fresia's inhabbited land and prefer to live simply in small villages as opposed to towns and large cities. Most of their territory consists of Fresia's central highlands, grass plains, and even the planet's great jungles. The Skitari live as hunters, farmers, and if need be soldiers. Because of their natural acrobatic abilities and almost unbelievable speed and percision they are highly valued as mercenaries and assasins. Despite this most Skitari keep to themselves and are weary of outsiders (though they do usually give aid to those who need it).

Cononization of Fresia

The Skitari arived on Fresia roughly 8,000 years ago, long before sonic the hedgehog or any of his friends were even born. So long ago in fact that the Skitari had long been forgotton by the mobians and only recently was it even discovered by the mobians that Fresia existed. The story was even forgotton by the Skitari themselves and many of them believed that they had simply always been there. What remains of the story says that the Skitari left mobius in search of a planet where they could truly be in tuned with the natural universe and as a result they found Fresia. Centuries later the Order of the Incubi was created to protect the world from invaders they lived in the planet's mountain valleys and later on some of it's moons until the order was destroyed by the very first large scale leader of the skitari Skatar The Great after they turned to the path of evil. It is from Skatar that the Skitari got their name, and it is his teachings that they follow to this day.

The Seedrian Wars

The Skitari engaged the seedrian colonials in a brief but bloody war before achieving their right to independance and to keep their lands. This war placed a long lasting wedge between the seedrians and the native fresians that remains to this day. Several units of Skitari soldiers also faught in The Ahriman Uprising on the side of the rebels.

Notable Skitari Characters

Chieftan Viskarix

Maric The Fox

Captain Cyrpris

Lola The Seedrian

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