Clover the Cat
Hawkshadow the Cat
Crystal the Wolf
Dequalia the Unicorn
Golden the Tiger
Terra the Cat
Sonic the Hedgehog
Amy Rose
Shadow the Hedgehog
Rouge the Bat
Knuckles the Echidna
Ralph Lauren (Later Episodes)
Mrs. Camilie the Bear (Later episodes)
Charles/Charlie the Lion (Later episodes)
Danial the ? (Later episodes)
Roger the ? (Later episodes)
Mrs. Juni (Later episodes)
Tikal the Echinda (Later episodes)
Breanna the Cat (Later episodes)
Maura Rose (Later Episodes)
Dawn the HedgeCat (Later Episodes)
Junita the Foxabbit (Later episodes)
April the Batinda (Later episodes)
Dragoonworks (Later episodes)

Important Notice

This might disturb you some. It's weird and contains censored out cussing.


Okay, I don't own the song Fifteen. It's by Taylor Swift. I don't own Beautiful Dirty Rich (Lady GaGa) or Ralph Lauren (he owns himself) I also don't own You're a Jerk (Elephant Rush), or Unfaithful by Rihanna. I don't own the Clique. I also don't own any magazines mentioned. But I do own Paranormal Heart! It's Terra's debut album, yay! I don't own Las Vegas, it's nickname Sin City, Niagra Falls, and I don't own Tikal! I also don't own Katy Perry, I Kissed a Girl, or PETA.

Episode 1

Clover: Hello! Today we shall play a stupid game of truth or dare! Yay!
Hawkshadow: HA HA HA COFFEE!!!!
Crystal: Go Hawkshadow, woo!
Dequalia: *Cries* Aren't you my friend, Crystal?
Crystal: Uh...of course! Boo, Hawkshadow!
Hawkshadow: Huh???
Golden: ......
Clover: Say something already!
Clover: Cream's chao? Oh yeah, it is a girl, I think...
Crystal: Why don't you just kill yourself?
Golden: NO I NEED MY CHEESE!!!!!!
Terra: No! Don't die! I LOVE YOU!
Golden: in the same sentence!
Terra: Fine! I love...
Hawkshadow: Metal Sonic?
Terra: *Says quickly* Yeah...uh, sure! *Leaves to go find Metal Sonic* Oh yeah, and Clover, you're still jealous I carried boxes with Golden!
Clover: Okay, one, that sounded wrong in so many ways, and two, it's just a dumb box! Who cares?!?
Hawkshadow: How 'bout we just start playing Truth or Dare?
Golden: Wait! I'll text Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles. *Does so*
Clover: I got Rouge!
Crystal: I have Amy! I'll text her!
Dequalia: Nooooooo, text ME!
Crystal:'re right here!
Dequalia: Oh...
Rouge: *Enters the room* We got the party with us, ah ah ah... Oh! Hey there, just thought I'd stop by for a chat!
Clover: Hey, Rouge! I just texted ya!
Rouge: Oh, really? *Checks her cell phone* Truth or Dare? Cool!
Terra: *Has returned* Hey look! The boys are here!
Sonic: Heyo all!
Knuckles: Yo, what's up?
Rouge: Hey! Get your da** hands off my guy!
Hawkshadow: Since when is he yours?!? *Pulls out her bb-gun*
Rouge: Oh, you wanna fight, huh? Well, I just had tea! *Does weird karate motion, then attacks Hawkshadow*
Knuckles: You see that, Shadow? The chics dig me.
Shadow: *Sighs* I don't really care, you know?
Knuckles: How rude!!!
Sonic: Uh, Knux, you won't have any chics after a few minutes...
Hawkshadow: *Shoots Rouge in the head*
Rouge: Oweeeee! That hurts, evil! *Runs out the door*
Crystal: Yeah! *Gives Hawkshadow a high-five*
Shadow: Yay.
Hawkshadow: *Is looking at Golden with google-y eyes* I wuv you.
Clover: I'm scared. Anyways, Shadow, Truth or Dare?
Shadow: Truth. I'm not a daredevil.
Clover: Of it true you love Rouge?
Shadow: ....
Amy: Like I love Sonic?
Clover: Amy, you don't love Sonic. You just have a crush on him. You're only his pretty little fangirl who follows him around for a cheap time.
Terra: Tell her, sister!
Amy: *Cries*
Shadow: How.....Dare.....You.......
Clover: Wuuh???
Shadow: anyone....
Clover: Uh....sorry, Shadow, I didn't think...
Sonic: *Whispers to Clover* He loves no one except Maria...
Shadow: I heard that! And of course I loved her, butthead! I still do!
Clover: Uh....this could get bad! Commercial break! Actually...oh my gosh! *Sees Shadow killing Sonic* Eh....cut?

Commericial Break

Announcer: Hi! I'm Britney Spears' manager! So go out and buy Britney Spears' new album, the Singles Collection! Go on...walk away from you TV...oh, and go buy Britney Spears' perfume too! Do it, and you'll smell like grape kool-aid! Don't we all love grape kool-aid!?!?! Come on, don't we?

Episode 2

Clover: Hola peoples! We're back! We have good news and bad news. The good news is, both Shadow and Sonic got a counselor. I have no clue why Sonic got one, but...poor Shadow!!! *Hugs Shadow*
Shadow: Uh...get off me...
Clover: Oh, sorry!
Golden: Hey!
Clover: Um...also sorry...
Shadow: Anyways, Hawkshadow, truth or dare?
Hawkshadow: DARE!!!
Shadow: I dare you to pick fleas off of Sonic...with your teeth.
Sonic: Hey!!! I don't have any fleas! *Scratches his rump* Oh, look, a tick...and is that a louse?
Hawkshadow: Louse?
Sonic: One lice!
Hawkshadow: EEEEEWWWWW! PLEASE, NO!!! I'll do anything else!
Shadow: Well, a feel merciful today because my counselor told me peace is my best friend. Well...I dare you to do the macarena with Dequalia.
Clover: Oh, great...
Dequalia: Okie-dokey!
Golden: Weird, weird, weird, weird, weird!
Dequalia: But I love you!
Golden: TOO BAD!!!
Dequalia: *Begins the macerena*
Hawkshadow: *Does the same reluctantly*
Hawkshadow: Okay, I did it. Now, Clover, truth or dare...?

Commercial Break

Taylor Swift: "Say you're sorry, that face of an angel, comes out just when you need it I pace back and forth all this time cuz I honestly believed in you...
Announcer: Hi! Hi! Hi! Go to Taylor Swift's concert! GO GO GO!

Episode 3

Clover: Uhh....Hawkshadow just began saying something, then a commercial cut her off. Action!!!
Hawkshadow: Clover, truth or dare?
Clover: Truth!
Hawkshadow: ...This will be fun!
Terra: Oh, great! How so?!?
Hawkshadow: Is it true, Clover, that you french kissed Shadow?
Clover: *Eyes Shadow* They know...
Golden: WHAT?!?
Clover: Just kidding!
Crystal: Thank goodness!
Terra: Awww! I thought she was serious!
Golden: ......What if it was true?!? I would die then...
Crystal: Wouldn't we all? *Whispers quickly* hateyou!
Golden: Why do you hate me???
Crystal: Because you're a stuck-up, inconvinient jerk who thinks he's all that just cuz he's a tiger and he says he's related to that weird guy who goes 'mighty mighty tigers!' on the commericial things, and I don't know what I - or Clover - see in you!!!
Clover: *Gapes*
Terra: was so cool yet weird...wasn't it, Sonic? *Goes up behind him, twirls his quils, and purrs*
Amy: I KILL YOU!!! *Pulls out her piko-piko hammer*
Terra: *screams*
Terra: You die!!! *Pulls out her knife*
Clover: Hey!
Terra: *Snarls* Hay is for horses!
Dequalia: I don't enjoy that comment.
Terra: Oh, shut up! You're a unicorn, for Pete's sake!
Sonic: STOP!!! *Everyone stops* You're Catholic???
Terra: WHAT?!? Just because I mentioned a Saint doesn't mean I'm Catholic! Gosh!!!
Sonic: Uh...sorry...
Terra: So...Sonic... *begins twirling her own hair* do you wanna go to the prom with me?
Sonic: I...
Knuckles: Hey, Terra, aren't you dating Storm?
Terra: *Shifts her eyes* makes you think that?
Rouge: Honey, cuz you were sittin' in your class yesterday ramblin' off about how hot he was and how he took you to the Friday Night Dinner.
Terra: Did I say Storm? Silly me! I meant Sonic!
Sonic: WHAT?!? I am NOT going out with you, never have!
Terra: Wait...Rouge, how did you know that? We're not even in the same grade!
Rouge: Oh, I just happened to be in the principle's office when I caught it on camera!
Everyone: *Gasps*
Clover: Uh...I think it's a good time to end!!! Before something bad happens, cut!!! *Channel turns frizzy*

Commercial Break

Talking guy: I have important news; you must go and get the H1N1 vaccinne! If you don't, you will die! DIE! So go and live! Available at your nearest Wal-greens.

Episode 4

Clover: Hiya, my peeps! This is the ultra-weird rap/hip-hop edition of the Sonic Dares show!
Golden: *Does the devil horns with his hands* Let's get this party started, succas!
Hawkshadow: You weird man...
Golden: So instead of doing an actual dare-show thingy, we gon' sing!
Crystal: Yay! I enjoy singing! *Climbs onto a stage* This is my duet with Golden!
Boy-oy, go and kiss me....pleased me, but then you leave me.
Boy, jerks are just that way, and boy, you gave yourself away...
You're a jerk!
I know I am!
Yeah, you're a jerk!
Tell me somethin' my heart don't know!
You're a jerk, a jerk, a jerk and dirty irty-irty flirt!
Baby before I go, just do one more thing...
What, Mr. Boy?
Baby, call me a jerk one more time!
Crystal (with Rouge, Hawkshadow, Dequalia, and Amy):
You're a jerk!
Clover: Um...yay!
Golden: Hey!
Clover: Okay, this time I am sooo not apologizing!
Crystal: Yo, Terra, didn't I totally rock or, like, what?
Terra: Girl, you my homie, and you know you totally blew the ****in' roof off!
Crystal: S'what I thought.
Terra: Totally! I know, right, Crystal?
Clover: Okay, this is werid now. And Terra, mom said that we shouldn't cuss! Especially not you!
Terra: Mom is dead!!!
Clover: ...That's not funny, Terra.
Terra: You know what, Clover? *Gets up in her face* I...don'!
Clover: I'm serious, Terra. This is really hurting.
Terra: Yeah, and you know what else hurts?!? Waking up and looking at your face every frickin' day!
Everyone: ....
Golden: Girl, that was cold...
Amy: Yeah, cold even for you. How can you not even honor your own mother?
Crystal: You know, I came here so I could have fun with my friends! *sobs* But I think none of you are my friends now!
Clover:,'re still our friend...
Crystal: I'm out. *Makes the 'L' sign* *Leaves casually*
Golden: Whoa...good day gone bad...uh...cut...

The jerk song is's called 'you're a jerk'...and the real jerk here is Terra! I don't know why I made her so bratty...

Commercial Break

Lady: MOON IS OUT! GO AND WATCH IT AT YOUR NEAREST...or farthest...CINEMA! OMG go it's better than the first Twilight! GO! Run! Hurry! FLY FLY FLY! JACOB IS WAITING!

Episode 5

Golden: You suck, Terra! Why you so rude?
Sonic: I think you do. *Points at Clover*
Clover: *Sobs*
Terra: ........
Clover: *Sniffles* I am breaking up with you, Golden.
Terra: Hey!
Golden: Oh, shut up, you know it's true.
Clover: Cuz you don't really care about me, cheater...
Golden: Huh?!?!?
Clover: I know you're going out with Hawkshadow too.
Hawkshadow: *Bows head* 'Tis true, thy adulterer.
Golden: Quit stealing things from 'The Scarlet Letter!' and quit trying to act like Prudence in there!
Hawkshadow: Thy partner, don't foresake me! I mean thee no pain...
Golden: Your theme song is Unfaithful by Rihanna! But wait...who are you going out with, then, Clover?
Clover: *Snuggles Shadow*
Shadow: Hahahahahahahahahahah.
Golden: he on crack?
Clover: Hahahahahahahahahahah.
Dequalia: They're both on crack. *Flies away*
Golden: Hahahahahahahahahaha why am I laughing?
Sonic: Hahahahahahahahahahah is there a witch in the room?
Mysterious voice: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sonic: Who is diz - hahahahhahahah - mysterious voice?
Cream: *Jumps off a floating broomstick from the top of the room, and she is now 17 years old and dressed in a outfit that resembles Halle Berry's from Catwoman*
Sonic: Whadda he - hahahahahahahahaha!
Cream: I learned how to possess people and I possessed you all at the same time for no reason so whenever I breath you laugh like crackheads!
Golden: Oka - ahahahhahahhahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahsahahahahah!!!!
Cream: *breathes like heck*
Cream: MWA HA HA I control the luna!!
Clover: Mo - haha!
Terra: Wait! She's getting weaker!
Cream: NO!!!!!!!!!! My powers aren't perfected! *Jumps through Shadow and flies away*
Shadow: Why am I dissolving? Clover, why are you dissolving?
Clover: EEK!
Golden: Uh-oh, this could get bad!
Everyone: CUT!!

Commercial Break

AT&T guy:...and so with AT&T you get faster, higher-quality internet for less. Now, doesn't that sound good? DOESN'T IT!?!?!?!?!

Episode 6

Clover: OMG it turns out if you get drunk on root beer, you stop dissolving!!
Golden: Tra la la la la la, I like puppies! Are you my friend? Do you like rainbows and do you like daisys?
Clover: Probably not.
Golden: *Sobs his eyes out* I know why you broke UP wit' meh now! You like that toe-dally hawt guy, Dru! Eh?
Clover: *Stares* Uh... Dru the Panther, a.k.a. Dru the Pervert? Heh heh...why would you think that?
Golden: It's kinda obvious, since everyone luffles him so muuuuuuuch!
Clover: ...Oh my gosh, you're so right. *Starts crying* He's so hawt it hurts!
Golden: Aren't I hawt?
Terra: D*** no!
Golden: You meanie jank lady. *Starts sucking his thumb*
Terra: STUPID, you P'd Clover off.
Golden: Nu-uh!
Terra: Yeah huh!
Golden: You mean lady dog.
Terra: You male wolf.
Clover: Shut up, or you will both die!
Golden: Isn't Dru's dad Michael Jackson?
Clover: Hemy...I dunno and I don't care...wait, no, Hawkshadow's dad is Michael Jackson, and her mom is Britney Spears.
Golden: ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you Serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
Clover: OH MY GOD I JUST GOT A TEXT FROM DRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dru: Aren't u havin a x-mas party this decem 20?
Clover: Yeah. U'll be there, rite? im xpectin u. ;D
Dru: Of course im coming! Hey, gimme 1 of ur smart comebacks.
Clover: Which 1?
Dru: One about ppl getting in ur face.
Clover: Did I order coffee? No? Then get out of my MUG!
Dru: gimme 1 about not caring.
Clover: Do I sell fertilizer? No? Then I don't give a crap!
Dru: xD, that's my fav 1...
Clover: yay!
Dru: lol, u funny!
Clover: g2g...anyways, bye!
Dru: bye...

Clover: Ehmagawsh, I got a text from Dru, can you believe it?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
Terra: ...Clover, he's just a guy.
Clover: Aww, you would know that, wouldn't you?
Terra: Um....hey! No, I wouldn't know that, not for him, anyways.
Golden: Double - no, triple - ew!!!
Clover: Dude, are you a woman?
Golden: YES! *Rips his fur off and turns out to be Crystal*
Clover: Wait...where the crap is Golden?
Crystal: *Opens closet, and Golden is sitting there with his hands and feet tied up, and his mouth is taped with duct tape.*
Terra: LOL!!!!!!!!
Golden: Mmmwahmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
Clover: Um, Crystal, how long has he been in there?
Crystal: About three days.
Terra: Oh, my...
Golden: Fwamamamammamwammdfammmmm!!!!!!
Crystal: I'm sorry, what? I don't speak idiot.
Clover: Very nice, Crystal. I'm sure that's just what I nice person would say.
Crystal: Well, I'm not nice, so...
Terra: You are so weird!
Crystal: I know, right?
Terra: Yeah, duh...duh.
Clover: *Sneezes* I'm talking in thimbles, thee? Anyways, I think you're thtupid, Terra.
Terra: Thut up, thitter!
Sonic: Hello! Now stop talking like retards.
Clover: *Singing* It's my party, and I'll talk like a retard if I want to!
Dequalia: OMG big news!!! A private school is being built! And it's supposed to have running water and electricity! And indoor plumbing! Oh, and the Shining Stars Talent Agency just got finished being built! Spring auditions are on!
Terra: Clover! Crystal! Can I go to the private school and audition? Please? Please? Please?
Clover: *Sighs* Hawkshadow, you take care of our money. We got enough for private school? And why does it matter, anyways, Terra? You'll be graduating in two years anyways. (A/N: At Sanctuary Lake, you go to elementary school from the time you're 4-7, junior high from the time you're 8-10, and high school when you're 11-13, meaning Clover and Crystal most likely just got out of high school, and Terra just got in, since she's 11.)
Hawkshadow: Clover, we're rich. Since you, me, Crystal, and Terra all live together, we all get lots of money. Like 2000$ a month, since Crystal works as a spy, along with Terra. And me and Crystal don't care what you do with it, as long as we have water, food, and electricity.
Terra: Because, if I don't, my social status will lower x10000000!
Clover: ...Right. And why should I care about that? And don't you get worn it between school, spy training, boot camp, and trying to try out for the Talent Agency?
Crystal: *Teasing* She does, but the day she admits it, she dies.
Dequalia: Oh yeah, it costs a hundred bucks to audition for the Talent Agency.
Clover: WHAT?!? Don't you get your money back if you don't make a spot?
Dequalia: No.
Clover: Awww! That's evil.
Golden: *He bit through all the duct tape and ropes* CRYSTAL!!!
Crystal: Good-bye. You won't be seeing me later. *Walks out the door*
Golden: Clover, question. Will you marry me?
Clover: Whu--uh...I dunno...
Golden: One more person in your chambers would mean more money for
Clover: I'm not greedy!
Terra: But I am! You can marry me!
Golden: I--
Clover: NO! Terra, you're not even out of High School! How the heck do you expect to raise a family!?!? (A/N: In Sanctuary Lake, you have to be in at least high school to get married.)
Terra: I don't.
Clover: *Sighs* No. And that's final.
Sonic: Hey, I was about to propose to you, Terra! Now I can't cuz you're about to marry Golden!
Terra: Really?
Sonic: No.
Terra: Oh...

Commercial Break

Young singer: Hi, I'm Heather the Badger, and I was the first person to audition for the Shining Stars Talent Agency! I made it! It's so easy! Just pay 100 US$ and you can audition in three different subjects: acting, singing, and modeling!! Try out for one, two, or three, as many as you want!
Random Guy: SSTA are not responsible for a waste of money. All auditions are final, and you may not audition more than once, until next season. Thank you for your wasted time.

Episode 7

Clover: *Off-screen* Stupid camera man, haven't you ever walked on grass before? Gosh? Get the camera out of the mud!
Camera man: Sorry, Clover. *Picks up camera and wipes off mud*
Director: And, action!
Camera man: It's already on.
Director: WHAT??? Okay, this is the last time I tape live!
Terra: Can I have water before I audition?
Producer: Are you Clover or Crystal, one of our two highest-paying actresses on the TV station?
Terra: No...
Producer and Director (At the same time): When you get 5000 U.S. dollars in cash, not check, from your fans, and then generously give almost all of that profit to this TV Station so we can pay our other, less-liked actors and get better equipment, then we'll give you some water.
Terra: Aww...
Camera man: Did you hear me? All of Sanctuary Lake heard what you guys just said!!!
Producer: Oh, yeah...
Clover: *Ignoring the Produver, Camera man, and Director* Hi, Sanctuary Lake, and welcome to Shining Stars Talent Agency! We're here to watch Terra audition!
Terra: Yeah, I'm gonna make all the parts.
Clover: All? I thought we just agreed on acting!
Terra: *Yawns* Yeah, but the more I try out for, the more likely we'll get money...
Clover: Oh, Terra, you're so funny! Heh heh...
Terra: Right...
All: *Walk into building*
Service Woman: Hello, Clover, Crystal, Terra, and all of you other cast-people I don't feel like naming, would one of you like to audition? Please don't hold up the line.
Crystal: Line? *looks behind her, and angry animals are glaring at the TV Cast* Oh...
Terra: Um, yes, and I would like to audition for all three subjects.
Service Woman: *Widens eyes* Really? The last person who tried that ran home crying with his tail cut off.
Terra: Why, yes, I'm quite sure.
Service Woman: Okay, whatever you say...
Clover: Three hundred dollars likely to go down the drain...
Terra: Excuse me?
Clover: *Sighs* Here's your money, lady...*gives the lady the money*
Service Woman: *Not taking her eyes off the money* To your right...Terra, only three people can go in with you. The rest have to wait out here.
Terra: Hmmm...Clover, Crystal, and Camera man.
Camera man: *sighs* My name isn't Camera man, it's Charles. Charles the Lion.
Terra: Yeah, yeah, whatever, camera dude.
Charles: ...
Terra: C'mon *Walks into Singing auditions first*
Judge: Terra!
Terra: Mrs. Camilie!
Mrs. Camilie: Are you trying out for singing?
Terra: Why, yes!
Clover: Um...introductions?
Terra: Oh, yeah. Clover, this is my Spanish teacher, Mrs. Camilie. Mrs Camilie, this is my sister, Clover, and my guardian, Crystal.
Crystal: Pleased to make your aquantiance.
Clover: Same.
Mrs. Camilie: Why, thank you.
Terra: She's beautiful, isn't she?
Clover: Yes, she really is. (A/N: Mrs. Camilie is supposed to be a hispanic-looking bear with long black hair and blue eyes.)
Mrs. Camilie: Gracias, it's kind of you to say so. What song will you be singing, por-favor?
Terra: Beautiful Dirty Rich by Lady GaGa.
Clover: *Whispering to Crystal* Cause she's so greedy...
Terra: But I won't be singing the first part. You know, the intro. And, can you put in the censored version?
Mrs. Camilie: Right, dearest. *Puts in karoake CD*
Terra: "We got a red light, phone-ographic dance fight,
Systematic, honey, but we got no money
Our hair is perfect
While we're gettin' ship-wrecked
it's automatic, honey, but we got no money
Daddy, I'm so sorry, I'm so s-s-sorry, yeah
We just like to party, p-p-party, yeah
Bang bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich
band bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich"
Mrs. Camilie: Lovely, darling. I give it a 8 out of 10.
Terra: What would've made it a 10?
Mrs. Camilie: *Shocked* Honey, 8 passes. It would be like getting a A-.
Terra: I know, but still...
Clover: She's a major perfectionist.
Mrs. Camilie: Ah. Well, singing the intro would've helped. And when you said 'bang, bang', you accidentally said 'band, bang'.
Terra: Awww....
Mrs. Camilie: It's okay, though. You passed. Actually, you've made the highest grade so far. Now, meet me here at 5:30 on Tuesdays each week. At the end of the year, with your skill, you should graduate and get your singing certificate.
Terra: Yay!
Charles: Wait! She's supposed to tape the Sonic Show at that time.
Mrs. Camilie: I'm sorry, but that's the only time she can come to this class.
Terra: It's okay. I guess I'll be quiting the show.
Clover: WHAT?!? Danial is going to be mad!
Charles: *Turns camera to face him* In case you don't know, Danial is the producer of this show. And if it comes up, Roger is the director.
Clover: *Camera is turned back to face the cast* It's your choice, Terra, but I don't think that you could come back if you changed your mind.
Terra: It's fine. Now come on. *They leave and go to the acting auditions.*
Judge: Ciao, I'm Gregetta Juni, a Italian actress. I also sang back-up in a Fray song, was an extra in the music video for the Taylor Swift song Fifteen, and am the new voice for Gloria in Happy Feet 2. You?
Terra: Hi, Mrs. Juni. I'm Terra the Cat, or, more commonly called Terra Rose. I am - was - a actress in The Sonic Show, am training in singing, and have skills in spying. I'm kinda flirtatious.
Mrs. Juni: Congratulations, you're in.
Terra: *Wide-eyed* But I didn't do anything.
Mrs. Juni: All I needed was your introduction. I couldn't tell you were flirtatious, in fact, you seemed very innocent. And that alone was enough to show you have good acting talents.
Terra: Whoa, thanks.
Mrs. Juni: You need to be here at 6:00 a.m each Wednesday, and stay until 7:30 for acting classes. That way, it won't interfere with your school work. All actresses have an education.
Terra: Ciao, Mrs. Juni.
Mrs. Juni: *Filing Papers* Ciao.
Clover: Well, that was easy.
Terra: Yep. *Goes into very large room with a catwalk*
Judge: Hello, I'm Mr. Lauren. But you may know me as Ralph Lauren.
Terra: RALPH LAUREN!!! OMG, I'm wearing your blazer!
Mr. Lauren: Babe, that's a knock-off. I can tell from across the room.
Terra: Dang it!
Mr. Lauren: Anyways, here's what you need to do - go into that changing room, and change into whatever - I don't really care. You have 5 minutes to pick something out. After that, send someone out to tell me when you're done. Step onto the catwalk, and show me what you've got.
Terra: Yes sir!!! *Dashes into the room, with Clover and Crystal behind her*
Clover: I got your outfit already - those white jeans and that sequin-y hot pink tube-top belly-shirt thing.
Crystal: And these strappy gold high-heels.
Terra: Okay!!! *Begins taking off her blazer*
Crystal: Um, Charles, turn the camera.
Charles: No, I'm good.
Crystal: Charlie! Perv...*hits him in the face with a rolled-up Seventeen magazine*
Charles: Oof, okay! *Turns camera but keeps staring*
Clover: CHARLIE!!! *pushes him out of the room*
  • three minutes later*
  • Lights dim, Charles picks up his camera, and Terra walks out, walking perfectly to the beat of the song and not tripping once. She finally finishes after a minute*
Mr. Lauren: *Turns lights on* Beautiful, my dove. Beautiful. You're in model training. Be here on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and be here until 8:00.
Terra: Thanks, Mr. Lauren. Do you want me to take this off?
Mr. Lauren: Why, you move so gracefully, consider it a gift. Do you mind if I keep your entering outfit for the time and use it for designs?
Terra: Why, of course not!
Charles: *Whispering in Terra's ear* Terra, you gonna be famous...

Commercial Break

Guy: "Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, pants, pants, pants on the ground!"
Simon Cowell: "Hello! Go and watch American Idol and the X Factor! Your votes count! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!
Other Guy: "I'm blue, da ba de, da ba die, da ba de, da ba die, da ba de, da ba die-ie-ie-ie...."

Episode 8

Clover: Oh my gosh, guess what?!?!?!
Hawkshadow: *Using fake shock* What, Clover?!?!?!
Clover: Terra is working on her debut album!!! She'll only be using cover songs, though.
Hawkshadow: But...but she just started taking singing classes!
Clover: I know! But the people, they say that she's the next Taylor Swift! And, well, she does sound kind of like her...
Hawkshadow: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that means they'll think she copied Taylor!
Clover: Oh, yeah....heh heh...anyways, she also is going to audition for the new Clique movie, Best Friends for Never!
Hawkshadow: Blea, why? The Clique is stupid.
Clover: No, the Clique is cool! Anyways, she's auditioning for the part of Kristen.
Hawkshadow: But Kristen is the stupid one!
Clover: No, Dylan is! And if you're wondering, she hasn't auditioned for Massie or Alicia or anyone like that because she doesn't wanna start out too big.
Hawkshadow: Right...
Crystal: Hey! Don't I get a speaking part here???
Clover: No. And also, Golden, I'm still thinking about your proposal.
Golden: I'm not a paitent man.
Clover: We know. She's going to be on the cover of Seventeen and Lucky! She's gonna be interviewed by them!
Crystal: OMG I love Seventeen!
Clover: And I love Lucky! Even though sometimes they have the most retarded bits of fashion in there!
Hawkshadow: And I hate all magazines!
Dequalia: And I love Discovery Girl!
Clover: Right...anyways, Terra's album's gonna be called Paranormal Heart.
Hawkshadow: Ew, why? It sounds like she's about to kill someone from the title of the album. And it makes her sound heavy metal, which I'm sure she ain't.
Clover: I don't know why my dear stupid sister does anything.
Golden: *Talking on the phone* What? She's what?!? Sonic's? B-but how? THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! *Hangs up* Gosh...I can't believe she...
Clover: What, Golden?
Golden: *Solemnly* Your dear stupid sister got pregant!
Clover: ...You talking to me?
Golden: Yes.
Clover: Are. You. Serious.
Golden: No. APRIL FOOL'S!!!!
Everyone: ...
Crystal: Gosh, Golden! YOU SCARED ME! And it's not April Fool's, stupid!
Clover: Me, too! If you had been telling the truth, I would've killed Terra. I told her a hundred times, NO PREGNANCY BEFORE MARRIAGE!
Crystal: Very nice, Clover.
Clover: Oh yeah, next week, she's supposed to come on and sing!
Everyone: *Groans*

Commercial Break

K-Love Guy: Go to 88.5 for positive, encouraging K-Love! Works on F.M. Radio!
Choir: For music, K-Love!
Drummer: Dun-dun-duuuuuuun!

Episode 9

Crystal: OMG, we had to cancel Terra's guest appearance, because Clover got kidnapped!!!
Hawkshadow: *Fake shock, again* By who???
Crystal: By Golden, stupid! You watched it happen!
Hawkshadow: Shut up, emo freak.
Hawkshadow: No, emo freak.
Crystal: *Facepalms*



Golden: I payed a hobo to make a ring that will never come off your skinny little finger!
Clover: WHY?!?
Golden: Because you wouldn't marry me! I hired Tikal to perform the service!
Clover: You...I will never marry you! And even if I wanted to, I won't now, fool!
Golden: Too bad! You have no choice!
Clover: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...wait, how do you expect to get the ring on my finger, huh?
Golden: Oh, that's easy. Like this. *Grabs a pan and hits Clover in the head with it*
Clover: *Faints*
Golden: Oh. It was even easier than I thought! Yay! *Puts the ring on her finger*


2 Hourse later...

Clover: *Wakes Up*
Tikal: You may kiss the bride.
Golden: *Kisses Clover*
Clover: *Realizes whats happening about 5 seconds later* Eww, get away from me!!! *Tries to slap him, but realizes her hands are restrained*
Golden: MWA HA HA! You're now my bride! *Pulls out a big map* Say, for our honey moon, should we go to Niagra Falls or the Sin City?
Clover: Sin City? What the heck are you talking about?!?
Golden: Las Vegas, baby!
Clover: LAS VGEGAS?!?
Golden: Las Vegas it is, then!
Clover: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm supposed to be a goody-goody!
Golden: Well, I guess that means you gonna be a good girl gone bad!
Clover: Don't you dare bring Rihanna into this!
Golden: MWA HA HA!!!!!!!


Meanwhile, back at the TV Station...
Crystal: Dang you, call PETA!
Hawkshadow: No, you emo hippie, I'm calling 911!
Both: *Grabbing the phone and trying to call who they prefer*
Hawkshadow: *Accidentally drops the phone, steps on it, and calls a random number*
Lady: *I Kissed a Girl is playing in the background, but without the lyrics* Hello?
Crystal: Uh...hi?
Lady: Um, not to be rude, but could you hurry up? I need to get back to recording.
Hawkshadow: *Screams* It's Katy Perry!
Katy Perry: Yeah, no jizz. How did you get my number?
Crystal: Eh...lucky guess. Anywho, my friend got kidnapped!
Katy Perry: OMG, that's bad. Allow me to call 911.
Hawkshadow: Ha!
Katy Perry: What?
Hawkshadow: Uh...nuthin...
Katy Perry: Okay, G2G. *Hangs Up*
Crystal: You idiot, you called Katy Perry!
Hawkshadow: Hey, if we'd just called 911 like I said, it wouldn't of happened.
Crystal: You...DIE! *Jumps on Hawkshadow, and channel turns frizzy*

Golden: Here we are!, Las Vegas!
Clover: That was fast (thinking: I've gotta think of a way to trick him, but how..................I Know!) hey Goooooooolden
Golden: Yeah?
Clover: What about a race, I win, you let me go, you win, you can do whatever you want with me.......
Golden: I don't know, sounds like a major risk..........
Clover: (thinking: gotta think of a way to pursuade him, oh dear no!, for all that is good NO!) why don't I pursuade you?
Golden: With what?
Clover: With this...(kisses him, but looks like she gonna die)
Golden: Alright, a race then..............
Clover: But on one other condition, I win, I get to kill you!

(some time later)

Announcer: And welcome all to the Race of No Survival! here our two races will have to: Jump over the Bottomless Pit, run through the Cavern of Blazing Fire, Swim through a lake filled with Feline Eating Mutant Alligators, and survive through the Gauntlet, featuring several Blades and Axes swinging back and forth
Hawkshadow: (in the crowd, along with everyone else) You crazy?!
Announcer: Yes, yes we are!
Crystal: Go Clover!
Hawkshadow: I don't think anyone's gonna win this...........
Announcer: GO!!!
Golden: (Dramatic jump over pit, he doesn't make it) Uh oh, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Clover: (successfully jumps the pit)
Golden: (climbs back up)
Clover: (gets a fire extingisher and puts out the fire in the cavern)
Golden: (runs through the fire, when he exits the cavern, he turns into ashes)
Clover: (asks the Alligators for a ride to the other side)
Golden: (swims through, he is circled by Alligators, chomping noise can be heard)
Clover: (waits until the axes have swung, then she moves)
Golden: (runs through the Gauntlet, he comes out in slices)
Announcer: And the Winner is!(drumroll)................Terra!?
Terra: Yay!, I win!
Clover: Terra?
Golden: But that means....
Clover: She chooses who wins.......

(they both are begging Terra to win)

Golden: Pick me!
Clover: No me!
Terra: I choose...................................................................Golden!
Golden: Yay!

(seven hours later)

Terra: You almost done?
Golden: ...Oh my God, Clover, guess what I noticed?
Golden: Terra has a all-new look!
Terra: *Her hair is dyed platinu blond, her awful white chin fur is gone, and she is wearing a white dress* Like?
Sonic: OMFG WTC?
Hawkshadow: Hey! No freakin' cussing!
Sonic: What? I didn't cuss, I used text lingo.
Crystal: What's WTC?
Sonic: What the crap.
Crystal, Golden, Clover, Hawkshadow, and Terra: Oh. *All look at each other* That was weird. *roll eyes*
Terra: I'm scared.
Clover: Missy Terra Rose, I told, no making your hair look like Avril Lavigne's until you graduate! You can't be a party-goer until you're 16, either.
Terra: Yo, I haven't gone to any parties...yet.
Clover: You demon!
Golden: Lovely.
Paparazzi: *Appear out of nowhere* So, E! viewers, the new celebrity's guardian doesn't approve of her new hawt look! Guardian, tell us why! *Holds mic up to Clover*
Clover: Okay, first, my name is Clover, not Guardian. Go see Knuckles if you wanna see a guardian. And second, well, if I tell you who bleaches their hair, this will not be a family appropriate show.
Charlie: Yo, papa-people, down front! The Sonic Show is way bigger than your crappy E!!
Paparazzi: Wanna bet?
Charlie: Yeah! *Pulls out a line graph* See...oh...*See's that E!'s recepition is higher than The Sonic Show's*
Paparazzi: Gimme da money *Charlie gives them the money* Did ya get that, Cheryl?
Cheryl: Yeah. Now we all know how suck-y The Sonic-whatsit is!
Clover: Charlie! You shock me! Where'd ya learn that?
Charlie: Dunno, I made it up. I don't even know why it was censored. I just said jog.
Clover: Sure ya did...and I'm a hobo!
Paparazzi: Cheryl, did ya get that? This feline-cat-actress-thing is a hobo!
Clover: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Jumps, with her claws unsheathed, then the channel turns frizzy again*

Commercial Break

Rapper: I live in this house, yo, I got my money, yo, get down on the floor and get fricka-fricka-clean!
Child: Wasn't that disturbing?!?
Rapper: You ya-ya-ya-ya bet!
Child: This is why me - Heather the Badger- is boycotting all rap! Now who's with me? No one! Oh....

Episode 10

Clover: Oh, my, oh my, OH MY!.... I need an aspirin.
Golden: Ya wanna know why Mrs. Tiger here needs an aspirin?
Clover: Ok, first of all, never call me Mrs. Tiger! Or that'll definately make my migraine worse. But the main reason is a portal opened up, and out stepped the future children of Silver and Blaze, Sonic and Amy, Knuckles and Rouge, Tails and Cream, and *gulps* Golden and...and...and...
Golden: She's trying to say Golden and Me!
Crystal: OMG you mated with yourself!
Golden: *Rolls his eyes* Noooo, Crystal, my simple-minded cast-member, my and Clover's daughter stepped out of the portal!
Sonic: I...I...I...I...I...I'm going to have a daughter with AMY? *Faints*
Amy: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Sonikku!
???: Yo pops, get used to it, cuz if I ain't born I'll kick your ***
Clover: How disrespectful, Maura! Cuss your dad, won't ya?
Maura: I already did.
Blaze: Who's my daughter?
???: Me.
Blaze: Oh, Dawn, at least it's you and not April!
Dawn: Thanks...I guess?
Knuckles: Yo, who's my chic?
April: You better believe it's me, daddy-o!
Knuckles: I thought it was you...who did you say your mom was again?
April: Rouge.
Knuckles: ........not Hawkshadow?
April: *Looks very confused* What? No. There's not even a Hawkshadow in the future! There's not a Dru, either, but there most certainly is you, Crystal.
Crystal: Yay! That means I live and you die, Hawky.
Hawkshdow: OH CRAP!
Clover:'s mine?
Golden: You mean ours? (Puts his arm around Clover's neck).
Clover: Get your frickin' hand off of me! *Pushes his hand off*
Breanna: I see why that preacher told us we had to go to the past now!
Clover: What preacher? You mean priest? Cuz my family will most certainly be Catholic.
Breanna: Yeah, you may be Catholic, but I am most certainly Evangical.
Clover: Um...kay....
Breanna: Anyways, he said that everyone's parents were fighting in the past, so me, Dawn, April, Maura, and Junita had to come back to the past and fix it.
Cream: Is Junita mine and Tails'?
Junita: Most certainly yes! *Rearranges her glasses*
Knuckles: *Whispers* LOL, Tails, your precious Cream is gonna give birth to a nerd!
Junita: Yo! I am not a nerd! *Does a flying kick in Knuckles' general direction*
Knuckles: Okay, okay, you're not a nerd! Gosh...
Breanna: Let me tell you a story...which is another reason we came here...
All except Breanna, Dawn, Junita, Maura, and April: Okay.
Breanna: There's this daughter of Eggman; her name is Fanny Mae and she's a living NIGHTMARE...
Sonic: Who in their right mind would marry Eggman?
Dawn: Not marry...
Knuckles: Oh, gosh...
Maura: But it's totes not how you think. *Blows a bubble with her bubblegum*
April: Yeah, it's way different than what you guys are thinking.
Junita: Yeah!
Breanna: They're right. Eggman took the DNA of himself and a she-wolf and put them together in a tube, took the body of a human, shoved it down the poor girl's throat, brought her to life, and all of a sudden, she grows wolf ears instead of human ears, and claws instead of's just...she's horrible!
Clover: Wait, what kind of name is Fanny Mae?
Breanna: I dunno, I just know that in the future that there's this freak-book called MimMim, and the main character is called Fanny Mae, and Maura did happen to break in and see it on Eggman's desk, so...
Sonic: WHAT?!? I so do not want my daughter breaking in anyone's home!
Maura: Base. *Blows more bubbles*
Sonic: Whatever!
Breanna: Sonic. *Puts her hand on his shoulder* This may be a lot for you, in fact I know it is for your fragile little mind, but Maura is nawt the most gentle little girl in the world.
Amy: WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Breanna: Get used to it, please, she's obsessed with cussing and stealing and lying and she's absolutely you guys' opposites.
Clover: Wait, wait, wait, do any of you have brothers?
Junita: OMG, I do! His name is Ralph, like Ralph Lauren, and he's the president of the U.S.A.!
Tails: REALLY?
Junita: NO, lol. But he does exist!
Maura: He's hot times ten.
Dawn: Agreed!
Terra: Am I alive, niecy dear?
Breanna: Yes, but in the future you are the current Paris Hilton; a crackhead idiot who spends a majority of her time in jail or prison!
Terra: *Mouth gapes*
Clover: It's really not that shocking.
Terra: ......
Hawkshadow: How the heck did me and Dru die?
Breanna: died while giving birth to Dru's daughter Cheyenna, and Dru was murdered on the spot at the hospital.
Hawkshadow: Since my daughter "Cheyenna" or whatever isn't here, I won't feel guilty if she doesn't exist, so I'll just stay away from Dru forever and never die!
Breanna: No, you'll die anyways; it's fate. Even if Cheyenna doesn't exist when we go back, someone will somehow kill you or you'll die on accident or something.
Crystal: Ha ha ha LOL you're gonna die no matter how hard you try to prevent it!
Clover: Well, that wraps up today's show! So...if you wanna send fanmail to Hawky, you may wann a send it now.
Breanna: Hi, it's Bre, Clover's daughter! Have a nice day!
April: Bre! Don't give it away! What if Eggman is watching this? Now Fanny Mae'll probably exist sooner than was hoped!
Dawn: Oh, man...Breann, you totally blew it...and our we gonna die..
Junita: In that case, send us fanmail, too!

Commercial Break

Backstreet Boys: "If you want it to be good, girl..."
Heather the Badger: "get yourself a bad boy!"
Dude: Yes, it's true! Heather the Badger is remixing If You Want it To Be Good Girl (Get yourself a bad boy) for The Backstreet Boys' new album, Playlist! Check it out!

Episode #11

Clover: Charlie, get this! NOW!
April and Rouge: *Gasp*
Charles: Ok *Turns camera to see through a cracked door*
April: *whispering, near tears* I...I can't believe daddy is doing this to me!
Rouge: Us, dear.
April: At least you don't not-exist if your dad gets together with the wrong person!
Maura: I can believe he would do this. He's a bas--
Breanna: Shut up!
Maura: *rolls eyes* What-evar.
Dawn: Maura! How would you like it if Sonic or Amy cheated on one another?
Maura: *shrugs* They probably will.
Dawn: o.0



Knuckles: I love you, Hawkz.
Hawkshadow: I heart you too, Knux....


Back at the SS...
Breanna: *putting her own hand over her mouth* Wait 'til Ashes at home hears this!
Maura: You're not dating Ashes, you idiot! He doesn't even like you.
Breanna: Maybe I'm not dating him, Maura Rose, but that doesn't mean I can't talk to him! Plus, you're not doing much better in the dating industry. Remember, I have at least had a few boyfriends.
Maura: Whatever.
Breanna: *Whispers to Charles* She says "whatever" when she knows she's lost.
Maura: *rolls her eyes* Whatever.
Breanna: See?
Charlie: Ok...
Junita: Oh my...oh! Breanna, Dawn, April, Maura! They're playing Get Down (You're the One For Me) By the Backstreet Boys while they make out!
Breanna: Oooh, cheesy...
April: Ahh! Hawkshadow's dancing!
Breanna, Junita, April, and Dawn: Ewww.
Maura: What's wrong with her dancing? I think it looks cool.
Breanna, Junita, April, and Dawn: *Glares*
Maura: Oh. *Widens her eyes* Oh....the little nasties...
Clover: CHARLES! Turn the camera away right now!
Charlie: *Smirks* With pleasure. *Turns the camera away*
Golden: This is...disturbing...
All except Golden: VERY!
Crystal: You idiots! She's just hip-hop-jazz dancing! Watch, I'll copy her *does the same moves as Hawkshadow in perfect sync*
All except Crystal: Ohhhhhhhh.....



Knuckles: Did you hear something?
Hawkshadow: No...
Knuckles: Hang on...


Other room...

Knuckles: You guys!
Clover: SCATTER!
Rouge and April: *Just stand there*
Knuckles:'s not what you think...
Rouge: PEDOPHILE! Hawkshadow is three years younger than you!
April: *In tears* The preacher was wrong! It's not because our parents are arguing! It's because they're in love with the wrong people! *growls* D*** you! *Runs away*
Knuckles and Rouge: April! *Look at each other*
Rouge: Look at what you've done, you red mutt! *Follows April*
Knuckles: *Sighs* I'm so sorry...*leaves*
Hawkshadow: *Enters room* Who's sorry?
Crystal: YOU ARE! *Jumps on Hawkshadow and starts attacking her by trying to shove her poison lip gloss down her throat*
Clover: STOP!
Crystal and Hawkshadow: *Continue fighting*
Breanna: ....E-NUFF!
Crystal and Hawkshadow: *Stop fighting*
Clover: o_0 Anyways, Hawky, how can you do this to us? First, you allow Golden to cheat on me with you and not tell me about it! But I let that slip because you're my friend. But...this is too far. First Golden, and now Knuckles? April may not be born because of you!
Dawn: What? *Lips quiver* No!
Clover: Why do you want to do this, anyways? You know you're going to die!
Hawkshadow: I...I...I didn't mean for this to happen...
Clover: Of course you didn't! But that doesn't mean you can do whatever in this life! We're not gonna be born twice, y'know! And if you didn't mean for anyone to be hurt, you should have thought about that. Because all of April's friends are going to lose her when they go back to the thanks to you, of course!
Hawkshadow: I''m so sorry!
Clover: *Narrows her eyes* You're not sorry. *Turns away in a huff*
Hawkshadow: You know me well.

Commericial Break

Weather Reporter: Most of the state Alaska will have a blizzard! This is very unusul for the middle of winter! This was your very unreliable news report good night America!!!!!!!!!!

Episode #12

Clover: We're back....and Crystal and Hawkshadow are fighting again. I don't know how much more I can take of this crap! *Cries and clutches her head*
Crystal: EAT IT!!! *Tries to slam the lip gloss down Hawky's mouth...yet again*
Hawkshadow: Shut up you dirty emo freak!
Crystal: No! And dont call me a dirty emo freak again! *snifles* It hurts on the inside... *in a

tiny voice*

Hawkshadow: Oh....
Crystal: Yeah...*Continues to try and kill Hawky*
Clover and Breanna: Shut the freak up and we mean both of you!!!
Breanna: Why do you hate each other so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
Crystal: *in a stuck up voice* I have no idea, Breanna the Great Cat!!!!
Hawkshadow: Yes, yes you do!!!
Clover: *Beeeeeeeeeeeeep*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Breanna: Why did they *beep* out *beeeeeeeep*????
Clover: Why do they keep *beep*ing out *beeep*?....Uh...*Beeeeeeeeeeeep*! Hey, stop that, I'm just saying *beep*!
Hawkshadow: She's trying to say *beeeeep* the word is *beep* FREAKING PEANUT BUTTER!!!
Charlie: But.....I don't like peanut butter!
Hawkshadow: Yes, you do! *Frizz, once again!*

Comercial break

AT&T Guy: Dis is AT&T!!! I needa steal all yo muney! Gimme money fool! Gimme money so I canz rip the heck out of you!

Episode #13

Crystal: I'm bored. Yes, I AM VERY BORED!
Dequalia: Wow Crystal.
Terra: How about we order some pizza?
Clover: I'll leave Hawkshadow to that. I'm sure her mind can handle dialing a number. *Yelling* HAWKSHADOW!!!
Hawkshadow: Yes my dear friend Clover? *Glares at Crystal* She likes me more!
Clover: Yes, I do. Anyways, Hawky, can you possibly dial a number? *Asks in a very slow voice*
Hawkshadow: Ha ha ha I like pie.
Crystal: *Facepalms*
Terra: C'mon, I'm sure she can do it!!!
Crystal: Shut the heck up, Dora!
Terra: ???
Hawkshadow: Ok I do da thingy now. *Leaves room* *Dials 0*
Operator: Hello, who d o I need you to be hooked up with?
Hawkshadow: I need to order pizza from...
Random voice: LADY GAGA!
Operator: Good luck with that. *Elavator music plays*


11 hours later
Crystal: HAWKSHADOW!!!!
Hawkshadow: La la la....what?
Crystal: Is our pizza gonna be here soon?
Hawkshadow: La la la la....No.
Crystal: *Sighs and leaves*


2 Hours later
Lady: Wuzzup?
Hawkshadow: I need 10 pizzas, one canadian bacon, one half cheese and half pepporoni, oh, and I need one vegetable, and one supreme, and...
Lady: What, are you wanting a song called 10 pizzas? *Sings* One canadian bacon, on half cheese and half pepporoni, baby, oh, and I need one vegetable...
Hawkshadow: NO FOOL!
Lady: How dare you insult me?!?!?!?!?!
Hawkshadow: You're the pizza lady!!!
Lady: *Confused* What??? No! Listen, *Sings "Monster" acapella*
Hawkshadow: Gaga?!?!?!
Lady Gaga: Yes, you stupid stupid fricken dummie
Hawkshadow: EVIl!!! *Runs back to the room where everone else is*
Hawkshadow: LG works at the pizza place
Golden: ......Did rehab work for you?
Hawkshadow: *Eyes dart around quickly* Maybe.

Commercial Break

Fail Sonic: Heeey gies! Iem Suniek da Headghawg and iy haav a noo dreanc cawld Mudaf***en Dume Dreancz! Jewst dreanc eet end yew weal nooo feangz yew neavur noo beafo-