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The Staffs of Origin are six super-powerful weapons given to Ryu, Cameron, Alyssa, Tectonic, Kairu, and Dalton by Pintor before he left Mobius. They allow the user to control one element, and be able to bend it to their will. The staffs contain the power of the six Origin Dragons, whose souls bound themselves to the souls of the above Mobians, thus making them the only ones able to wield the staffs.

The Staff of Celesta

The Staff of Celesta, the Celestial Dragon, is held by Ryushu. It allows her to control the Holy element.

The Staff of Thundras

The Staff of Thundras, the Storm Dragon, is held by Cameron. It allows him to control the Electric element.

The Staff of Botania

The Staff of Botania, the Botanical Dragon, is held by Alyssa. It allows her to control the Nature element.

The Staff of Thundraya

The Staff of Thundraya, the Ice Dragon, is held by Tectonic. It allows her to control the Ice element.

The Staff of Plator

The Staff of Plator, the Earth Dragon, is held by Kairu. It allows him to control the Earth element.

The Staff of Hurro

The Staff of Hurro, the Wind Dragon, is held by Dalton. It allows him to control the Wind element.


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