In history there have been great crossovers but nothing like this. For the first Time Capcom and SEGA are working to gether on a crossover featuring thier most famous heroes Sonic the Hedgehog and Megaman. There are 3 Crossover series with different game types. Platforming, RPG, and Fighting.

Platforming- Sonic Starforce

Sonic Starforce- This takes place after Megaman Starforce 3 and Sonic Generations. The Dimentions have been tampered with and two worlds simmular but different, are comming together. In Sonic's world they are finally celebrating his birthday untilthey noticed that the location was different. Suddenly they are surrounded by the police, and it's led by Megaman himself, but before any thing could happen one of his friends, Luna Platz, tells the group that thier school has been taken over by robots made by Dr. Eggman. So the two heroes finally deside that they are the same side.And the greatest cross over in gamiong history begins.....

Characters And Ability Info

Sonic- Sonic's Stages are the same as in Generations, Colors, and Unleashed. He Has the homing attack, the Sonic Boost, slide kick, Light Dash, and the return of the bounce attack. But Sonic Gains a new move in this game called, EM Burst. Sonic turns into a "Wisard" and travels though certian pegs (Just Like The Lazer Power in Colors).

Megaman- If you already know Megaman is the EMWave Changed of Omega-Xis and Geo Stelar. Only in Stages(which have the same gameplay mechanics as the Sonic Games) and in the Wave World Can Megaman be playable. He has The Homing Attack, and the Wave Boost (Simular to the Sonic Boost). As Geo, you can just do nothing and have Omega-Xis Attack. He also have the EM Burst.

(Other supporting characters will be posted up soon)

Super Sonic- Sonic's Super Form. In Stages he still uses his regular moves. Nothng much changes

Super Megaman- This is Megaman's Super Form. He still doesent differ from Sonic. His hair is raised and spiked up and is golden.


The Stages Differ on the 3DS and Console versons.

  1. Wave Hill
  2. Echo Ridge
  3. Twinkle Park
  4. Central City
  5. Satella Base
  6. Wisp Valley
  7. E.G.G. Station:The Space Station
  8. Dealer Ruins:Ruins in the Desert
  9. Final Satalite


  1. Megaman
  2. Sonic
  3. Shadow
  4. Rouge (Starforce)
  5. Egg Diamond se. It is a mech driven by Eggman Nega
  6. Egg Spade se. It is a mech driven by Eggman Nega
  7. Silver
  8. Egg Club
  9. AcidAce
  10. Egg Jack se. It is a mech driven by Eggman Nega
  11. Egg Queen se. It is a mech driven by Eggman Nega
  12. Egg Crimson Dragon
  13. Crimson Madness
  14. Extra (true) Boss- Crimson Emperor


  1. The Opening Act
  2. Blue Blur
  3. Blue Bomber
  4. The Ultimate Life Form
  5. Mu's Surivor
  6. Force From The Future
  7. Ace Card
  8. Two Tailed Wonder
  9. Pink Harp
  10. Red Knuckle
  11. Tarus Fire!
  12. The Grand Finale
  13. Re-Escape From The City
  14. Boss Rushed
  15. Shooting Star- Get s Rank in all of Megaman's Stages
  16. Sonic Boom- Get S Rank in all of Sonic's Stages
  17. Movie Maniac
  18. Lyrical Master
  19. The Greatest Challenge
  20. One Step Forward......

(More to Come Soon)

Platforming-Sonic Starforce 2

Resembling Sonic Adventure 2, SSF2 Will Feature Some Story Elements and A New Chao Garden

After Defeating King and Destroing the Rift, Sonic Geo and thier friends took it easy until 5 months later Geo is arrested for the crime of stealing a Chaos Emerald and Comsic Pearl. Sonic has also been arrested for the same crime. But they never did anything it was A Newer Metal Sonic and A Copy of Geo and Omega-Xis. Meanwhile Solo and Shadow along with 2 new (Starforce Fan Characters) Chase and Selena and Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega are investigating on the clones and how to bring down Dr.Eggman for answers.

With Silver, Blaze, Marine Ace, Tia, And Jack; they must Try to Unravel a Mystery of an ancient labatory and Kingdom that Dr. Eggman was after. But a major plot unfolds and a Great Secret about the wolds and why they didnt get destoried when they fully merged together (from the last game) will finally come to light. Get Ready To Experience True Blue Times 2 AGIAN!

Platforming- Sonic Starforce 3 Episode 1


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