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Zak The Hedgehog

I hate my drawings, they always turn out bad.

Character list:

Chapter 1: No more hiding.

(Italic = thinking.)

Zak Von Rockenwhip:How long have i been in this forsaken place.

Zak Von Rockenwhip lies in his bed, where he had flashbacks of several things in his life: His torture,The loss of his arms,his father's message.

Zak Von Rockenwhip:"Find ARK and find the truth" What is that supposed to mean...?

Zak Von Rockenwhip:I cant just lie here.No more hiding,time to get out of this forsaken forest

Chapter 2:Earth, Not as friendly as it was.

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Finally back... Station square.But now where?

Zak looks around but only finds a few kids playing.He walks to them them.

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Hey, You guys...

The eldest child spoke:What do you want?

Zak Von Rockenwhip:To find another hedgehog.

Kid:We don't know, get lost!

Zak wasn't going to stand for this... But he saw people watching so he shrugged and walked off.

Zak Von Rockenwhip: Station square isn't as friendly as it was...Kids would help anybody back then.

Chapter 3:Meeting others

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Its getting dark...

Just then a blue blur past him...

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Whoa!

???:You could of trampled me! God!

The voice goes into a mumble..

Zak stared in the direction of the voice...

CET (Chaos Emerald Tracker):*Beep* Chaos Emerald detected.

Zak Von Rockenwhip: CET, Who has it?

CET:Person specified identified as: "Shadow The Hedgehog."

CET Went into Sleep Mode.Shadow The Hedgehog had walked away, but was actually watching Zak.

Zak Von Rockenwhip:God, i've lost him now.

CMT started buzzing

CMT:Large energy source aproaching

Shadow The Hedgehog: Chaos-

Bang! (Punch)

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Don't sneak up on me...

Zak turned and helped Shadow up.

Shadow The Hedgehog: How the... How did you... What just happened??

Zak Von Rockenwhip: You fell...

Shadow grabs his pistol.

Shadow The Hedgehog:I don't appreciate-

Sonic The Hedgehog: What's up, Shadow?

Shadow The Hedgehog: Not you again.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Nice to see you too.

Zak Von Rockenwhip: Well then, I'll be leaving th-

Shadow fires a bullet...

Zak Von Rockenwhip: HEY THAT HURT,YOU... Oh, it missed

Sonic The Hedgehog: It's in your arm...

Zak Von Rockenwhip: Oh...Well it's dark and im just gonna go now...

Sonic:Hey, come back here in the morning...

Zak Von Rockenwhip: Sure...

(Sorry all, this is a bit boring, i can't think of anything good..)

chapter 4: climbing

Walking into the square,Zak noticed Sonic running around.

Shadow:Can't you be still?

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Hey guys,Ow,Shadow that bullet wrecked my arm.

Shadow:So, it's robotic...

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Yeah,And it's shocking me..OW!

Sonic:I think Tails should take a look at that.

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Tails? Who's Tails?

Shadow:Sonic's adoring fan...

Sonic:Friend! Tails is my best friend, He's a great mechanic,He could fix your arm.

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Perhaps.Hey what's happening over there!

"Over there" as Zak had said was a crowd of people gathering in the street near the tallest building in Station Square. The three ran over there.Where a worried woman was crying.

Sonic:What's happening?

Shadow:Look up,Imbecile.

Above head,on the top floor,A young girl was dangling from a windowsill.

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Well,Heroes, get to it..

Shadow:Im not the hero here...

Sonic: Be right back...

Vroom! (sonic's gone)

Vroom! (sonic's back)

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Door locked?

Sonic:Yeah....Wait how'd you know?

Zak Von Rockenwhip:I had a feeling it would be...

Shadow:Hmm... I don't think she can hold on much longer

Zak pushes through the crowd.When he got to the base, the girl was still up there..

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Wow thats a good grip..

Zak jumps to a window, then to another, and another..

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Keep going... Ow.. arm hurts!

Down below the crowd watched in awe..


Shadow:Watch him fall...

Back up...

Zak Von Rockenwhip:I bet shadow is saying something negative about me...

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Im coming.

Chapter 5:Falling

Disaster strikes!The Girl let's go.


Zak Von Rockenwhip,Sonic,crowd:(Gasp)

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Oh for...God kill me now...

Zak jumps and grabs the girl..

everyone except shadow:(Gasp)


Girl:(Still Screaming)

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Yeah,Those... Those are my ears..

CMT:Ground equals 1.5 Kilometers away...

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Wish i brought a parachute..

Girl:So do i!

CET:Ground = 0.5 Kilometers away

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Oh god..How stupid am i? I have Shadow's Chaos Emerald!

Zak Von Rockenwhip:Chaos...

CET:Ground 0.001 Kilometers away.Death in...




Zak Von Rockenwhip:CONTROL!

Chapter 6:A hero is born,maybe

Zak stood in front of a crowd.Sonic and Shadow stood behind him.

The girl stood by Zak

"Thank you" She said

Zak Von Rockenwhip: "Your welcome, Shadow and sonic could of helped a bit though"

Sonic: "I tried!!"

Shadow: "Hmph..."

Crowd: Zak The Hedgehog! Zak The Hedgehog!

Zak The Hedgehog: "I suppose... A hero may have been born." (name change is meant)

Chapter 7: Wet Day

Zak: Gah! Rain!

Shadow: So?

Zak:Some people don't like to get wet!

Zak sighs.

Zak:Nothing's been happening lately.



Dr. Eggman: Im gonna do something evil today!

???:Sure you are.

Dr. Eggman:Oh yeah, What do you know?

The owner of the unknon voice looks out the window.

???:That Sonic The Hedgehog is approaching, With Shadow the hedgehog and... him!

Dr. Eggman:Sonic! Gah i'll get that- Who is him?

???:Zak, the one im here for.Send a robot.

Dr.Eggman:Who made you the boss!Metal Sonic find the group of hedgehogs!

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