"Information of the ten beasts has kept to a minimum in the time of the Team Asbalm Situation ... Until they have been defeated or an even worse scenario occurs ... then they all need to know ...'" - Urabonese the Hedgehog


In the anceint times of Mobius, centuries before the seven emporers were even born, there reigned ten beasts, keeping the planet at perfect balance. Each beast represented certain elements and natures, balancing out the power between the ten of them in the process. They kept the world in balance in the simplest ways, that being, if one bad event had happened, one good event would take place at the end, and vice versa. Then one day, a mysterious creature had appeared on the surface of Mobius. In it's path it did both good and bad, using the ten beasts logic against each other, so they couldn't tell if this being was good or bad. Finally, reaching a verdict between the ten beasts and a few of the most trusted people on Mobius, the ten beasts had decided to send they powers into the future, in case of what they had feared would happen. Each power then decided which being from the future would be seen as worthy to use these extreme powers. Once the ten beasts had sent their powers into the future however, the mysterious creature went back into hiding and was never seen again. Today, in ancient manuscripts, it is foretold that the very same mysterious creature will return, but this time, it will be bent on destruction, and gaining the powers from all of the ten beings.

The Beasts

The ten beasts that kept the world at balanec are as follows:

  • The Beast of Bones and Strength
  • The Beast of Anger and Darkness
  • The Beast of Kindess and Light
  • The Beast of Water and Earth
  • The Beast of Silence and Shadows
  • The Beast of Fire and Honour
  • The Beast of Thunder and Sincerity
  • The Beast of Wind and Punishment
  • The Beast of Steel and Praise
  • The Beast of Blades and Speed

The Receivers

The following characters have the power of the corresponding beast, only a hand full of them are aware of this and are marked (*):

  • Selmah* - Bones and Strength Beast
  • Flab The Demonhog* - Anger and Darkness Beast
  • David The Hedgehog* - Light and Kindness Beast
  • Jason The Sharkhog* - Water and Earth Beast
  • Blazt The Fox - Silence and Shadows Beast
  • Cobber The Echidna* - Fire and Honour Beast
  • Kaplan The Hedgehog - Thunder and Sincerity Beast
  • Lucille the Butterfly - Wind and Punishment Beast
  • Lizzy the Hedgehog - Steel and Praise Beast
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Blades and Speed Beast

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